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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Clock Vine Tunbergia Grandiflora

Botanical name: Thunbergia grandiflora
Common: Bengal clock vine, clock vine, sky flower
Origin: India
Photos taken by Autumn Belle at The Secret Garden 1-U
Grateful thanks to: Dr. Francis Ng.

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  1. I have been wanting one of these for a couple of years. After seeing this one I'm going to find me one hugs, Cherry

  2. Wow! What is that giant flying bug? is incredible and amazing!It kind of freaks me out...

  3. I will second that remark about the huge flying bug. It is very interesting to, safely away from it. hehe
    The vine is amazing. The blossoms are quite beautiful and the petals look so plush. A very tempting plant indeed.

  4. What a wonderful vine and such a lovely flower. Not so keen on the enormous bug though.

  5. Oh, my what a beautiful vine.Just gorgeous blooms on it. Looks like the insects think so also.

  6. These are exquisite flowers - so clean, crisp and soft. That bug has great taste :)

  7. The feeling on the vines is very much different out in the jungle.

    They are too gentle inside the garden.

  8. Cherry, GartenGrl, LeSan, Joanne, Lona, Poetic S, thank you for early bird nice comments.

    Don't worry about the bug. I think it is a big fat black bumblebee. I like the second one which has rainbow colous reflected on its back. I notice that this specie is always around the tunbergia, 100%, especially in the mornings. I'm afraid of bee stings too especially the wasps. This time, I got very near and managed to photograph the bees from closed up. They were too busy sucking nectar to bother about me!

  9. Rainfield. Hey, Good Morning!
    I guess you mean those vines for Tarzen and George of the Jungle to use? These vines are very strong. That reminds me of the rattan (pokok rotan) too.

  10. Are those 2 different flowerplants (white & the other blue) or its the shade of colour in afternoon & evening.
    It must be wonderful to have a vine garden full of passiflora, golden vine & thumbelina...opps..tunbergia.
    (I can imagine thumbelina sleeping inside...)

  11. Great photos of your vining plant. It's blooms are beautiful.

  12. Very nice white thunbergia here ;-) It is really a great plant for pergolas.

  13. James, Mary Delle, Stephanie. Thanks for stopping by. There are 2 types of clock vine here i.e. the white and blue version. The trumpet shaped flowers are beautiful but not as fragrance as the passion flowers. I posted a picture in my Travel to Port Dickson post. The resort people grow this plant along the whole wire fencing leading to the beach. It really really looked very beautiful, just like a flower wall. The stems are strong and thick. I think they need quite a lot of space. I observed that this plant attract a lot of bumblebees and red ants too. I was bitten by the red ants while photographing it at PD beach.

  14. Love your Wordless Wednesday posts! And these blooms are most beautiful! I haven't grown this till now but blog posts with amazing pics like these can be so tempting!

    Have a great day, Autumn Belle!

  15. Love those Thumbergia vines and I can imagine how great that pergola looks totally covered in blooms.

  16. I think I am going to enjoy my snowy day, with no giant bugs.
    Divine flowers, thanks for sharing.

  17. Thunbergias attact the big bees and I'm always on the lookout for them !

  18. Totally Stunning..looks like a magical palce of nature!Very lush..and so pretty! Wonderful photos!

  19. What a beautiful vine....large flowers...and I love the shape of the leaves.

  20. Kanak, Scott, Rosey, Sunshine Girl, Kiki, Noelle. Thank you very much for the nice comments. This flower which is quite large and showy do attract large bugs, don't they? The bugs can even crawl into the 'trumpets'. I bet there must be enough nectar inside to feed the big fellas.

  21. What beauties! I didn't know about them. Sure to get one for myself, and soon.

  22. A most beautiful native vine for you, Autumn Belle! I love the way it has covered the structure providing shade and beauty! :-)


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