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Friday, July 16, 2010

Putrajaya Floria 2010 Part 4 - Fun At The Indoor Floral Pavilion

“Putrajaya Floria 2010 Part 4 - Fun At The Indoor Floral Pavilion”, a copyrighted post, was written for My Nice Garden blog by Autumn Belle @ on July 16, 2010.

Heliconia display at the entrance to the Twilight Garden.

I'm sure you know all the plants here.

This happy guy charmed a lot of ladies. Many wanted to pose with him.
The Celebrity Musical Garden is just behind him.

This funny guy is standing in front of the Kiddy Garden. All the 'toys' here are made from flowers.

This is the Fauna Garden.

I have some important datelines to meet until July 24th, hence will be visiting and commenting less. My sincere apologies. My next 2 posts are scheduled on 'auto mode'.


  1. AutumnBelle those photos are ever so cool! That twilight garden looks dark and mysterious while the others are so punchy and exciting and invigorating. Hope you meet your deadlines. Catch up with you soon my friend. :) Rosie

  2. More wonderful photos Autumn Belle. I like the crocodile at the end!! Visiting your blog is almost like getting to travel to the best garden places in your country. Thank you. I too hope you meet all your deadlines. It is stressful.


  3. Me again...looking at pictures another time, and I think it's a monitor lizard (?) not a crocodile. Sorry!


  4. I was so entranced by the heliconias that I got a little startled by the terrifying clowns. Shame on you for scaring me like that.

  5. Oh how fun and such wonderful bright colors.

  6. Rosie, Nanina, Steve, Lona, Good Morning!

    TQVM for your nice comments and supportive words.

    Steve, I'm sorry the clown startled you, hehe. Well, maybe he'll also surprise some visitors walking in like that in high stilts. At that moment, I was worried that he will topple over.

    Nanina, I think that's a monitor lizard beside the raflesia flowers. They are our natives and you'll see more of them in the island resorts.

  7. I just love heliconias. And your heliconia picture show all the reasons why.

  8. It floral children fun garden look lovely with the clowns.

  9. i've read all the posts in the series, but i seem to be looking for the unique pieces in a garden show. Maybe there are still more to come as you have not posted the extra-ordinary yet! hehe

  10. SolitudeRising, James, Andrea, Hi!

    Yes, my dear Andrea, you are so right. I am saving the best for last because those of Zingiberaceae and bonsai needs some research which I am short of time at the moment :)

  11. Hi Autumn Belle,

    Cool photos! I saw some photos of the bonsai session in Putrajaya Floria 2010. They are spectacular! I am definitely looking forward to see more photos of them from you ;)



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