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Count Your Blessings!
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Friday, July 20, 2012

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Putrajaya Floria 2012 - Bougainvillea Cultivars Part 2

12. Bougainvillea 'Apple Blossom'
Bougainvillea plants are easy to grow and maintain. Generally free of pests and diseases, they thrive best in our Equatorial climate where day and night are equal in length, hence they flower the whole year round. The flowers are in groups of 3 and quite inconspicuous. Their most attractive feature is the papery-thin but brightly coloured bracts that come in many shades.

You can also view my Youtube Video here.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Putrajaya Floria 2012 - Bougainvillea Cultivars Part 1

1. Bougainvillea x buttiana 'Poultonii'

Bougainvillea, the name itself conjures romance in the high seas .....

Friday, July 6, 2012

Putrajaya Floria 2012 - Garden Bazaar Part 2

My previous post was about ornamentals. This post is about herbs, fruits, accessories and other stuff. Visiting the Garden Bazaar had been a great learning and eye-opening experience for me.

Oh dear, I just noticed the strawberry pot in my picture. I should have bought it!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Putrajaya Floria 2012 - Garden Bazaar Part 1

Part of the fun of going to the Putrajaya Floria  2012 is the Garden Bazaar. I will always visit this section just before I go back. I often intent to window shop only but always ended up buying something!

Many growers and nursery owners set up stall here. Some of them are from other states, eg. Kuala Kangsar, Melaka, Penang and Johor. These nurseries are located in the outskirts and countryside. There is really a lot of choices and varieties of plants, including those we rarely see and can't get from our local nurseries. I'm sure they get their supply from these nurseries. Now's the time to be more adventurous.

This is fun! The plants look so fresh and healthy. You can find bougainvilleas, lantana, pentas, roses, vinca, angelonia, gerbera daisies, balloon flowers, gloxinias, verbena, big and brightly coloured hibiscus, bauhinia kockiana, ylang-ylang, rangoon creeper, ixora rose, rose begonia, Euphorbia milii, sunflowers, jasmines, gardenias, clerodendrums, ornamental bananas, ornamental pomegranate flowers, plumeria, cactuses, foliage plants, air plants, epiphytes, heliconias, bird of paradise flowers, pine trees, hyrangea (blue, purplish white, pink) and gingers ..... in poly bags and plastic pots/ceramic pots ready to give an instant lift to our home gardens. Hey, I even saw a visitor begged a vendor to sell off a pretty pink miniature rose plant together with the decorative container he used to promote his ceramic wares. He sold it for RM 35 and the customer was ecstatic!

Orchid sellers have a section of their own.

But I can't find the Epiphyllum oxypetalum (night blooming cereus / bunga bakawali)! Last year, I found a single plant but the asking price was RM 55. I didn't buy it. Now I am still regretting my decision because I have not found any nursery that has EO for sale :(

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Putrajaya Floria 2012 - Orchids and Caladiums

1. Phal. I-Hsin Dalmatian
Phalaenopsis I-Hsin Dalmatian

2. Caladium Cosmic Flare

Caladium Cosmic Flare

3. Onc. Green Valley Honey 'Sweet Lady'
Oncidium Green Valley Honey 'Sweet Lady'

Caladium Sweetheart

Phalaenopsis Dpts. 1-Hsin Waltz

6. Caladium Empress
Caladium Empress

7. Oncidium Btcm. Hwuluduen Chameleon
Oncidium Btcm. Hwuluduen Chameleon

8. Caladium The Joker
Caladium The Joker

9. Odontocidium Wildcat 

Odontocidium Wildcat

10. Phal. Baldan's Kaleidoscope
Phalaenopsis Baldan's Kaleidoscope

11. Phal Baldan's Kaleidoscope
The exhibitor has beautifully combined caladiums with orchids in a tropical garden theme.
Coloured foliage with exotic flowers!

12. Odontocidium Wildcat 'Rainbow'
Odontocidium Wildcat 'Rainbow'

Which one is your favourite?

“Floria 2012-Orchids and Caladiums”, a copyrighted post, was written for My Nice Garden blog by Autumn Belle @ on 3rd July 2012.

13. Top - Hanging oncidiums

Monday, July 2, 2012

Putrajaya Floria 2012 - The 1Malaysia International Night Floral Parade "Magic of the Night"

1. Night view of entrance to Floria 2012

This is the 5th year we are having the Putrajaya Flower and Garden Festival but I have never been to Floria at night. Anyway, there is always a first time!

To get to the venue, we had to park our car very far and walk a quite a distance. By the time the show ended, we were stuck in a terrible traffic jam that seemed to last for ages.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Floria 2012 - Highlights of Day 1 at Precinct 2 Putrajaya

The theme for this year's Floria 2012 - Putrajaya Flower & Garden Festival is "Bougainvillea, Enduring Beauty". The festival is held at the Waterfront, Precinct 2 in Putrajaya city from 30 June to 8 July 2012. The following are some of the highlights of Day 1.


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