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Friday, July 20, 2012

My DIY Home Garden in Malaysia - GBBD July 2012


Here's my lineup for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - July 2012. First I have Hibiscus rosa-sinensis double flower variety. This vermillion red colour is very striking.

My Passiflora laurifolia has matured to blooming stage rewarding me with very fragrant blooms of heavenly scents which last throughout the day. I am very attracted by its pale pink centre and I just love to walk by this plant again and again!

“My DIY Home Garden in Malaysia - GBBD July 2012”, a copyrighted post, was written for My Nice Garden blog by Autumn Belle @ on July 20th, 2012.

My Coral Vine aka Chain of Love (Antigonon leptopus) attracts different types of butterflies, wasps and lots of honey bees.

Chinese Witch Hazel aka Fringe Flower (Loropetalum chinensis).
Unlike the plants at nurseries which have mostly copper red leaves,
half of the leaves of mine are green, but I just like it the way it is.

Flowers of my Asparagus Fern (Asparagus densiflorus) are tiny but very pretty on camera.

I wonder if I should have cut of 2 of the 3 pomegranates so that the plant can concentrate on developing the remaining 1 fruit. Should it be one big fruit or 3 small ones?
This potted plant is flowering again now and some have developed into little fruits.


Flowers from my Vinca plants (Cantharanthus roseus) which have self-seeded. 
It is behaving like a perennial plant now.

Bird Plant (Pedilanthus bracteatus).

White Cat Whiskers plant (Orthosiphon stamineus) - native plant of Malaysia.
I make Java Tea with the leaves. 
I am experimenting with growing this plant as a ground cover to deter pests from attacking my vulnerable plants like the Jasminum sambac and some varieties of hibiscus. 

This is my Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Brilliant Red, the National Flower of Malaysia.
This hibiscus plant has become established well in my garden. 
Nowadays, I never have to water or fertilize it anymore and it is flowering continuously every day. 
It also attracts a few types of butterflies, sunbirds and spider hunters.
I love it when birds come to rest on the branches or spend time feeding on the flowers.

Jasminum sambac.
Everyday is like a struggle for survival for this plant which is always attacked by all sorts of pests since the day I started growing it a few years ago. I am growing my cat whiskers plants as a ground cover next to this plant and find that it is less prone to pests now and I notice that there are more flowers.

Yay, my white double flower Butterfly Pea (Clitoria ternatea t.albiflora) is flowering now. 
Hopefully I can save some seed pods soon.
It is also a native plant of Malaysia.

Flowers of the bird's eye chili plant.

My dwarf Ylang-Ylang (Cananga odorata var. fruticosa) is producing a lot of blooms now. 
It is most fragrant when the flowers have matured from green to a ripe yellow colour.
My dose of Marilyn Monroe's favourite Chanel No. 5 perfume.

This is the female plant of Mas Cotek (Ficus deltoidea) aka the Mistletoe Fig.
This native plant of Malaysia is valued for its medicinal properties and health benefits. 
You can read about it from Wikipedia.

Turk's Cap / Turk's Turban (Hibiscus arboreus).
It always looks half opened.

Pink Hibiscus rosa-sinensis single petal variety.

Wolfei Vine (Petraeovitex wolfei) aka Noong Noch Vine, another native plant of Malaysia.

Today I would like to thank my visitors from the 199 countries on planet Earth who visited My Nice Garden blog. As I know there are officially 196 countries in the world.

I' like to wish you HAPPY PARENT'S DAY (in Malaysia) and Happy Weekend!

This is my entry for the following:
1. Garden Bloggers Bloom Day (GBBD) is hosted on the 15th of every month by Carol at May Dreams Garden here.
2. Fertilizer Friday hosted by Glenda at Tootsie Time here.
3. Floral Friday #35 hosted by Nick at Nixblog here.


  1. Wow, you have some real beauties there. I have a few of them and wouldn't mind having the rest that you have. :-)

    Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

  2. Hello Autumn Belle,

    I am back at home and I am catching up with the blogs. My holiday was great and thank you for stopping by my blog last month. We are going through a heat wave and it is miserably hot. The only saving grace us is the occasional rain showers. I brought back many plants from Miami including fruit trees such as longan, jaboticaba, mamey sapote and some rainbow eucalyptus plants. I am nursing them and hope that they recover from their journey. Take care and I will drop by soon.


