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Count Your Blessings!
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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wrightia Antidysentrica

My wrightia antidysenterica plant is begining to flower.

Botanical name: Wrightia Antidysenterica
Family: Apocynaceae
Common name: Snowflake, Milky Way, Artic Snow, Winter Cherry Tree, Sweet Indrajao, Pudpitchaya, Hyamaraca
Native of : Sri Lanka

Here in Asia, particularly the South-East, we usually grow them for their pretty white flowers which are collected in bulk to be made into garlands and flower arrangements. This flower is much loved in Thailand. The flower garlands are used as offerings during prayers or worn in religious ceremonies as well as celebrations. Pretty maidens wear them too, as garlands or hair adornment.

White flowers are usually heavily fragrant but this flower has no smell at all. They say some flowers will give off a strong sweet scent in the late evenings. So I tried to smell them in the late evenings too but no luck for me. Still no smell. Even the pests are giving this plant a miss.

Anyway, I think these pure white flowers are very beautiful.

This is my one and only wrightia antidysenterica plant. Very skinny! Therefore, there are not enough flowers to pluck for any celebrations, prayer sessions or beauty routine. I have also previously mistaken it to be Thai Jasmine.


  1. What a beautiful flower. Just want to let you know that this one do not have fragrance. I had checked out in few places (my mum hse, and few other gardens) So, I guess its just a pretty flower without fragrance.

  2. James, you are right. This species really has no smell after all.

    1. It has smell.. If you have luck.. You will smell it during late evening..

    2. Oh, is that so? I guess you must be very lucky then :-). I have been trying to smell the flowers of my own plant but I can't smell any fragrance.

  3. The reason it doesn't have a scent is because that isn't Thai Jasmine!

    That is Wrightia antidysenterica. It looks very similar to Thai Jasmine, except that Thai jasmine does not have the little white stuff poking out of the flower.

  4. Emokidxd, thank you very much for taking the trouble to point this out to me. I am very delighted that you have read the older posts too. I must admit that it was wrongly classified as Thai Jasmine when I first wrote the post due to wrong information given by the nursery owner and difficulty in finding its real name. James pointed out earlier that it was not jasmine. A picture in Laman magazine finally led me to wrightia antidysenterica. I have incorporated this name into my post. In order not to confuse readers further, today, I have removed the word Thai Jasmine from this post since it is not it. My sincere apologies for the blunder.


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