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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Comments and Contests

vanda orchid


I was extremely shocked when I received a message from LynnS of Woodridge on my Blotanical plot that she was unable to leave a comment on my posts! LynnS, thank you so much for sounding the alarm! Oh dear, oh dear. I wonder how many others have encountered the same problem with my blog?

I did a check and found that indeed all the comments came from users with Blogger IDs only. How come no comments from wordpress, or other OpenID users??? In fact I have already programmed my comment settings to enable ‘Registered Users-includes OpenID’ to comment. I thought it means that people with Wordpress and any OpenID can comment. When I ‘tested’ it, I found out that I myself can’t even comment on my own post under OpenID! What is happening?????

So now I have enabled my comments settings to the 1st option i.e. to allow ‘Anyone-includes Anonymous Users’ to comment. Please inform me via email ( or message on my blotanical plot if you are still unable to make any comments on my post. I am not sure whether I have solved my problem. I prefer that people do not comment under 'Anonymous Users' because I do not know who they are and cannot visit them back.

Is there a better way to deal with this?


Our Federal Territories Ministry has launched a Blog for FT Contest which runs from October 5, 2009 to January 5, 2010. The aim of the contest is to promote Malaysia’s Federal Territories (FT) of Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya and Labuan. Please click on the banner above to read more.

This contest is divided into 4 categories:

a) Malaysian Public - Malaysian citizens
b) Malaysian Junior – Malaysian citizens below the age of 18 as at December 31, 2009
c) Malaysian Media
d) International – Non Malaysian citizens

Prizes are very attractive, e.g. Peugeot car, Blackberry, Macbook, Dell studio hybrid and airtickets.

Participants are encouraged to blog about topics such as the heroes of the FT, the lives of the ordinary people and the city’s history as reported from the bloggers personal point of view. For further information please click on the banner on the my sidebar.

My message to my fellow Malaysian blogger friends:
Bangchik, Stephanie, James Missier, FJL, Blossom, Jacqueline of JaycJayc and Rainfield. What are you waiting for? Lets go for it and support each other all the way! Entries must be in Malay or English.

Prices are Peugeot car, Blackberry, MacBook, Dell Studio Hybrid.

My message to fellow International blogger friends :
If you have something to write about KL, Labuan or Putrajaya, you can enter the contest too. Otherwise, do support and vote for us. It is very easy. When you see the thumbs-up sign, just click on it and you will be directed to voting site. Just a simple click on the selected entry and it is done. See, so simple!

Prices are flight tickets, 5-star hotel stay and Dell Studio Hybrid

My entry:
I have decided to play along for the fun of it all. I have not done any post under My Nice Garden blog yet but I have already started one on my Klang City Daily Photo blog. This is the blog I post a picture a day about Klang in particular and Malaysia in general. Do visit when you have time. It'll be great if you can vote for me.

My first post is Petaling Street and Kuala Lumpur Chinatown.

To vote, just click the box below. It is very easy. Voters don't have to key in any details. They just go click, click, click ........


  1. Hope you get this comment! I love your photo blog, which I've now taken a look at. How different our worlds are and yet I feel like there are more commonalities. By the way, on my blog I also allow anonymous users, but the identity of users with profiles is shown anyway. I.e. they'd have to explicitly choose to be anonymous. Does that make sense?

  2. Go for it and good luck with the contest. The orchid is a Vanda, yes?

  3. Babara, thank you very much for your valuable feedback.

    Scott, thank you very much for the good luck wishes. I think the orchid is a vanda.

  4. How I wish to give it a try... this contest. But I am going for a long one and a half month trip overseas soon... so wish you luck Belle.....

  5. I didn't realise that you got another great blog. Just check & was truly amazed at it.

    It would really take a lot for me to create another blog and put info & pic. like what you have done. To manage my garden blog itself takes a lot time & effort.

    My suggestion on Anonymous commentors are to ask them to put their name & location when commenting. There are many of them who do not have blog but may have saved your blog as their favourite and come and read time to time.
    Do, open a channel for them to comment and you will be surprise at the number of them who reads your blog.

    And yes, I had voted for you & will do as often as I can to support you.

  6. I would check on the contest later as I couldn't get into that site now. Maybe too many people are reading that site now :-D Good entry and good luck!

  7. Good luck Autumn Belle, i will vote for you. Hope you get the car of your dream!

  8. Orchis is looking so pretty. Wow i am so happy to know the contest. Best of luck!!!!!

  9. I just check on that site. Now I understood what James wrote earlier here. It's really a lot of hard work. But Autumnbelle, keep up the good job! You have a good blog there and I am sure it is going to have many readers.

  10. hi Belle,
    I have awarded you the Scrap Blog award on my blog. I would love to have you participate, because I enjoy your blog very much. It would be great to learn more about you. If you don't want to, I understand.

  11. I love the Vanda orchid. Good luck.

  12. James, thank you very much for your good luck wishes and kind words of advice. I quite agree with you here. Thank you for the scrap award too. Please give me some time to prepare.

    Bangchik, Stephanie, Khabbab, Joanne. Thank you for the good luck wishes.

    Andrea, I really appreciate your support of voting for me. I don't expect to win anyway. I think it is the journey that is worth the effort because with such a challenge, I'll definitely improve myself.


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