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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Orchids at Floria 2009 (Final Part)

Wordless Wednesday
Can you guess their names? - Updated.

1 - Mokara

2 - Renanthera

3 - Phalaenopsis in pink, white and yellow

4 - Phalaenopsis pink

5 - Phalaenopsis yellow

6 - Cattleya BLC Haadyai Delight
* Name identification thanks to Orchid de dangau

7 - Vanda Coerulea

8 - Dendrobium burana green

9 - Orchid Landscape

Now, the orchids has been named. Please correct me if I am wrong.


  1. Autumn Belle, these photos are wonderful! I've looked through them all...what a spectacular flower show and free admissions, too! So....did you come home with lots of goodies??

  2. Simply lovely. Such amazing colors.
    Sunny :)

  3. Autumn Belle,

    wow what a spread! Just out of this world! This is my favorite. Thank you for bringing this show to us.

  4. Very lovely! I loved the dramatic colors against the greenery. I couldn't guess what most of them were, but I loved the "show".

  5. Lovely orchids, Autumn Belle! There are vandas, phalaenopsis, cattleya, Ansellia, & Renanthera showing in your photos. Would love to have seen them in person! -Jackie

  6. I must say that the orchids at Floria was really outstanding. Their blooms seems to look fresh and able to tolerate the heat better than other flowers. I have orchids in my garden that I have seen the blooms before. They were given by my neighbour. It was really wonderful to see so many types of orchids as shown here and at Floria. Have a wonderful day Autumn Belle!

  7. Greetings to you too Autumn Belle,

    Lovely snaps. BTW pls do incorporate the name of these flowers... They look rather Exotic!
    I am from India n enjoyed browsing through your collection of photogarphs n writeup. Kudos!

  8. But there those who can name these orchids.. I can't.
    ~ bangchik

  9. Lynn, Sunny, Islandgal246, Miss Daisy, Jackie, Stephanie, Ever Green Tree and Bangchik. Thank you all for visitng and for the very nice comments.

    Floria has attracted 500,000 visitors and exhibited 400,000 species of tropical flowers and plants.

    I didn't buy much because I spent all my time taking photos. It was bad planning on my part and I almost couldn't make the trip there. This was my first time at such a big event. Next time, I'll be better prepared.

  10. Jackie, thank you very much for your answers. It really helped.

  11. What a delightful set of orchid photos! Thanks for sharing such beauty!

  12. Kanak, great to see you here and thanks for the nice comments.

  13. Are those in Putrajaya? I wish I visited the expo but time escaped me. I know I should've gone. I would love to have an orchid landscape like the one in your picture.


  14. Lili, thank you very much for visiting. Yes, it is from Floria 2009, Putrajaya. I bet you must be an orchid lover, like me. Best of luck in your future orchid landscaped garden.

  15. great pics and beautiful colors. did u see vanilla orchid there?

  16. Hi, Autumn Belle,

    Very nice blog...i like it so much..Congrats!

    Just to share...No. 6 Cattelya hybrid yellow...the real name is BLC Haadyai Delight.

  17. Hi, Orchid de dangau. Thank you very much for your good words and identification help. I will update my post accordingly.


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