Count Your Blessings!

With love and passion, everyone can have a nice garden...Elaine Yim

Count Your Blessings!
Count The Garden By The Flowers, Never By The Leaves That Fall.
Count Your Life With Smiles And Not The Tears That Roll.
..... Author unknown.

Knowing me, Knowing you..... Aha.....!

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Malaysian Flora USDA Zone 11
Welcome to our exotic world of everlasting summers and tropical rainforests!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year 2012!

Happy Chinese New Year 2012, 
the year of the Water Dragon Jan 23, 2012 to Feb 9, 2013

新年快樂(Xin nian kuai le) - Happy New Year !
恭喜发财 (gong xi fa cai) - Wishing you wealth and prosperity ! 
8888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888 !

we also say:

万事如意(wan shi ru yi) - Ten thousand things (everything) go according to your wishes.
Ten thousand is a Chinese million.

出入平安 (chu ru ping an) - smooth journey wherever you go 

龍馬精神(long ma jing sheng) - May you be as fit as a dragon horse.
What is a dragon horse or longma? - click here.
Longma or Ryuma in Japanese, is a mythical creature with wings, a horse body, dragon head and scales, like a Chinese pegasus. 
It can walk on water without sinking.

心想事成 (xin xiang shi cheng) - May you achieve all that your heart desires.

龙精虎猛 (long jing hu meng) - May you have the vision and agility of a dragon and fierce ferocity of a tiger’s

Thursday, January 5, 2012

My DIY Home Garden in Malaysia - January 2012

1. Pink Rose


Here are some pictures of flowers from my garden. It is really wonderful whenever my roses bloom.  This time my blooming roses are the pink, deep pink, red, yellow, miniature and tri-colour. I love it whenever my roses bloom.


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