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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Modern Rose - Benson and Hedges

During this year's flower show Floria 2011 at Putrajaya, I had the chance to view many different types of roses. The theme was "Roses Are Forever". For someone like me who hardly ever grow roses, it was indeed a great learning experience.

“Modern Rose - Benson and Hedges”, a copyrighted post, was written for My Nice Garden blog by Autumn Belle @ on Sept 25th, 2011.

To me, Benson & Hedges is a famous brand of cigarettes that won't be found at my home, a "No Smoking" zone.

Now I know that Benson and Hedges is also the name of a beautiful Modern Rose.

Modern Roses are classified by habit:
  1. Bush roses have a tidy appearance and long flowering season
    • Floribunda - cluster flowers
    • Hybrid tea - large flowers
    • Grandiflora - tall growing sturdy roses
    • Patio - dwarf cluster flowers
    • Polyantha - small and compact roses perfect for container culture
  2. Shrub roses are bigger than bush roses and varieties flower only once a year in temperate climates. Some examples are
    • Hybrid rugosa, English rose and hybrid musk rose
  3. Climbers and ramblers - long flowering types with large cluster flowers
  4. Miniature - tiny roses
  5. Ground covers - have a spreading habit

I have read that banana peels are good for roses: first sun-dry or oven-bake the peels, then cut them into small pieces and bury these into the soil as nourishment for your rose plants. Banana peels are rich in potassium, a natural nutrient for roses,hence you shall be rewarded with more blooms.

Are you growing the Benson and Hedges Rose?
Do you have tips to share about growing roses?

Tips from my readers:
Reckneck Rosarian - Roses need about an inch of water per week to thrive
Kanak and Kacky - Egg shells and tea leaves are good for roses

This is my entry for Today's Flowers # 162, my grateful thanks to TF team Santilli - Denise - Pupo - Sandy Carlson


  1. Beautiful post and a beautiful bloom.

    Rose Gardening Tip: Roses need about an inch of water per week to thrive!

  2. Lovely shots! Good to know that roses like banana peel :)

  3. But I think Benson and Hedges is no more available by now.

    It has been replaced by a flower. Now I know.

  4. Bana peel for roses? I can use them. I'm hearing this for the first time. I've only heard of egg shells and tea-leaves.

    The Benson and Hedges rose is very beautiful! Fabulous shots!

  5. now we know Benson and Hedges is not for smokes only.:p lovely rose.

  6. What a beautiful color. A gorgeous rose. Thanks for sharing, Happy Sunday!

  7. Hi Autumn Belle! You're roses are beautiful! I am a great fan of roses too. Take care!

  8. Love the color! Of course, I'm partial to oranges. Interesting name. I had not heard of the Benson and Hedges rose before.

  9. This is a much better Benson and Hedges!

  10. This is a lovely rose, even if it does have a name that reminds everyone of the cigarettes with the same name.


  11. Autumn Belle, It is a cold (55F) rainy day. Time to look up what you and others have posted on blogs. Great catching up with you. It sure is warmer where you are! Roses always seemed like too much work for me. I love them. Most people do, but here they take a lot of work especially if they have mildew issues because of the lake. There are some beautiful ones in town here, I enjoy seeing them, but for me, I think it is more than I can chew off at this time. Your photos were great. Thanks. Jack

  12. Encyclopedic post!

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


  13. Beautiful roses! Banana peels good for roses? Off i go to market now! :)

  14. Since i was a kid there is always a rose in Mother's garde, no matter how sickly or ugly or whatever. But there was once a lovely pink shrubby-thorny-sweetscented-long stemmed pink rose in our yard. I forgot what happened to it, but now mother has a red bunching roses. It was the total opposite of the pink, as it has no thorns and odorless, but it is a bit more resistant to insects and our long dry season. Mother doen't like pruning it so i just do it. I agree, when the flowers in a bunch bloom together it is beautiful.

  15. Frens, thanks you very much!

    Redneckrosarian, yes, that's exactly what the rose sifu told me.

    Lotusleaf, banana peel can be used to shine leather shoes too!

    Rainfield, no govt. taxes added to this Benson and Hedges

    Kanak, don't throw the peels. We can reuse this garbage!

    Luna, if we 'smoke' this Benson and Hedges via the nose, we can bask in the nice fragrance.

    Eileeninmd, Kingdom I love roses too!

    HollyGarden, I love the colour!

    Landboven - translation from Danish to English "Good pictures, beautiful roses" = thanks!

    Bom, this is a good present for your wife.

    FlowerLady, it reminds me of your beautiful roses.

    Jack, I do agree with you!

    Cloudia, thanks for your beautiful smiles!

    Malar, you can use the bananas to make pisang goreng or banana split ice-cream and keep the peels. The peels can be stored frozen in the fridge.

  16. Andrea, you are a good daughter! Helping her to prune will reward her with more beautiful blooming roses. This is better than buying cut ones.

  17. Benson & Hedges was Bananaz fav fag but quit B&H long time ago since 1983 and glad ma lungs are getting healthier. You got B&H roses too, lovely pixz. Banana peels are also good for cleaning our teeth.

  18. Lovely Rose. Glad everything is working on the blog.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  19. Bananaz, good news about you having quit the B&H with nicotin. I wonder if it was because of your love for DW? My bouquet of B&H for Mango and you!

    Sunray, thank goodness, everything is okay now. It was so sweet of you to inform me.

  20. Benson and Hedges- what a name! Yes- instantly thought of the cigarettes. Funny. They are beautiful though few roses are not. I had not heard of these. I also had not heard of the banana peel tip. Good to know! Makes sense. I had heard of egg shells, my mom has done that for years, she never knew why, just said her mother did it so she does it and her roses always look pretty so I just always figured it worked. I will have to share the banana peel tip with her.

  21. Kacky, thanks for the egg shells tip. If it comes from mom, it must be good. I love their wise ways.

    Aaron, yes, using banana peels is a good way to recycle our garbage. This is natural fertilizer.

    I'd like to add this:
    1. Banana peels are rich in potassium, phophorus and magnesium - all are good for plant growth and blooming.

    2. Egg shells - add calcium (for plant cells) to soil, deter pests and a source of lime.

    3. Tea leaves add as compost and also it is mildly acidic, hence good for plants (like roses) that loves acidic soil).

    Also, coffee grounds add nitrogen to soil. It acts as a mild slow release fertilizer. Better to add the cofee grounds in compost before adding to soil.

  22. Looking adorable. Is this rose available different color?


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