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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wordless Wednessday - The Monkeys of Perak Cave Temple

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  1. Comment from Monkey Chief:
    Our tribe lived happily in the rainforest beside the Perak Caves Temple. One day, human beings came and developed the surrounding areas. We lost our homes to industries and housing estates nearby. Now we roam the temple grounds looking for scraps of food. If you see us playing and jumping about jovially here, would you catch us and cage us because you fear we will harm your children and friends? Or will you let us roam here? After all, we are Born Free and we share Mother Earth with you too.

  2. Your have captured a very very tired monkey which I have seen for the first time.
    Will it fall down? Interesting.

  3. so free! nice clear shots!

    happy WW!

  4. Goodness! No wonder there is a barrier on the window! They would make themselves at home. gail

  5. I love nature and all that it offers. But when it comes to monkeys I'm a bit taken aback.

    Monkeys comes to my housing area time to time, I guess they migrate from Batu Caves Temple area or something and when they do, they topple all the dustbin and look for scrapes and create havoc in making their presence.

  6. They look very naughty. Happy WW! ^o^

  7. Hiya Belle,

    I was going to ask if the Hibiscus is the same plant as the Kembang sepatu that I remember ?

    Now that I saw your 'Terima kasih', I feel I can ask. ;-)

    Kasih kombali (?)(It's been a long time).

  8. Oh no these monkeys! I see them in Bukit Kiara too. I am afraid of them. But my walking partner, she loves to go near them. One or two around is ok for me. But if they appear in a big group... then I would quickly walk away.

  9. Urban Green, I think you have suggested a good caption. Thanks a lot for being the first to come out with a suggestion.

    Rainfield, I think this monkey is old. Actually he was sitting there looking fed-up while the other 2 youngsters were fighting at the windows above.

    Ayie, CK, Welcome to my blog and happy WW.

    Gail, Welcome to my blog. You are very observant to notice the protective window grills.

    James, I can imagine what a nuisance it will be if they live near people homes. These ones at the temple are quite used to seing visitors around, so they don't really bother us unless somebody disturbs them.

    Joco, Salam! I guess you mean my header picture. It is the hibiscus rosa-sinensis. Yes it is bunga sepatu as Indonesians call it. In Malaysia, we call it Bunga Raya. Because of you, I have learnt a new word today. Terima kasih!

    Stephanie, I agree with you that it is better to keep a distance and not to approach them directly. After all, we can't speak 'monkey tongue', lol.

  10. Interesting post and great photos ... fun to visit a world so different than mine (the monkeys in my life, 2 active grandboys :)

  11. There's no business like monkey business.
    Pretty cute , and I love your new header, stunning flower. I am in awe of the color.

  12. Oh my! They look so cute, but we all know why you have barriers on the windows - not so cute when you get one in your kitchen!!

  13. He looks quite at home but I am pleased we don't have them here in the UK.

  14. Wow, nice photos. I love the coloring of the monkey.

  15. Wonderful! I love monkeys. They are my favorite to watch at zoos when I visit. They have such fun personalities and do such crazy things. My grandfather had a monkey when he was in the war and he brought it home. However, en route, he got in a fight with another sailor and that sailor threw my grandfather's monkey into the ocean and it drowned. It was a very sad occasion. How could someone be so heartless to such a creature?

  16. Joey, Charlotte, Joanne, Poetic S, they are almost like the deers that invade your gardens, right? Except that monkeys are more naughty and they can scratch like a cat when provoked.

    Rosey, hey, you noticed and like my header photo! That's great. I'm glad you like it. This hibiscus is my favourite. It reminds me of a red rose without the thorns.

    Daisy, I'm sorry to hear about your grandpa's monkey. What a great job he must have, sailing the world. Imagine the adventures he will experience. Would you believe me if I told you that when I was a small kid, I secretly wanted to have a monkey as a pet??? I thought they were mischevious but fun. I didn't tell it to anyone because I fear everyone will laugh at me, a girl liking a monkey as a pet!

  17. I like the first picture the best! Even the trees with their aerial roots are fascinating. I've always liked to watch monkeys.

    Your header photo took my breath away! The hibiscus is such a beautiful flower and your photos do them full justice!! Even the colour is most gorgeous!!

  18. Kanak, it is great to have you back after your vacation. Now I'm enjoying the travels with you from you current posts. Thank you very much for your comments about my header. Until then, have a Happy Weekend!


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