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Monday, October 19, 2009

Yellow Bells Tecoma stans

Botanical name: Tecoma stans
Common name: Yellow bells, yellow trumpet flowers, yellow elder, esperanza
Malay name: Ramat Emas
Origin: Tropical America

This perennial small tree or shrub with large heads of showy golden yellow trumpet flowers is heat tolerant and pest resistant. It is suitable as an ornamental plant in containers. It can also be grown on the ground in masses or as a bush to accentuate entrances, walkways and patios.

Tecoma stans is the official flower of the Virgin Islands of United States.
It is also the national flower of The Bahamas.

This plant prefer full sun to light shade exposure but it is frost tolerant during winter. It is drought tolerant and grows well in warm climates. Propagation is by seeds or stem cuttings.

The flowers which are fragrant, attract bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. Honey bees are attracted to it but the honey produced by the yellow trumpet bush's nectar is poisonous.

Have you seen this plant in your area?
Are you growing it in your garden?

Photos taken by Autumn Belle at The Secret Garden of 1-Utama.

This post is my entry for Mellow Yellow Monday # 40. My grateful thanks to Drowsey Monkey for hosting this fun site. To participate or to view other MYM posts around the world, please click here.


  1. In backyard gardens
    golden flowers grow—riches
    for all to behold.

    My Mellow Yellow

  2. We grow Tecoma Stans in our gardens. It is a native plant to Central Texas, and one of our favorites. Did you know that Tecoma Stans makes an outstanding cut flower? It lasts and lasts in a vase.

    Good post!

  3. Thanks to Janie, I grow Tecoma stans as well. We call it Esperanza. It is not hardy in my garden, dying back to the ground in winter, returning in spring to grow to full size again, taller than I. Love the big seed pods, it is easily grown from seed.

  4. Wow,what lovely photos..gorgeous color..very beautiful! Great post..lots of good info!

  5. Autumn Belle,
    Great yellow photos for yellow monday... these flowers are just stunning. Thanks for the info, wish I could grow these!

  6. Autumn Belle, I've been seeing these beautiful trumpet flowers this past week in California! They are so vibrant and cheerful looking...I'm thrilled to see them on your post ;)

  7. These are indeed very cheerful-looking blooms. Lovely Mellow-Yellow post, Autumn Belle. You got some beautiful shots!

  8. Super dooper yellow! love your entry!
    Kindly check out my entry here.

  9. Drought tolerant, frost tolerant, heat tolerant and pest resistant, then who we are, in comparison to them.

  10. Salam!Your flowers are lovely.My mother used to grow these flowers in our garden, in Philippines and we call it Yellow Bells. Banyak cantik yang bunga warna kuning yah?

  11. Hello AutumnBelle,

    We grow this beautiful shrub too! I have 3 in my back garden. Our leaves are just slightly smaller which is usually in response to our drier climate.

  12. Called Yellow Elder down here it is a an old school shrub/tree that once was polular but has declined in popularity over the years, but I have a spot picked out for it in my gardens.

  13. I love these yellow flowers.

    How come your blog comes up full screen from left to right of my screen yet others and mine only come up in a strip down the centre. You seem to use blogger like me is it a setting I can change?

  14. Wonderful photos for MYM! Your Tecoma Stans are just gorgeous.
    It is great too if it attract hummingbirds.
    Thanks for sharing your MYM.

  15. Thanks I was inspired to have another look at templates and found what I wanted. I am dumb when it comes to IT. I thought it had gone narrow as a result of a windows program when all the time it was my template setting.

  16. Belle, A really beautiful plant to post about. So interesting and the photos were fun.

  17. The big flowerheads are almost like rhododendrons. really nice! Scary that the honey produced is poisonous though!

  18. Yellow flowers catches my attention too! These tecomas are pretty. I would love to have this kind of shrub with showy flowers if I have a bigger garden.

  19. I've seen this plant on a few blogs recently and I just think they are so pretty. I love how bright yellow they are.

  20. That's a beautiful shrub. It's like a yellow azalea.

  21. I thought Alamanda is poisonous, Didn't know this one is also poisonous. Surprise to note that bees collecting these nectar can be fatal too.
    Do they have fragrance, wonder if they are deadly too?

  22. Brilliant yellow and thta's my kind of colour for flowers! Not of clothes, tho

  23. How pretty! I've never seen this plant before. I grow some tropical plants, and keep them in our basement over the winter. It must be so nice to be able to grow tropical plants outdoors all season!

  24. Beautiful yellow flowers and definitely can improve the look of any garden..... ~bangchik

  25. Magical Mystical Teacher, your words are beautiful. It adds colour to my post.I appreciate it very much.

    Janie, I didn’t know that tecoma stans can be used as a cut flower too. That’s great! Thank you for telling me this info.

    Nell Jean, I learnt a new name from you today. Thanks! I’ll update my post. I guess what you have just said was what they mean by frost resistant. Oh, I’d love go to take a look at the seed pods one of these days.

    Kiki, Rosey, Lynn, Kanak, Anne, Anne, Rainfield, Eileeninmd, Mary Delle, Wendy, Stephanie, Catherine, Slyvana, Sunshine Girl, Garden Girl, Bangchik, Thank you very much for dropping and for the nice comments which I appreciate very much.

    Amina, bunga ini cantiknya macam anda!

    Noelle, Wow, yellow bells can be grown in your climate too. That's good.

    Scott, the yellow elder flowers look so pretty as they come in clusters.

    Joanne, I’m glad you found the way with the template. I’m using the minima stretch. You reminded me of my own experience. Sometimes, I can’t seem to find the way but after I have asked someone for help, I suddenly got the answer myself! I used to think this was odd.

    James, allamanda is poisonous, so are periwinkles and oleander. Some caterpillars can chomp on the leaves and grow fat while birds eat the caterpillars but they won’t die. Maybe that’s the same way with the honey bees. But imagine if we accidentally ate the honey or bee pollen made by them, then our life will be in danger.

  26. Very pretty bouquet of flowers. I just took some cuttings of tacoma stans today to plant out.

  27.'s 2016 now.wonder whether you are still active at your blog.i've just bought this plant planning to rear stingless bees at my backyard.just found out that its honey is poisonous.ow!

    1. Thanks for your information about honey and stingless bees. I hardly have time to blog due to my busy work schedule.


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