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Count Your Blessings!
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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Fairy In My Garden

Rain Lily
(Zephranthes Rosea), Fairy Lily, Magic Lily
Look what I found today. A tiny little lily bud has opened! It is my favourite flower. Can you see a pinkish wand in the centre pointing a peace sign at me? Looks like Tinker Bell came to my garden and sprinkled magic powder on my lily plant, bringing along a smile to me. Isn't it lovely? Comes to mind Peter Pan and Neverland.
I am sure many of us all around the world are very sad on the passing of the King of Pop, the late Michael Jackson and Farah Fawcett. Me included. I'd like to remember this day as the day the fairies came and told me that all is well and MJ & Farah are both at peace now.
Can you see the the little bud next to the pink lily? I think it is going to be white in colour. When I bought this plant, it was supposed to be a zephyr lily, the blooms white. The seller said so. I had wanted pink ones but she told me that the pink fairies had been sold out. This plant is very easy to grow. It had already bloomed a few times before and the flowers were all whites. Just recently, I repotted the plant and separated the bulbs. Now, see what happens? I have a pink lily! Ha! Ha! Ha! Maybe the gardeners at the nursery got it all mixed up.

I guess what they say is true. Rain lilies seems to bloom after a rain or thunderstorm. It rained two days ago. There was thunder and lightning too. I would look out for the flower buds the day after a heavy rain. It did happened. A bud sprouted, the next day a flower opened. The flowers last only for a day. So, I'll enjoy the moment with my beautiful lily.


  1. We call them thunder lillies here. I'm looking forward to seeing them in my garde now that it has started raining.
    Have you seen the yellow ones? They look lovely in a big group.

  2. Sunita, Thanks for sharing the local name. I'd love to have yellow ones too but at the moment I can't find them here. You are right. They do look lovely in a big group. I plan to grow more. At the moment, can only day-dream and fantasize watching the lilies in paradise.


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