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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Congratulations and Thank You !

Now that the blotanical award 2009 winners have been announced, I would like to take this opportunity to say this to each and every blotanist who have voted for me during the nominations right up to the final stage.

Thank You Very Much.

I hope I didn't let you all down as I didn't win any awards. I was no. 2 in Asia Region, 3rd placing in the Best Commenter Category and I am so embarassed to tell you that I was last (!) in the Native Plants Category. Can you see how big headed I was to have volunteered myself for the Native Plants Category during the nomination stage? It just shows how ignorant I have been in this area. I certainly need to do a lot more.

It has indeed been an enriching and dream experience for me. Each winner in the respective categories deserves every accolade that has been awarded to them and for this I salute them.

My SALUTE to the 2009 Blotanical Winners.
Hip Hip Hurray! (3 times)

The rest of my fellow blogger finalists are all equally capable and to me, there is no difference whether they are ranked no. 2 or no. 5. So lets start again and play this game for 2010.

Happy Blogging, my dear Blotanists at Blotanical, where Garden Blogs Bloom!

Cheers from
Autumn Belle.


  1. Your blog is a winner for me in many ways. Being in the top five says a lot. My hats off to you Autumn Belle. The fun was getting there and many who didn't know about your blog now do. Congrats and have a great day!

  2. We are all winners, to be part of the big gardeners world; to support and share ... Cheers ~bangchik

  3. Autumnbelle, we all love your blog and you are number 2 in Asia, it was very close competition if you look at the pie. I also got 5th position in container gardening but it did not bother me at all. I mean if you look at the pie, it says all. You are doing such a great job, i wish if i had won an awards, would have donated it to you. I am sure you will win next time.

  4. Thank you all for the kind words. Khabbab, you are so funny, you really made me lol.

  5. Wait, wait, Autumnbelle! Remember you are number 5, out of 1619 garden blogs worldwide!!! Wow! Out of 1619 worldwide, who cares if it is 1, or 5! And chosen by her peers. We know what blogging is about, the effort, the time, what am I going to write about today???

  6. Wow..Congrat! 2nd in the Asia region is something I think is very great!!!

    Im still learning and figuring it out in Blotanical, so in comparison, I guess Im the last in the list compared to you. (hehehe)

    Anyway, Great Job! I always look forward to hear from you posting and comments.
    You encourage & inspire gardening and that is the most important thing for gardeners like me.

  7. Congrats again on being one of the finalists!! It is not an easy one. Requires a lot of efforts. Keep up the good job.

  8. Thank you once again for your kind and sweet words which I appreciate very much. Asia is a large continent with plenty of great bloggers like you all and I know that I am just lucky this time, so I'm enjoying the moment while I can. I have learnt a lot from you.

    Thanks a million, Helen, Bangchik, Khabbab, Diana, James, Stephanie.


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