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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Putrajaya Floria 2011 Part 6 - Charming Chrysanthemums For Good Fortune

1 - Rolled petals, purple inside, paler shade on the outside
At Floria 2011, there are some chrysanthemum flowers in lovely shades and colours that I like. Chrysanthemum flowers are used to decorate my home and also for prayers. We regard chrysanthemums as auspicious fengshui flowers signifying success, longevity and the spiritual.

“Putrajaya Floria 2011 Part 6 - Charming Chrysanthemums for Good Fortune”, a copyrighted post, was written for My Nice Garden blog by Autumn Belle @ on 14th July 2011.

2 - This looks like a fireworks display
In Chinese culture, the chrysanthemum is the Flower of Autumn.
It represents the 9th lunar month and it brings joy and happiness.

In Chinese art and paintings, chrysanthemums are combined with other flowers and auspicious symbols:
a) Pine, bamboo, crane and/or deer - for a healthy long life
b) plum blossoms - for a good life after retirement
c) grasshopper on top of flower - for a long and stable ministerial positon of high ranking 

3 - A chrysanthemum or daisy? Colour is orange, yellow or red?
We use the cut flowers as prayer offerings at the altar at home and in the temple. After prayers, the flower petals are used in floral baths for cleansing and good luck.

Potted chrysanthemums are used to decorate our homes during the Chinese New Year to attract good fortune. We also believe that displaying fresh and blooming chrysanthemums in our homes and premises at other times of the year will bring us long-lasting love, engagement, commitment, success and good luck.

We drink chrysanthemum infused tea and chrysanthemum herbal beverages. In certain folk movies, I have seen people eating the flower petals.

4 - White with a tinge of auspicious purple
We also offer chrysanthemum flowers to the dead.
Pure white chrysanthemums are used in floral arrangements during funerals.

Yellow chrysanthemums:
During Chinese New Year, we use a lot of yellow chrysanthemums to usher in or enhance good luck and fortune,
During the Qing Ming Festival (Chinese All Souls Day), I have been told by elders not to offer too many yellow chrysanthemums at the graves. This is because 'yellow' when pronounced in Chinese sounds like 'a lot' or 'in abundance'. Well, we want a lot of wealth during the New Year but we also do not want a lot of deaths in the family! 

5 - We like purple because it signifies wealth
Now, when a boy wants to woo a Chinese girl, it is not advisable to send a 'chrysanthemums only' bouquet, particularly all white ones.  Get the meaning?


  1. I think those colors are very beautiful compared to the common mums we see in the market! Do you know that those yellows we see here are called Malaysian mums? I am not very fascinated though with mums, i love more your previous post yesterday, the desert rose! How many chapters will this Floria serials be?

  2. Whoa you never failed me with your pixz. Lovely colors and close ups. tQ.

  3. They are all beautiful but I especially like those first two.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  4. Wow! Mums are not those boring yellow colours anymore! All of them are so lovely!

  5. I see so many variety of the common mums, so pretty. Just yesterday, I saw on the news about his floria festival, too bad I was too far away!

  6. Andrea, thanks for telling me about 'Malaysian Mums' which I didn't know about before. Actually I like chrysanthemums, especially these shades. If I could I would like to buy chrysanthemums every 1st and 15th day of the lunar month to decorate my home. My last post in this 'serial' will be on Sunday ;>)

    Bananaz, I hope you can enjoy all the lovely colour combinations. I have updated my post to describe the colours for your easy reference. I wonder if you see any different colour schemes, hehe :-)

    Aaron, luckily chrysanthemums can last quite long. We can even take a cutting from the cut flowers and it will sprout new shoots. Unfortunately, we can't get them to bloom in the lowlands.

    Bengs fotoblogg, welcome to My Nice Garden! Thank you very much for the encouraging words.

    Cher, yeah, me too.

    P3chandan, I do agree that the yellows and whites are getting too boring.

    Jama, Floria is held in July every year. Too bad they didn't coincide with the school holidays just like Penang Botanical Gardens Flower Festival. But never mind, do drop by to enjoy the flowers.

  7. I really wish to go there again before it ends on this weekend .. .beautiful series !

  8. Wong, I'm sure you will have a great time if you go to Floria 2011again. There are many opportunities for photography.


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