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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Putrajaya Floria 2010 Part 3 - Annuals Garden

“Putrajaya Floria 2010 Part 3 - Annuals Garden”, a copyrighted post, was written for My Nice Garden blog by Autumn Belle @ on July 15, 2010.

This floral logo at the entrance to the Annuals Garden depicts our 1Malaysia Concept. 1Malaysia is an on-going campaign announced by our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak on September 16, 2008, with the aim to promote national unity among Malaysians.

When there is beauty all around us, few words are needed, so enjoy .....


Earth laughs in flowers. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Does anybody know the name of this plant?

Answer: Salvia splendens (Scarlet Sage, Tropical Sage),
my grateful thanks to Nanina of As The Garden Turns blog. She is our new  member at Blotanical. My dear friends, do check out her lovely blog and give her all your encouragement.




This looks like our Kampung (Village) Garden style.

Lastly, today is Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. Do visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens to see what garden bloggers all over the world have in store for today.


  1. Oh, how beautiful. I love visiting other gardens. Thanks for the tour. The Dianthus is so pretty.

  2. Autumn Belle,

    Lovely photos! Your mystery flower is called Red Salvia or Scarlet Sage, Salvia splendens. It's very attractive to hummingbirds.


  3. Autumn Belle, "Flowers" and "National Unity" -- I love this connection. Yes, your mystery plant is a salvia. I haven't visited lately (I've been too busy gardening) so I just spent a happy time catching up on your gardening news. Thanks for the tour. Pam x

  4. Autumn Belle to be surrounded by such beauty is heavenly.

  5. Lona, Nanina, Pam, Good Morning!

    Thank you very much for the visit and comments. I am so delighted I can get the answer so fast :)

  6. Helen, Good Morning! I just miss you by 1 min.

  7. Very beautiful flowers at the garden. Is the number 1 sign at the entrance covered by flowers?

  8. I just wondered..concerning the blue in that "1 MALAYSIA LOGO".
    Seemed like now they started spraying on the white mums rather than getting a true blue flowers.
    I still remember one time ago, they used the same thing on white roses.(spray blue on them)
    Guess the artificial colouring is far from over.

  9. Good morning,Autumn Belle, What spectacular beauties, you are right, few words are needed....

  10. RoseBelle, the huge no.1 signs at the entrance and the other 2 little ones at the pergola are made entirely of flowers.

    James, you just got me thinking. I'm so embarassed to say I haven't thought about this at all because I was in a 'trance' state being captivated by real flowers everywhere I walked. I heard some visitors remarked and asked each other if the flowers were real. When they touched it and found that it was indeed real flowers, they were so impressed.

    If I get the chance to go again, I will definitely check this out. You should be in the private investigation agency because you are really very observant!

    Kitchen Flavours, if you can't make it this year, do put it in your diary. You can stay in Putrajaya and have some siteseeing e.g. visit PM residence, the Botanical Garden, just to name a few. I think Floria 2011 will be around the same time.

  11. The red flowers are called Salvia. Your flowers are very beautiful, and the same flowers are blooming here at this time too. I have not seen that old fashioned Petunia of late in garden shows. That one has a nice fragrance unlike the hibrid varieries which are popular these days.Have a floral weekend!

  12. 1Malaysia is a wonderful concept Autumn Bell. Gardens and flowers bring people together in a very special way. Terima kasih!

  13. Beautiful, Autumn Belle! And yes, I agree, the red flower is salvia. I have it in my garden for hummingbirds and butterflies. Happy GBBD!!

  14. NIce flowers Autumn. I can almost smell the spicy fragrance of the Dianthus.

  15. Beautiful photos, Autumn! Nothing like the bright blooms of annuals to perk up the garden during this hot summer. Happy Bloom Day!

  16. Looks like a beautiful garden to visit. Thanks for sharing.

  17. aloha,

    i love your tour of these annuals, especially that little wood gazebo, it looks like a nice place to sit and enjoy the view.

    thanks for sharing your blooms today.

  18. I have enjoyed your posts in the past and today's is very colorful indeed... thanks for sharing! Larry

  19. my design in this blog??thanks Autumn Belle :)


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