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Friday, August 7, 2009

The Morning Glory

Here we call it the bunga kembang seri pagi. As the name suggests, this flower opens in the morning where it is at its freshest and most radiant. However, the blooms lasts only a few hours and usually by noon, the flower would have withered. These purple trumpet shaped flowers are actully quite pretty.

It looks like this plant can be found in many places where there is plenty of sun. I can see it along the road, on the ground, on the fields, in rubbish dumps, railway embarkments, fences and also old walls.  It's scientific name is probably Ruellia tuberosa. I can see it everywhere, except in people's home gardens! But  these flowers are quite pretty, hence we should treat it as our Malaysian wildflowers.

Scientific name: Ruellia tuberosa
Common name: Minnieroot, Waterkanon
Family name: Acanthaceae
Category: Perennial creeper
Origin: Central and South America

This picture is taken next to a rubbish dump. I guess they make the rubbish dump less ugly.

Look at this! I think this is a telephone pole. 

Scientific name: Ipomoea cairica
Common names: 
Messina Creeper, Mile A Minute Vine, Cairo Morning Creeper,
Ivy-leaved Morning Glory, Coastal Morning Glory, Railway Creeper
Family: Convolvulaceae
Category: Perennial creeper
Origin: Tropical America

The plant is really an excellent climber. It is on top of the world now, taller than many other plants nearby. It has reached the top of the pole and it is now going to attempt a cross-over along the horizontal line. Do you consider this invasive?

Note: Post updated: 23 Nov 11


  1. Morning glories are so pretty, especially when you look at the blossoms that are sunlit from the back. Gorgeous!

    Climbing the pole shows just how determined that plant is. How quaint!

  2. Very striking and pretty. I enjoy their petunia-like look. They are an aggressive plant in my neck of the woods.

  3. Lovely flower! I love morning glory! Remember it growing in our garden when I was a child. It grew pretty well in the Midwest for me, but not here, in the Northwest. What a pole climber on your picture!!!

  4. Morning glories are so pretty. I see them near rubbish dumps also. I liked what you said about making the place beautiful ha ha... yes it does :-)

  5. How pleasant to visit your nice garden AB! I came to thanks your visit to my blog and if you don't mind I'll follow yours from now on :)It's so interesting. . For example I never saw this Ipomoea here in Portugal. We have similar Ipomoea but none like this one, I think
    A big hug

  6. LynnS, Daisy, Tatyana, Stephanie, Crix. Hi, thanks for all your encouraging comments. I love 'Wordless Wednesday'because no need to write anything in the post. Ha! Ha!

  7. Oh, dear, I use Wordless Wednesday on my wrong post! Very silly of me. Hugs to all the gals to commented above.

  8. They are pretty, these morning glory. Anything that outdo itself, get into somebody's sacred territory, is easily summed as being invasive. But morning glory is so sweet and cute to be called as that. ~bangchik

  9. Lovely morning glory...and SO tall. Nice! -Jackie

  10. Bangchik, Jackie. Thank you for your nice comments.


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