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Friday, July 15, 2011

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - GBBD July 2011

Today is Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day for July 2011. Leading my parade of flowers today are the roses I had purchased from Floria 2011 at RM 10.00 (USD 3.32) each. I love their fragrance.

I love the dark pink rose the most because it looks quite 'happy-go-lucky' with its ruffled and wavy edged petals!

“GBBD July 2011”, a copyrighted post, was written for My Nice Garden blog by Autumn Belle @ on July 15th, 2011.

The most wonderful thing about roses is that the flowers are beautiful from buds to bloom to fade and their perfume have staying power! I love to look at the pictures of rose buds.

This month, I have Arundina gramilifolia in my garden. Some time after reading Solitude Rising's post about growing them in Waiting For Bamboo Orchids To Grow, I chanced upon some of these bamboo orchids at my favourite nursery in Sg Buloh. Now this lovely wild orchid is sharing a place in the sun among my other native plants, i.e. the Bunga Kantan (Etlingera elatior) ginger flowers and cat whiskers plants. Hopefully they can get along well.

This is the second bloom from my Santa Claus desert rose.

My Chinese New Year azaleas must have thought that my garden is located in the Northern Hemisphere and it is summer.
It is blooming again! This time there are more blooms.

When I look into the this azalea, I keep being distracted by the freckles on the petals.

After 7 years of tender loving care, my Lagerstroemia speciosa (Crepe Myrtle, Queen Myrtle, Pride of India) has grown tall, put on a lot of bright green foliage and it is blooming at its best now. This tree was planted by the developer in front of my house, along the border that I share with my neighbour. They are renovating their front entrance so they have cut off the portion of the tree (from top to bottom and roots) that occupied their side of the border. They wanted to cut off the whole tree but I wish to save this tree. Now I hope that the tree can survive the injury.

My Chinese witch hazel is blooming now. I like its little red flowers that look like mini pom-poms.

I grow this coral vine as food for the butterflies. All along I had thought that this coral vine is a weed because I see this plant growing freely in abandon places. My perspective changed when I visited the Penang Butterfly Farm and found that the coral vine grown over the Butterfly Swing had attracted a lot of butterflies, in fact it attracted the most number of butterflies in the area. Anyway, the flowes are really sweet and pretty and it is very easy to grow.

A tiny gram blue butterfly posing for my camera. 
I wonder what's it doing at the back of the Portulaca oleracea flower?
There can't be any nectar below the flower.

Now it is on top of the flower siping some sugary nectar.

I hope that you have enjoyed the flowers at My Nice Garden. Until next time, Cheers!

This is my entry for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, thanks to Carol of May Dreams Gardens, the link is here.
This is also my entry for Fertilizer Friday hosted by Glenda at Tootsie Time, the link is here.


  1. I am simply mesmerized by the bloom color on your crepe myrtle...soft, bright, and delicate! The orchid is very beautiful as well. I, too, have fallen in love with some plants I would not ordinarily add to my garden because the bees and/or butterflies love them. Happy GBBD!

  2. You do have some very lovely blooms. RM10 per pot of rose sounds like a pretty good buy to me. I love your Arundina. How much did they cost you? I may want to grow them too.

    Thank you for your lovely comments. I suspect Onenezz turned out 2nd but unfortunately there is only one winner. Thank you for your support anyway.

  3. Gorgeous blooms especially the rose mosaics. Its been sometime I have seen the pretty wild orchids, simple but such lovely colour!

  4. All of your flowers are so lovely. I didn't realise coral vine was so attractive to butterflies.

  5. Beautiful blooms and such an abundance right now.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  6. Very pretty. Your roses look so much better than mine. You've got a green thumb!

  7. Beautiful photos, everything looks so fresh!

  8. What a wonderful display of blooms you have - the roses are magnificent and I love the Arundina gramilifolia!
    Happy GBBD :)

  9. Enjoyed reading your post and viewing your garden as it grows! I see more blooms, and your butterfly shot is superb!

  10. I love your flowers, all of them. I do hope your Queen Crepe will survive. That was awful about your neighbors cutting the roots away from their side of the property.

    Your wild orchids are wonderful and that butterfly picture is great.


  11. Your flowers are beautiful. I really enjoyed the roses. Mine are about finished so I especially enjoyed visiting your garden. Happy Bloom Day!

  12. Hvor har du mange smukke blomster.
    Tak for kigget.

  13. aloha,

    great blooms, i love the desert rose the best, thats a very unusual flower color.

  14. Wow!!! So many beautiful blooms in your garden. I agree with Noel, I so love your Santa Claus desert rose. We only have the ordinary/common kind. Is that the Etlingera elatior bud that's about to open beside your beautiful Arundinas?

    Thanks for mentioning my blog in your post :)

  15. I am mesmerized by your bamboo orchid! It is so lovely and unexpected! Ha ha! I just noticed The Sage Butterfly and I are both mesmerized by flowers in your garden! Happy Gardening!

  16. Sage Butterfly, I hope my crepe myrtle can survive its current ordeal.

    One, the roses are sold in poly bags. There is a lot of colour choices at Floria 2011. My Arundinas cost about RM 5 to RM 8.00 per poly bag but I can't remember the exact cost now.

    P3chandan, these arundinas are intermediate in height and flower size. There are some bigger ones at Genting Highlands and the dwarf version at The Secret Garden.

    Missy, me too. The coral vine was introduced to Malaysia many years ago but now it is certainly very much at home in our tropics, a weed in many places.

    Cher, Thank you very much for your cheer!

    Rosie, actually the roses are still new in my garden. I do hope they survive.

    Karen, welcome to My Nice Garden.

    Christine, I love the rose fragrance which seems to last the whole day.

    Rosie, I'm so lucky the tiny butterfly can be captured with my point and shoot camera. After enlargement, I can now admire its true beauty.

    Flowerlady, I really need lots of luck with the crepe myrtle. It has brought me so much happiness and now I hope it survives.

    Dorothy, bloom time is such a nice time.

    Landbohaven, welcome to My Nice Garden!

    Noel, this desert rose reminds me of Santa Claus now with its red and white colour scheme.

    Solitude Rising, the flower bud is Etlingera elatior or Torch ginger flower.

    Shirley, the bamboo orchid is our Malaysian native plant and wild orchid. It is now sharing the same abode with Cat Whiskers and Torch Ginger, also native plants here :>)

  17. You certainly have some unique and lovely plants... what a pleasure to be able to see them! Larry

  18. How wonderful that you found the roses you were looking for.

  19. thanks for linking in this week. I am always in awe of all the different flowers everyone flaunts. It is a pleasure to tour and see all the gorgeous blooms...and I always enjoy stopping by here! I hope you will link in again soon!
    ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.


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