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Monday, June 1, 2009

About Me - My Cameras

IN THE EARLY YEARS - We don't have a camera!

I'm the one sitting on the left of this dragon boat during our first family holiday at Batu Ferringhi Beach, Penang, Malaysia. There are some fishing boats and fishermen behind us. Dad paid a photographer money to take our pictures. We then had to wait a few weeks for the photos to be developed in a dark room and then mailed to us. I wore a bright red dress and the boat was also very colourful but technology in those days could only manage a black and white.

Today I salute this year 2010's Nobel Prize for Physics winners, Mr Willard S. Boyle and Mr George E. Smith for inventing the charge-coupled device (CCD) which forms the basis of the digital camera's electronic eye and Mr Charles K. Kao for the fibre technology. With these technological advancements in digital photography and the www internet connectivity, life has become so much more colourful, brighter and global.

 Penang or The Pearl of the Orient has remained until today one of my favourite holiday destinations. It is a beautiful island.

My first digital camera is an Olympus C-300 Zoom which I purchased on 18 Dec 2002 for RM 1,350.00. This is my biggest investment todate. It is very reliable, giving me sharp images and it lasted until now. The only problem with age is that whenever I tilt the camera, it shuts down. This camera which was unveiled on 8 May 2002 is an archived item now.

Specifications: 3mp, 2.8X optical zoom., uses 4 AA batteries

This camera takes clearer pictures than the Olympus FE-45 and FE-4000,12mp compact.

I used this Olympus FE-45 for 1 round of about 295 photos in September 2009. I am not satisfied with the pictures quality and I find that using 2 AA batteries to be very inconvenient since the battery life is very short. I upgraded to the model below within 7 days and paid the difference.

Money Invested: RM 499.00
Specifications: 10mp, 3X optical zoom, 2.5" LCD display, 2 AA batteries

With effect from October 2009, I am using this entry level point and shoot camera, Olympus FE-4000 digital camera for my photo shoots. A micro SD card of 2 + 2 GB storage comes with the camera. Each card can accommodate up to 300 photos. This camera was launched on 27 July 2009 and available in September 2009. I am very satisfied with the macro shots but the scenery shots are not up to my expectations and as for the night scenes, I rate it NG = Not Good!

Money invested = RM 599.00
Specifications: 12mp, 4X optical zoom, 26mm wide angle, 2.7 LCD display, Lithium Ion battery Li-42B

Exactly 1 year and about 10,000 pictures after purchase, my camera started to shows signs of wearing off.

With effect from 23rd October 2010, I shall be using the Casio Exilim EX-A16, another entry level point and shoot digital camera. It comes with a 4GB SD card. This model was launched on 20 Sep 2010.

Money invested = RM 500.00
Specifications: 12mp, 3X optical zoom, 4X digital zoom, Lithium Ion batteries (NP-80)

I have since change to a Panasonic Lumix DMC FH-1. The offer price of this Lumix DMC FH-1 camera in Malaysia now is RM 599.00

Reason: It is the same 12 mp with intelligence auto (iAuto) mode and stabilizer but the colours are more vibrant. The macro shots are clearer and can be taken at a nearer distance. The wide angle (28mm) is larger, zoom better (5X optical) and clearer. It has HD movie recording feature and uses Leica (German technology) lens, which My Dear has high regards for. The rechargeable Li-Ion battery can last about 200 photos. I first saw a higher end Panasonic Lumix FZ-100 camera that I like from Diana of Elephant Eye. Then I was very encourage with positive feedback by commenters of my previous post, e.g. Bom of Plant Chaser blog, my daughter and also a few anonymous blog readers who wrote to me.

My next target will be the Canon Powershot S95 or S90, a high performance compact camera. The Canon S90 price has dropped to about RM 1,200 with FOC extra battery and comes with 8G memory card, waranty 1+2 years (until 31 Oct 10) due to introduction of new model S95 at RM 1,500 but it has exceeded my current budget.

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