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Friday, July 9, 2010

Dancing Ladies and a Birthday Bash

“Dancing Ladies and a Birthday Bash”, a copyrighted post, was written for My Nice Garden blog by Autumn Belle @ on July 9th, 2010.

These dancing ladies are oncidium orchids.

One by one, they are all dressed up and going to a ball.

Merrily, merrily, they waltz on the dance floor.

This dessert we call 'tong sui" (糖水) is made of dried longans, white fungus (snow fungus), fresh semi-riped papaya flesh and winter melon in a clear solution of cane sugar flavoured with pandan leaves. Very good for a girl's smooth complexion with anti-ageing effects.

Here's a slice of cake with almond flakes and real durian  flesh between the layers. This cake is called "Durian-Durian".

The flowers are from The Secret Garden of 1-Utama, dessert from 'All Inn Cafe' and the cake is from Secret Recipe Cafe.

Now's the right time to wish my friend from Barbados,


Helen, Islandgal246 of My Rustic Bajan Garden, thank you for being my blog friend.
I am glad we met in cyberspace.


  1. Beautiful orchids and great photographs.
    I would not say no to a slice of that cake too..

  2. Oh Autumn Belle.....I am humbled and touched by your sincere wishes on my Birthday. Thank you, your kind words and gestures are deeply appreciated. Now I am off to enjoy the spread you have laid out for me. Yum Yum.

  3. Those orchids are beautiful Autumn and the bowl of fruit looks lovely and refreshing. Despite the smell I love Durian. To bad you couldn't email me a piece of that cake :)

  4. That durian cake looks VERY, VERY GOOD! I love durian. I'm the only one in my family that loves this fruit. My kids call it the stink fruit. My husband can take the smell and eats a bit of it. Too bad there's not that many bakery that make this kind of cake in my city.

  5. Good Morning, Costas, Helen, Melanie, Rose Belle.

    The durian cake tastes and smell like fresh durians, the King of fruits here. This cake is only available during the durian season which is now!

  6. Ah yes, I serve 'tong shui' dessert today because we locals do not recommend taking alcohol/hard liquor after eating durians. It is a bad combination that will make you sick.

    Rumphius also did not recommend taking durian with alcohol. To read from Wikipedia, click on my 'durian' link higlighted in red.

    Durian is considered a 'hot/heaty' food. So, the desert will help 'cool' down your body system.

  7. Beautiful dancing ladies and luscious desserts! Is that fruit concoction really good for one's complexion?

  8. Happy dancing for the birthday gal! I have them in my garden too. I think I'd enjoy the tong sui more than than the durian !

  9. Beautiful flowers and a mouth watering cake, and above all, a creative friendly gesture!

  10. Yes ... a slice for me as well, please! The cake looks divine ... durian would make it something really special.

    Love your dancing ladies ... they do look like they're dressed in their ballgowns!

  11. Happy Birthday to Helen! That is one fantastic looking cake! The blossoms of dancing flowers are so delicate and fresh looking.

  12. Floridagirl, Keats, Bernie, Rosey.

    Thank you very much for your visits. These 'Dancing Lady' oncidiums are one of my fave orchids.

    Tong sui means 'sugar water' when translated from Cantonese dialect. It is part of Cantonese (Southern China) cuisine. Tong sui is like a herbal drink with health benefits. We can drink it hot or cold. The vitamins in the papaya and winter melon will definitely reduce pimples, clear blokages and detox our system, hence giving rise to a good complexion.

  13. Lotusleaf, do try some tong sui too.

  14. This post is very apt for Helen of My Rustic Bajan Garden in Barbados. I also have a dancing lady with flowers bigger than this one and has very sweet scent. It withstood long dry season and it's already 5 weeks and still there.

    By the way, i have long been attempting to open Helen's site but i always fail, it just stop after the front page. Autumn Belle, please tell her my greetings for her birthday and my problem in connecting to her blogsite. Thank you.

  15. Autumn Belle,

    It always seems like I want what I cannot have...Oh! to grow orchids like yours outside. They are so colorful and lively. The photos capture the personality of this orchid.

    My only experience with durian is watching American Food TV hosts trying unsuccessfully to eat it. Must be a taste you grow up with.

    Thanks also for visiting my blog!


  16. happy bday to her and i love dancing ladies -)

  17. Those orcids are very beautiful! The cake looks fantastic, I would love to have a slice of it!
    Have a nice day!

  18. I have always been fascinated with this orchid ever since I was a little girl! Not other orchids, only this! And I don't even know why! Maybe because it is small and dainty, unlike other orchids, and at the same time, it is so vibrantly yellow and has the sunshine feel to it! Am I silly?? But I have never tried to grow it.. I should start now. Thank you, Autumn Belle, for reminding me about this. And thank you for linking my blog post in your side bar. Happy birthday to Helen of My Rustin Bajan Garden too.

  19. What a lovely birthday greeting you've created for your friend, Autumn Belle! Those dancing ladies are so elegant in a swirl of primrose petticoats. :)

    I'm so curious about the first dessert, mostly because I'd like to taste something called "snow fungus." Sounds so fascinating and exotic.

  20. Joining you to wish your frd Barbados a Very Happy Birthday! Scintillating colours...Cheerful Yellow n vibrant Red. Lovely post Autumn Belle.

    PS: Was a little caught up with out stn guest over thru June. Hopn to catch up with ur blogs here soon. Have a great week ahead....

  21. Fabulous orchids!
    Delicious cake...
    Ohh...Durian-durian - truly a great treat!


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