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Friday, August 26, 2011

Hibiscus mutabilis - Changeable Rose Hibiscus (Double Flowers)

These is a Hibiscus mutabilis double flower variety. The flowers of H. mutabilis open white in the morning and later change to pink and then a darker pink as the day gets warmer.

“Hibiscus mutabilis - Changeable Rose Hibiscus (Double Flowers)”, a copyrighted post, was written for My Nice Garden blog by Autumn Belle @ on Aug 26th 2011.

Scientific name: Hibiscus mutabilis

Common names: Confederate Rose, Changeable Rose, Cotton Rose, Chinese Rose
Chinese name: 木芙蓉  (mu fu rong)
Malay name: Laki Pukul Bini, Baru Landak, Bunga Waktu Besar, Mati-Laki-Mati-Bini

Family: Malvaceae
Origin: China
Photographs taken at: The Hibiscus Garden of Kuala Lumpur


The flowers open in succession, hence you may be able to see flowers in different colours on the same plant at any one time.

If you pluck the flowers when they are still white in the morning and put them in the fridge, they will remain white until taken out. They will then turn pink under the warmth of the room temperature or its surroundings. (Source: Tropical Horticulture and Gardening book by Dr. Francis Ng) 

In the warm tropics like Malaysia, it seldom produces seeds.
In cooler climates, the seeds pods would look like cotton balls.

H. mutabilis can grow to a height of about 4 m tall.
The attractive leaves have between 5-7 lobes each.

This is my entry for :
1) Fertilizer Friday - my grateful thanks to Glenda of Tootise Time
2) Weekend Flowers  #9


  1. Now that is really pretty. Delicate yet you can't help but notice.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Lovely photographs. I do love Hibiscus and this one looks really special.

  3. Beautiful - not unlike a hollyhock

  4. So pretty! Love the first pic. Yes, it does look delicate. Interesting about putting them in the fridge.

  5. I have toy cars which change color when I put them into my fridge.

    But your flower is original.

  6. I love its flowers but not the plant, i've seen it here too. Do you have it. It fits wide gardens.

  7. I love the form of this flower.

  8. What a beauty Autumn.I love that it keeps deepening its color.So pretty.

  9. How wonderful to be able to grow hibiscus!

  10. So beautiful :) Thanks for joining us on WEF with this lovely shots :)

  11. Beautiful...interesting flower changing color as temp.

  12. Thats very interesing - and great pics!


  13. Lovely lovely hibiscis - in this country they look like embarrased military personnel lurking but rather stiff and upright.

  14. I really like the multiple lovely. And the colors are so beautiful!

  15. I didn't know they can change colour!

  16. I love this plant, AB. I've pruned my plant to make it bushy so that I can have more blooms.
    Great photos.

  17. cool - a color change within one day. It's really pretty.

  18. This hibiscus plant is too big for my garden.

  19. HiAutumn belle,this is my first time in your blog and i love your mum use to call this flowers :pak bo wah(wife beating flower).she told me a story that a woman that mother-in-law just past away pick this flower and put it on her hair in the morning seeing that its a white flower,she got beaten by her husband when he return in the evening seeing the wife wearing a pink flower.wonder have you heard this old folk tale before.

    1. Mei, Welcome to MNG! I am so delighted to receive your comment. Actually I have read about this story and was wondering if others have heard about it. I wonder where the story originated from - China?

  20. Hi there, thanks for posting such beautiful photos!! I live in kl and was wondering if you know where can I purchase this plant or seeds? Thanks

    1. Victor, I'm so sorry I have no idea about this. I haven't seen the seeds or plant for sale in Malaysia.


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