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Friday, July 8, 2011

Putrajaya Floria 2011 - Part 1 A Prelude to Roses Are Forever

Floria 2011 Putrajaya Flower and Garden Festival 9-17 July 2011 is an annual event organised by Perbadanan Putrajaya. It is into its 4th year and the details are as follows:

Venue: Waterfront Precinct 2, Putrajaya
Opening hours: 9am - 10pm (Mon - Thurs) and 9am - 12 midnight (Fri-Sun)
Admission: FREE

Today I had the chance to pop in for a visit and I am so delighted because roses are my favourite. Now, I'm back from my blog holiday!

“Putrajaya Floria 2011 - Part 1 A Prelude to Roses Are Forever”, a copyrighted post, was written for My Nice Garden blog by Autumn Belle @ on July 8th 2011.

A sea of Vincas (Cantharanthus roseus) in several colours with giant ladybirds.
This is what you see near the main entrance.

The Floria 2011 site occupies about 6 hectars of land space.

I am looking forward to see all kinds of roses and in all colours of the rainbow.
Floria 2011 will showcase the largest exhibition of roses ever in Malaysia.
Roses are chosen as the main theme because they are associated with LOVE.

 What are the names of these rose hybrids and cultivars?

I'm curious to know how long the roses can last and if they will wilt under the heat of our equatorial sun. Meanwhile, misting machines are placed at strategic locations to emit jets of cold air at regular intervals.

I am also looking for roses I can grow in my home garden.

This is a lovely red rose but I am waiting for the purple, lavender, blue and green.
Will they have these?

This year about 800,000 visitors are expected at Floria 2011.

About 15 international floral and lanscape designers are expected to participate in this year's event. There will be an outdoor garden and flower exhibition. The participating countries are from New Zealand, UK, USA, Hong Kong, Canada, South Korea, Taiwan, Pakistan, Japan, Kenya, Indonesia, Macao, Thailand.

Kenya is the largest exporter of roses.

About 80 lots have been allocated for floral exhibitions for bonsai, heliconias and orchids, etc.

It is reported that more than 100 species from SE Asia
and 300 species from the rest of the world will be exhibited at Floria 2011.

9. Hibiscus rosa-sinensis - this flower is jumbo BIG!
If you are there, remember to shop at the Bazaar:
  • Handicraft -55 stalls, Flower and garden tools - 50 stalls, Food and Beverage - 40 stalls,
  • look out for orchids, fruit trees, farmers seeds, spice and herb plants
  • look out for ornamental plants going for RM 10.00 or lower
  • fertilizers, planting medium, gardening equipment
  • books and magazines
10. Desert Rose - 3 colours of white, pink and yellow
11. Desert Rose - Double Flower Variety

What's this - Ping Pong Longan Tree?

This young longan tree is only about 1.5m tall but it is already producing longans.

Highlights of Floria 2011
  1. Special Rose Gardens
  2. International Gardens, Society Gardens, Grower's Gardens, Corporate Gardens, PBT and NGOs Gardens, School & University Gardens, 9 Flower Associations
  3. Sculpture Garden
  4. Therapy Garden
  5. Floral Pavillion
  6. Talks, workshops, performances, cooking and plant demonstrations
  7. Entertainment and daily activities
  8. Photography competition
  9. Water colour competition for schoolchildren
  10. Garden Bazaar and Horticulture Market 
  11. IMalaysia International Tourism Night
  12. Night Floral Parade
  13. Boats lit up by colour lights and decorated with floral designs (Theme: Magic of the Night) 
  14. Fireworks Show - a 5 minutes fireworks display every night during the period 
  15. On July 13 and 14, a chef will prepare dishes with rose petals for visitors to enjoy
Transport - Bus shuttle services are available from Putrajaya Sentral.
For more information, you can visit their official website here.

Note: All pictures were taken at Floria 2011 today. More pictures in my facebook page (see sidebar).


  1. Sounds like a great time and a fun day. I hope you find what you are looking for.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. WOW! sounds fantastic. So many attractions too. How time has flown after the last visit. Hope you had a lovely blog break,

  3. How exciting to be able to see all of the different exhibits! I love the photo #10- very unique. The sign telling people not to touch or fondle is funny. What a great opportunity to be able to go and see all of that!!

  4. Welcome back Autumn Belle!

    High time the lyrics of this song sang by Bobby Vinton should be changed.."Roses are not longer red my love.."

    Wow! lovely whatever colors of the roses they are simply amazing. tQ.

  5. Its that time of the year already? Time flies so fast! It look so fantastic with those roses! Love the double layer desert rose, never seen before.But the last time I went I made a vow never to go crowded and hot! Happy holidays to you. Will send the seeds once I got more of them Autumn Belle.

  6. oh and I added the follower thing- thanks for pointing that out!

  7. Very informative post... being the perennial hungry-ghost that I am, I am inclined to like the longan tree...

  8. Good luck finding the roses of your choice, Autumn Belle. Hmm. Makes me want to head out to KL.

  9. Sounds like a great show. The roses are lovely.

  10. The roses are spectacular! So beautiful! And welcome back, Autumn Belle!

  11. Wonderful post. Such amazing roses! Welcome Back!

  12. Wow, what a selection! I love the Desert Rose, and the Hibiscus. Must have been a great show!

  13. Hi, frens. Thank you very much for welcoming me back with you kind comments. What I like most this year are the lovely roses, gorgeous aisatic lilies and annual flowers, all very different from the usual ones they sell at the local nurseries the whole year round.

    Sunray, yes! I had a great time. I have already bought 3 roses and a desert rose (double flower) on the eve of the fair.

    Keats,I'm glad we have an annual floral festival so near to home.

    Kacky, yeah, I think the funny sign brings a smile to many people too.

    Bananaz, yes, they have green, purple and blue roses too.

    P3Chandan, I am eagerly looking forward to the seeds. Like you, I made the same vow and I also said I'll be back blogging after a 2 week time-off but look what I have got myself into :(

    Lrong, if I have enough place in my garden, I'll gladly grow a longan tree, especially one that bears sweet, juicy fruits the size of ping pong balls!

    Bom, you can visit Putrajaya which itself have lots of attraction. You can stay at Putrajaya Shangri-la or JW Marriot.

    L. Ambler, I have never seen so many roses in my whole life as this time ;-)

    Kitchen Flavours, Redneck Rosarian, the roses smell good too.

    Plant Postings, they even have the tripple (petal) flower desert rose for sale but it is very expensive.

  14. I've visited Putrajaya with my family before but there was no flower show then. If I had gone, it would just ahve been for Floria 2011 and food.

  15. Bom, Floria is an annual event held every year in July. Perhaps you can plan your next trip around this period.

  16. Bom, I forgot to mention that ther is also a Wetlands, Agriculture Park and Botanic Garden in Putrajaya!


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