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Count Your Blessings!
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Count Your Life With Smiles And Not The Tears That Roll.
..... Author unknown.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

A Celebration of Colours at Floria 2009 (Part 2)

Colours as I see it.
Orange - Yellow Chrysanthemums.
This is for the sunshine in my life.
Click on the photo and you shall see a beautiful butterfly.
See what I mean?

Lavender - Fragrances, scents and things that I love.

Yellow is for warmth and friendship.

Green is for peace, nature and the environment.

Red is for happiness and good luck.

Pink - I see affection and kindness.

Peach is for longevity and immortality.


  1. Beautiful flowers, such wonderful colors.
    Sunny :)

  2. Wow this is a good one! Good explanation of the colours. I like the peach flower in last photo :-D Have a beautiful Monday.

  3. Is that the Chrysanthemums people use for tea?.... Belle, I know these flowers are beautiful, but they place flowers in thousands, huh you just become "rambang mata"...

  4. Sunny, Stephanie, thank you for the nice comments.

    Bangchik, the first picture is chrysanthemum. Yes, can make chrysanthemum tea, but maybe not this one. Some can be eaten too, I mean the petals. And yes, you are right. Rambang mata saya melihat segala bunga-bunga yang ada di Floria 2009.

  5. What gorgeous chrysanthemums and so many other beauties! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Daisy, thank you for the nice comments. Glad to see you here.

  7. A riot of colours! I missed the event:(( Thanks for sharing.

  8. Sunshine girl, don't worry. There'll be another one soon.


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