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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Putrajaya Floria 2009

The Putrajaya Flower and Garden Fiesta 2009 (Floria 2009) is the event I have been waiting for. This event is organised by the Perbadanan Putrajaya (Putrajaya Board) at Putrajaya Waterfront, Precinct 2. Putrajaya meaning victorious prince in malay, is a very beautify city. The picture above is taken in front of the Floria 2009 site. Can you see the white tents, cars and buses parked nearby?

This is the entrance to Floria 2009. It reads, "Selamat Datang ke Floria 09" or Welcome to Floria 09. The event is from 1st to 9th August 2009. Admission is FREE.

Upon entry, I was so excited to be surrounded by so many beautiful and colourful flowers in full bloom. Before long, I was happily snapping away with my camera. I guess that was what many others were doing too. Here, photograph taking is welcomed, in fact encouraged, hence, I did not feel embarassed at all. When I asked permission from the stall owners, the answers were always, "Yes, you can take as many as you like". How wonderful!

Here is a "double-storey" bougainvillea blooming in 4 different colours. Bougainvilleas are so flexible. It can be a shrub, a bonsai or a vine. Back home, I have also seen a bougainvillea as tall as a mango tree!

This is a nice looking palm tree surrounded by lots of brightly coloured flowers. I have the feeling that the leaves of this palm tree are as sharp as needles.

Its a sea of flowers. There are dianthus, cosmos, lavenders, etc.

The theme of this lanscape is "Forest Herritage in the Garden". I think this is a nice garden concept to have in a home.

Ferns growing vertically. Looks nice and has the forest feel. How about growing something like this on our own garden wall?

Do you think I can attract some beautiful birds to takeover this nest and produce some babies?

I can sit here and read a book the whole day. Some coffee or English tea with scones will be great. Its nice to listen to the sound of water from the mini waterfall. It is so calm and serene.

My day ended with me getting sun burnt because I forgot to apply sunblock before going. I bet the freckles will come soon. Oh, dear. What is happening to my face! Hopefull, hubby will see them as 'sunkisses' instead. Luckily, I have no social functions to attend this weekend.

Other blotanists who have written about Floria 2009 include JC of My Sunny Happy Garden and Bangchik of My Little Vegetable Garden. Actually we are all so excited.

Update: For my posts on Floria 2010, the link is here.

Have a happy weekend, everybody!


  1. Very nice shots of Floria 2009. I was there on Thursday and fortunately it was not too hot. I enjoyed walking through the flower arrangements and stalls. The food was tasty and priced reasonably. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. We were there almost everyday!..haha.. Just came back, going round the FLORIA place for hours. The most typical scene is Moms so happy to see flowers, children crying for ice-cream, not too sure how Dads felt! haha. We bought 2 mulberry plants, a purple flowered Basil. And RM10 for buah pulasan. Pulasan comes with red plastic basket to take home. Interesting!!


  3. Autumn Belle I enjoyed and was thrilled to read about your visit to this show. We do not have shows at this level here in Barbados. We have an annual flower show put on by the local horticultural society which is quite lame compared to yours. I loved the forest heritage in the garden theme and the log seating was very attractive.

  4. Stephanie, Bangchik, Helen. Its a gardener's joy to see these flower shows. I couldn't sleep peacefully since Floria 2009 opened and I still haven't visited. Now I am satisfied.

  5. What an amazing floral display! So many beautiful flowers and colors.


  6. I loved the two tiered multi coloured beautifully captured in your shot

  7. Thank for letting us visit Floria 2009 through your pictures. It looks lovely. The entrance was very grand.

  8. Hi Autumn Belle, I can sense your joy regarding your visit to Floria 09 from your posting. Your enthusiasm is exuding..we gardening enthusiasts just can't help it, yah?

  9. With regards to your question on how to post a weblink on your blog, pls follow enclosed instructions.

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    5) On the tab "New Site URL" by going to the website (e.g.: copy down the address and paste it here.

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    Give it a try and if you need further help, pop me a note! Cheers!

  10. JC, thank you very much for your detailed explanation. I have now successfully made a link to your post on my Floria 2009 post on 8 Aug 09.

  11. Cameron, Evergreen Tree, Jackie, thank you very much for the nice comments.

  12. Wonderful - wish I could have been there. Terima Kasih for showing it to us.

  13. Hi, Sue. Nice to see you here. I like your 'terima kasih' Another meaning - 'terima' means receive and 'kasih' means love in malay. That's how happy I am to receive comments from readers of this post.

  14. That fern garden wall is just beautiful. Truth be told, I am not a huge tropical plant lover, but these pictures are just beautiful. I love the flowers and the foliage behind them. I often think of spiky tropical foliage, but all these plants are great! Thanks for sharing! It's fun to see what's going on in Malaysia!

  15. Wendy, welcome, and thanks for your visit and nice comments. You'll love it here in Blotanical and maybe you'll also like our tropical rainforest scenery.

  16. That is a very nice idea to place the birdnest fern that way.

    Thanks for sharing.

  17. Lucky for you to have Floria there..anyway thanks for sharing the fiesta.Just by looking at the pictures I know you all who have been there were all so happy treating your eyes with those colorful plants and scene.

  18. I've been reading back from your current post and I'm just heaving a very happy sigh for you. It must've been so gorgeous just wandering around in the midst of so much beauty! Lucky you!

  19. Lovely photos, but i have not seen your flower details yet in the maybe other blog. Putrajaya is really a wonderful planned functional tourist center. We were able to visit it at night in 2007 and at daytime we visited again for the cruise. It really is an awesome fabulous place. Kudos to the planners, architects, designers, workers, etc. I hope i can visit again someday because i only have a Point & Shoot during that visit. thanks.

  20. Sunita and Andrea, thank you once again for the nice comments.

    Andrea, I have already replied to your comments by email.


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