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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Putrajaya Floria 2010 Part 6 - Outrageously Sexy Orchids

“Putrajaya Floria 2010 Part 6 - Outrageously Sexy Orchids”, a copyrighted post, was written for My Nice Garden blog by Autumn Belle @ on July 18th, 2010.

Orchids are my favourite flower anywhere, anytime!

Do you know my name ???

Its me again!

Name ???

Please help Autumn Belle because she does not the name of both of us,
the yellow and orange-red orchids!

This is my entry for Today's Flowers # 102, a meme which opens every Sunday, 2pm GMT. My grateful thanks to Today's Flowers team members; Luiz Santili Jr, Denise in Virginia, Laerte Pupo and Sandy Carlson. To participate and view other gorgeous flowers around the world, click here.


  1. Gorgeous orchids and they are very alluring :) The red one could be a Lady's Slipper but I'm not completely sure about that. Beautiful photos.

  2. Autumn Belle,

    You have captured some beauties here! I still haven't purchased an orchid but this post is convincing me I need to try at least one.
    I hope you are doing well, and that you are having a fun weekend.

  3. Your Orchids are gorgeous! I wish I had the climate to grow them. I've tried Orchids in containers indoors in the past and never did so well. I'll have to try again someday.

  4. Autumn Belle,

    Once again lovely photos. Your orchids are some sort of Epicattleya (Epidendrum crossed with Cattleya), but I don't know enough about the various hybrids to help you anymore than that.


  5. These are shaped like stars. Orchids are indeed beautiful and there are so many varieties.

  6. Hi Ladies, Happy Morning!
    TQVM for the names suggestions. At the moment I am still blur-blur and quite confused.

    The first one look like Aranda Yellow orchids and to be more specific, are they Aranda Wan Chark Kuan. The second one which is orange-red also looks like an aranda orchid.

    Aranda orchid is a hybrid of Arachnis and Vanda. They are very popular among gardeners as they are easy to grow. I often see these orchids in cut flowers and in floral arrangements at resorts and spas.

  7. Well, I certainly have no idea but I do really like the orange and yellow! How abundantly blooming too. I do have a question I bet you can answer (hope you don't mind!). I got this little orchid a while ago (on Chinese New Year actually) that miraculously is still alive. Now it's sent out a little air root thingy out through a hole in the bottom of the pot. THe pot no longer sits straight on it's little saucer. Any ideas on what I should do?

  8. Wendy, an air root is a good sign that the orchid is surviving and growing. I think you can repot it. We usually use a porcelain pot with holes that is specially meant for growing orchids. You can use broken bricks or charcoal pieces in place of soil, unless they are ground orchids like the spathos. Then hang the pot in a shaded area with high humidity. Some gardeners use spagnum moss and tie them to a tree.

  9. Good Morning Autumnbelle. I would have loved to have been there too as I love orchids aswell.

    As for ID I've not seen them before. If you think they are a type of aranda - go unto google images and type in aranda orchid and see if any of the 2 from here come up on the search. I had a little look at images and from the shape of the blooms it certainly looks as if they are memebers of that highly hybidised family.

    Or else if you know which stand these orchids were on then maybe contact the supplier who should be able to tell you which was which? Sometimes there is a plan of each stand in the pamphlet they give you as you go into the show and the name of the supplier might be there.

    Hope you find the names :) Rosie

  10. So beautiful Autumn. I had an orchid once in a pot. After its initial flower it never flowered again or put out new leaves. It sort of got shuffled to a back shelf, eventually dried up and I threw it away. I suppose if I lived in the tropics I could grow them in my garden.

  11. Wonderful pictures of very beautiful orchids!!
    Just lovely..

  12. Your orchids are absolutely stunning and are one of the most beautiful flowers. Thanks for sharing them, and thanks for stopping by.
    An English Girl Rambles

  13. Gorgeous orchids. Love orchids. I have few growing in my garden. Great shots.

  14. Hahaha i love reading the comments here. Autumn Belle, it is better if you have asked the owner for the names. Hybrids have very distinct names esp the cultivar or variety put in single quotes,e.g. Aranda something '???'. Only the breeders or nursery owners know them exactly. Even from a tissue culture bottle of thousand plantlets, sometimes there are a few which arise a little bit different in morphology than most, even if they have the same parents. You might be in the right direction for saying the yellow is Aranda but it can be different also. The last one has very distinct characterestics of the Renanthera species, so it could be in the group of Renantanda hybrids, cross of Renanthera and Vanda species. We can not get the exact ID, difficult. But these are common hybrids and aleady in the cutflower trades.

  15. Such elegant blooms! I usually don't like orange color, but your orange orchids are beautiful, Autumn Belle!

  16. I really love the blue one at the background. Somehow getting blue flowers is a little difficult and rare.
    Hope you manage to buy some good bargained priced orchids.

  17. Indeed.... Flamboyant Colour and so sexy. Beautiful shots from the Floria 2010.

  18. Wow!!! your Orchids are really beautiful.

  19. Hi Autumn Belle,

    I have been visiting your blog and noted that you are excellent in photography. Many beautiful pictures. You spent heaps in Putrajaya? I went there before and purchased an insect eating plant. It has been gobbled up by my dog. :)

  20. My dear friends, Rosie, Aaron, Melanie, Guild-rez, Denise, Eden, Andrea, Tatyana, James, Radhika, Arija, Ellada, One. Thank you very much for the visit and nice comments.

    I can't get the name for this orchid because it was displayed in an open area without any labels and no officers nearby. But never mind, these are our common orchids and it is their beauty that counts.

    One, I hope I didn't shock you to say that I didn't buy anything else except RM 2.00 worth of raja ulam seeds! I was too busy taking photos of the gorgeous models everywhere I went. I went back on Saturday to do some shopping but again I was distracted by those expensive orchids. The place was so packed with people, I left after 0.5 hrs empty handed.

    One, I guess your new carnivorous plant ended up being a part of nature's food chain. But never mind, your dog tasted something exotic when he gobbled up the plant as well as the insects it trapped.

  21. They are so beautiful! Don't know their names, too many orchid hybrid, I don't bother about their names anymore! lol

  22. i would want to have garden full of orchids


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