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Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Simese Twin Hibiscus moscheutos - Illumination


I am late but this is my first time in participating Word for Wednesday hosted by Donna of Garden Walk Garden Talk. The word this time is ILLUMINATION.

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“My Simese Twin Hibiscus moscheutos - Illumination”, a copyrighted post, was written for My Nice Garden blog by Autumn Belle @ on Sept 22nd, 2011.

The first picture is a close-up shot of a normal Hibiscus moscheutos flower I purchased at Floria 2011.  I chosed a plant with a lot of flower buds and it bloomed non-stop. The second picture reminds me of a 'corn on the cob' that I love to eat.


Something unexpected happened during the second bloom spurt. When I saw this unusual bud formation, I suspected that it was carrying twins!

Yes, a pair of simese twins!

Now you are indeed seeing double!
The twins are cojoined at the back, sharing one set of sepals and flower stalk.

One will look 'Up at the sky' while the other look 'Down to earth',
one is Illuminated while the other is Shaded, and
one look Left while the other look Right...

Weird or nature's masterpiece?
Have you experience this before with your flowers?

This is also my entry for :
1) Fertilizer Friday - hosted by Glenda of Tootise Time, and
2) Weekend Flowers #13 - hosted by Tina


  1. AB, You know, these delicate blooms that seems to be rather translucent and striped, reminds me of the lanterns during the Lantern Festival recently. Don't you agree? I have never noticed Siamese twins in flowers before. How unique!

  2. Autumn Belle, your photos are stunning and such a unique subject. Hibiscus make beautiful photos with back or side lighting with the papery petals, but two together is really different. Thank you for joining. Not too late either.

  3. I love the first photo. I wonder if it will bloom like this again next year!

  4. These are beautiful photos! My favourite is the first one. I have never come across a bloom like that. How unusual! The colour is absolutely stunning!

  5. Bliźniak jest śliczny.Piękne zdjęcia. Pozdrawiam

  6. Your photos are beautiful and if I remember correctly, twin things are lucky and you are suppose to make a wish! I hope you did :)

  7. One, yes! They do remind me of lanterns. It is only this year that I started to have Siamese twin flowers. Remember my Bunga Raya hibiscus?

    Donna, thank you very much for the valuable feedback. The illuminated translucent petals also remind me of stained glass window panes.

    HollyGarden, in the tropics here, the flower is everblooming the whole year through!

    Kanak, the flower is bigger than the palm of my hand. It is the size of a small dish plate.

    Giga, from Google Translate, I get "The twins are lovely. Beautiful pictures." - Thanks!

    Christine, twin things = twin happiness. But oh, I didn't know about making a wish!

  8. Awesome pictures!!! You have been blessed with twin flowers. Maybe it does happen in nature from time to time. Hopefully it will happen again.

  9. How interesting! I've never seen this. Wonder, like Holley, if it will bloom like this again...The hibiscus family is a beautiful photographic subject. They always catch the light so nicely.

  10. Solitude Rising, thank you for the blissful blessings said. Bizarre freak or special? - it is how we see it.

    Cat, hibiscus flowers last only a day. It was beautiful while it lasted.

  11. Lovely bloom. It is correct as One wrote, remind me to the Lantern Festival. Thanks for sharing the beauties ;)

  12. What a beautiful color! Your hibiscus are gorgeous!...Christine

  13. Wow seeing double in your last post on twins and now what you've got Siamese Twins. Double Twins! Lovely pixz.

  14. My gosh I've never seen a hibiscus close up, I love it! Beautiful flowers.

  15. The photos are stunning. I've never seen a two blooms connected like that before.

  16. What a lovely flower! Your first photo is gorgeous!

  17. I've never seen such 'co-joined twin' flower before, they are just beautiful. I'm also sharing a hibiscus this week, but not mine, taken at a flower show.

  18. wow..gorgeous photos...I agree with one of readers @ kinda do look like with light streaming thru.

  19. I have never seen that before!!! Beautiful!!!

  20. Stunning photos, as always! I like that colour of hibiscus, which is quite rare.

  21. Your macros are amazing .... beautiful pictures ...
    LG: Karin

  22. Fantastic shots. This double one is cool! Thanks for joining WEF :)

  23. I love seeing hardy hibiscus and seeing double for the first time.Perfect choice for illumination.

  24. The eyes eat immediately! Glad you do not get fat;)

    A kiss of Nita. Today, good morning!

  25. Beautiful! Your photography keeps getting more and more amazing. Did you get a new camera or is it your skill? The veins on the flowers are so detailed. Best wishes, hope that you and your garden are doing great Autumn Belle!

  26. Nice photos Autumn Belle! I like your first photo! It shows how light tries to pass through the soft and delicate petals of your hibiscus...and in the process, it showed me the beauty of its colors from the back. :)

  27. I have changed my blogname. If you have any actuell links to me please change them because all the old links are not working now. Thank you so much for your help :)

  28. What a gorgeous Hibiscus, I love the soft pink color.

    The double bloom is so unusual, I have never seen that before. I'm glad you noticed it and shared it with us.

    Happy Weekend!

  29. Definitely nature's masterpiece! I love your Siamese twins! Identical and joined together. The lighting in the photos is perfect for the word "illumination".

  30. Autumn Belle,

    Gorgeous photos. The first one is my favorite. I have never seen twin blooms like that before.


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