  3. Just lovely...I adore that Cat Whiskers Plant...too cool!!!

  4. You have a garden of beauties. Congrates on the 196th country visitor to your blog.Well done!

  5. A garden of beauties!!

    Such a nice place you have.

  6. I've been ooh-ing and aah-ing at your flowers today. The white double-petaled clitoria is gorgeous. I just noticed myself one of my clitoria plants is double-petaled, but no white blooms these are all purple. My neighbour's passionfruit has bloomed, but unfortunately I have a bit of a cold so didn't get to smell the heavenly scent.
    Cat whiskers' plant as decoy for pests.. that is a brilliant idea. Plus, the plant on its own is beautiful and has other uses as well.

    1. Mama Pongkey, I think pests do not like the cat whiskers plant because they never attack them. When I let them grow around my vulnerable jasminum sambac, the jasminum became more healthy! I find that white flower variety is more hardy than the purple flower one. Passiflora laurifolia is grown more for its fragrance than the fruit. This one has a stronger scent than the passionfruit flowers.

  7. You have answered some questions for me this morning! On my blog, I posted about a visit to the Fruit and Spice Park in Florida, and about the many flowers and fruits there that I couldn't remember. You have named one of them - the Ylang Ylang - I couldn't remember the name, only that it was the scent of Chanel No. 5. Your blooms are so gorgeous - and so many different varieties! I would never be able to remember all of them - beautiful garden and a delightful walk with you this morning!

  8. Beautiful and plentiful blooms, Autumn Belle! The white cat whiskers are my favorite! So different looking and still so dainty.

  9. Those pictures are art! Wow! So beautiful...

  10. So we have the same plant in our minds, hibiscus, but i am a little lazy looking for other varieties, so i just posted a single one at different stages of opening. I also love to have the dwarf ylang-ylang but i can't see a small plant in garden centers which is easier to carry home to our province. That Jasminum sambac is our national flower, but it is not endemic with us.

  11. You have a wonderful array of plants, so lovely and healthy (subur). The leaves of your Chinese Fringe Flower is green because it received full sunshine. It happened to mine too when I relocated it to a brighter spot.

  12. That's very beautiful flowers! Aspargus fern does flowering? wow!
    I have give you an award. Feel free to pick from my blog ;)

    1. Malar, thanks for the award! I have dedicated my latest post about petunias to you. Asparagus fern does have white flower and red fruit berries.

  13. That Asparagus Fern flower is priceless! It's a beautiful photo! You have quite a nice collection of Hibiscus, too.

  14. Very beautiful flowers lovely :)

  15. Seeing the ylang ylang always remind me of my late grandma. She used to have a big pot of it in her garden and wore them on her hair bun .

  16. You have such gorgeous flowers in your area and so different from what we have here. Thank you for sharing all this beauty with us.

  17. Cudowne kwiaty masz w ogrodzie. Wiele z nich mogę pooglądać tylko na Twoich zdjęciach, bo u nas nie rosną. Pozdrawiam.
    An abundance of flowers you have in your garden. Many of them I can only watch your photos, because we do not grow. Yours.

  18. For each of presented flowers I am full of admiration, all flowers are beautiful. I am greeting

  19. Beautiful beautiful beautiful! Each time my pomegranate plant blooms flowers, the squirrels tend to nibble the flowers. Got to do something to protect the flowers. Well, I think it's cute to let the squirrels play on the terrace, once in a while. :-)

  20. Your ylang-ylang reminds me of mine. It too going strong with many flowers and continuous blooms. The fragrance always welcomes me when I come home in the evening.
    You have a nice collection of hibiscus in your garden too.

  21. wow, this is all just stunning!! I especially love the first photo.

  22. Does your beautiful Passiflora also give you passionfruit? My favorite summer drink is a Passionfruit Lemonade!

    1. This passiflora gives our a very pleasant scent, like perfume. It is supposed to have fruits but the fruits are hard to come by. It is grown more for the scent than for the fruits. This is not the species that bear those passion fruits we buy in the market.

  23. May I know where you obtained your ylang ylang plant from ?


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