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Monday, July 11, 2011

Putrajaya Floria 2011 Part 3 - Desert Roses (Prosperity Flowers) at the Garden Bazaar

1. Single Flower Adenium obesum - Desert Rose King 'Red Prosperity'

At the Garden Bazaar in Floria 2011, there are many varieties of Desert Rose plants for sale. The prices range from RM 8.00  (USD 2.66) to a few hundred dollars. There are single, double and triple flower varieties and cultivars. The triple flower ones are the most expensive.

“Putrajaya 2011 Part 3 - Desert Roses at the Garden Bazaar”, a copyrighted post, was written for My Nice Garden blog by Autumn Belle @ on July 11th, 2011.

2. Desert Rose with double flowers and cultivar 'Santa Claus'
Scientific name: Adenium obesum
Common name: Desert Rose, Impala Lily
Chinese name:  富贵花 (Fu Gui Hua or Prosperity Flowers)
Malay name: Mawar Gurun
Family: Apocynaceae
Origin: East Africa and Arabia
Category: Evergreen, drought tolerant, succulent shrub

3. Desert Rose King 'Triple Red Prosperity'

Plant care:
I've been told to grow them in the outdoors under the full sun in well-drained soil. Use a wide shallow pot so that in time, the desert rose will grow a fat, beautiful caudex or trunk and healthy roots. During the rainy season, I find that it is better to bring them back under the shelter.  This will avoid damage to their swollen trunk and roots. Water the plants before applying fertilizer. This will prevent the premature dropping of leaves. Propagation is by seeds or cuttings. It is advisable to repot the plants every 1-2 years. You can prune the roots before re-potting.

4. Desert Rose King 'Sweet Blossom'
There were many choices here where some of the exhibitors came from other states of Malaysia, e.g. Perak, Johor, Perlis. Their nurseries are located hundreds of km away, so Floria 2011 is a great opportunity to shop for rare ornamentals.

5. Desert Rose King 'Pathum Ma'
Some of my prosperous neighbours devoted a whole front yard for these beauties from the Sahara Desert. The plants in their homes are treated with utmost tenderness and care.

6. Desert Rose King 'Red Rose' with double flowers
Now I can understand why these gorgeous roses are so much loved by many home gardeners.

7. Desert Rose King 'Magnificient Rosy'
Each cultivar comes with a proper label at the base of the plant.
As I had no time to record down all the labels, I obtained the plant IDs from this website: for my own future reference.
Any errors made are deeply regretted and will be corrected when notified.

8. Desert Rose King 'Amazon Beauty'
There are so many choices!
I didn't know which one to buy and I actually wanted to buy all the different varieties.

9. Desert Rose King 'Santa Claus'
I bought this double flower cultivar named 'Santa Claus' for RM 25.00 (USD 8.32). I'd love to have a 'Prosperity Flower' named Santa Claus because I'd certainly would like to have happy and joyful presents from Santa everyday, haha!

The vendor who sold this desert rose to me comes from Taiping, Perak.

10. Desert Rose King 'Prosperity Red'
They make good houseplants or bonsai.
They are also highly regarded as feng shui plants to attract wealth and prosperity.
Those 2 potted plants above have lovely vermillion red single flowers.
Also bright green and glossy foliage to complement their beautiful 'bottom' - cost few hundred bucks each.

Which one is your favourite?


  1. Beautiful!!! I did not know there were so many different flower colors on the desert rose. I have two as is red, one is pink. I particularly like the variegated colors on your selections, but number 7 is my pick because it is so different than any desert rose I've seen.

  2. I like 2, and 6, and 7, and 9 - haha - they're all pretty! No wonder you had a hard time deciding!

  3. Sage Butterfly and Holley Garden,
    You both have exquisite taste! No. 7 is the most expensive one. That small little sapling cost a bom.

  4. Piękne! Ostatnie w doniczkach cudne. Pozdrawiam ciepło

  5. Dessert rose have many variety? Wow! I couldn't decide! All are so pretty!

  6. Wow i haven't seen such Adenium hybrids yet, maybe because they are not really in my consciousness. I thought i'd choose the 2nd, but the following photos are all gorgeous that at the end i can't seem to know what i really want, haha! I love variegations in all plants. BTW, my friend's house, where we stayed for our last KL visit is only 20 min from Putrajaya, i think that is Bandar Baru Bangi, if i still remember!

  7. oooh, those are so pretty - I love the swirl in the center and those dusky colors.

  8. can anyone advice me where can i buy this flower?

    1. Dylan, you can buy this flower in most nurseries. If in Klang Valley, try Sg Buloh. Floria 2014 is coming - ETA 16-22 Jun. You can get lots of choices there at the Gardne Bazaar.

  9. I am interested in ordering seeds. How can I do? Steps for doing so?


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