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Monday, October 5, 2009

Golden Candles

Eversince my first visit to The Secret Garden of 1-Utama, I was captivated by the wide varitey of plants available and cultivated successfully there. Whenever time permits, I will be there during the weekends. You'll find me wandering around the garden like a little girl at play, so happy to be among such beautiful blooming plants. Look, see what I have photographed here. These are golden candles.

Scientific name: Pachystachys lutea
Common names: Golden shrimp, yellow shrimp, lollipop plant, shrimp plant, candle plant.
Malay name: Sepit Udang (meaning shrimp pincers)

I was so lucky that on one Saturday morning, I met Dr. Francis Ng, the consultant botanist and researcher, in person. He was there to conduct a tour of the secret garden to public visitors. It was a great learning experience following him around, learning about his plants, herbs and fruit trees.

I would like to thank him for his generosity in letting us, the public take as many photographs as we like about the garden and its plants. I'd like to dedicate a post each week to a plant at The Secret Garden.

This plant is native to tropical America and Peru.
Are you growing this plant in your garden?
Which common name do you like? I like the lollipop.

This post is my entry for Mellow Yellow Monday # 38. My grateful thanks to Drowsey Monkey for hosting this fun site. For other MYM posts around the world, please click here.


  1. You are fortunate to live near the Secret Garden. It is in gardens like this that we find inspiration.

  2. Common names are a teaser. I expected to see Candlesticks, Cassia alata. Love the shrimp plant. I only have the white and the red, the white only blooms here in a greenhouse when days are short.

    Nell Jean -- Seedscatterer

  3. Golden candles, lollipop plant, interesting name!!

  4. Beautiful! I enjoyed your post!

  5. Wow!! What a beautiful plant. Nice post, thanks...

  6. this is one shrimp i will not be allergic to!


    come and visit my place

  7. No matter what name, these are gorgeous tropical flowers!

    Happy MYM!

  8. Lovely... my garden is waining down now.... winter is approaching... ;)


  9. I like this flower too! This plant is definitely a nice shrub to have in a garden. The obvious green leaves is pleasant too. Have a wonderful day Autumnbelle!

  10. What a flower like a candle. Nice... hope can have that in my garden. Don't know where i can get the seeds. My MYM Entry

  11. So beautiful and what a vibrant yellow color!

  12. Autumn Belle, these are so beautiful! I did grow them a long time ago (the peach variety). But now seeing these amazing photos, I'm tempted to grow them again. I like the names Shrimp plant and Candle plant.

  13. Such interesting form these yellow candles have. Great photos,Autumn Belle!

  14. I will find time to be there with Kakdah, just to yellow mellow with the beautiful blooms there!! ~BANGCHIK

  15. I have not seen these Golden Candles. They are striking and refreshing. Beautiful photos.

  16. salam,
    At first i thought i am gonna see cassia alata but i was wrong. Beautiful plant and marvelous blooms. I wonder if butterflies visit it or not.

  17. Pam, Rainfield, Kiki, Urban Green, Fickleinpink, Lindy, Cielo, Stephanie, Noelle, Kanak, Rosey, Poetic Shutterbug, Thank you very much for the nice comments. I appreciate it very much.

    Ann, I think I have seen the seedlings being sold at the nursery.

    NellJean, Thank you for telling me about the Candlesticks plant. I just saw a picture of it from your blog and it looked different but lovely.

    Bangchik, you and Kakdah can have a romantic picnic there. Both of you may fall under the spell of the Passion Flowers which are extremely fragrant. Remember to bring along a sunblock and cap.

    Muhammad, I’m not sure about the butterflies. The butterflies were busy over other flowers and they do have plenty to choose from.

  18. Such a lovely flower, it looks so much like a pineapple cone ice-cream with vanilla topping....

  19. I grow a shrimp plant with the coral blooms...just love them!

  20. Lovely unusual flowers and such a nice yellow

  21. James, I like the way you describe the flower. Now I feel like eating ice cream too.

    Lynn, I bet the coral blooms are lovely.

    Joanne, Yes, they do have a yummy shade of yellow which complements the white perfectly.

  22. We sell these at the flower shop where I work, people are always amazed at them.
    Thank you again for welcoming me to Blotanical, I am surprised at how many garden bloggers there are.

  23. Hey I recognize this plant. I had one a long time ago. We called it a Lollipop plant. We grow it as a tropical houseplant here. It didn't last long. My thumb is much greener outdoors than it is indoors.


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