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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - GBBD Sept 2011

Here's my parade of flowers for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day 2011. The pictures are taken from 16 Aug - 13 Sep 2011. The first in line is Desert Rose, double flowers cultivar 'Santa Claus'.

“Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - GBBD Sept 2011”, a copyrighted post, was written for My Nice Garden blog by Autumn Belle @ on Sept 13th 2011.

Ground orchid Arundina graminifolia, the native wild orchid of Malaysia.
Its other common names are Grass Orchid, Bamboo Orchid or Tapah Weed.

My Chinese New Year azalea is still growing and it is blooming now.

Echinodorus cordifolius or Spade Leaf Sword, a water plant.
Once in a while, you need to behead all the plants and start afresh.

I can't believe I can grow roses in my garden!
A rose 'sifu' (teacher) at Floria 2011 told me that anyone can grow roses in our hot climate,
just don't be lazy as roses need regular fertilizing, watering and pruning.

Well, flowers need their beauty regime too,
just like we need to "cleanse, tone and moisturise" our face everyday.

The roses lasts for days and the fragrance is really nice.

The roses are beautiful from bud to bloom. 
As they wither, the lovely petals fall one by one to the ground. 

This red rose of mine started to open its bud on the 8th and it is still as blooming beautifully today, after 6 days! However, the scent is not as strong as the pink rose above.

Miniature rose - a pretty little flower that gives me immense pleasure.

A tiny little fella, an enormous amount of damage!
As usual, this guy is up to no good - the parents mated on my bunga raya hibiscus flower at the side yard, the little ones are found among my costuses in the front yard.

Guess who did this?
See what I mean?

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day is hosted by Carol at May Dreams Garden on the 15th of every month. To participate and/or to view what is blooming in gardens around the world, please visit the link here.


  1. Hahaha, i found the works of that little baby grasshopper as artistic, if he is the real culprit. But i wonder because they seem to be holes. In my case i saw 2 different colored larvae, the green finished the leaves of 2 periwinkle plants which eventually died. The reddish brown larva finished the leaves of the red caladium, but after taking photos of the larvae i put them back to the caladium which still have leaves. And my niece shooed away the chickens which might see them!

  2. Hehehe! Today I was your first commenter and now vice versa!

    Actually I wanted to get a better picture of the baby hopper but it was playing hide and seek with me, hiding behind the leaves and popping out again to peek at me, etc, etc until I became tired, gave up and walked away.

  3. Naughty naughty grasshopper got scolding..haha anyway to redeem himself he is singing a Happy Birthday ♫ song to someone very special on Sep 14 2011..~;).

  4. Cher, that was so sweet of you!

    Bananaz, thank you so much for the lucky wishes from the birthday boy!

  5. Is it your birthday? Just in case, Happy Birthday! You have some extraordinary flowers this month. That desert rose is stunning.

  6. Beautiful as always. Really like your roses and yellow bunga raya. The damages to the flower so obvious...I also facing the same problem with that little fella! Make me headache if the time they damage my flower near to the orchid show. Spoiled everything!

  7. Yes, One. When I was little, my grandma will slaughter a chicken and let me have a drumstick, the most precious part on my Chinese BD. She doesn't make red eggs though. On my "English BD" (western calendar), my mom buys me a sponge cake with fruit and jelly toppings from my favourite bakery in Ipoh which is about 66km (50min by car) from my hometown in Teronoh. Because we observe 2 different calendars, we get to celebrate 2 birthdays every year.

    Would you like to have 2 birthdays in a year?

    Now, you'll know why my name is Autumn Belle.

  8. Makarimi, my proposed solution to your problem - hang up the orchid and the hoppers will become a happy meal for a bird of prey. Let them attract some lovely birds to your garden!

  9. I've never seen this happen to the flowers that I grow in my garden. Maybe I didn't observe closely :-)

  10. Oh so the news going around is true! It is your birthday, so i might as well join the fans in wishing you the best of birthdays and wonderful more to come! But is it the real birthday or the false birthday, you made me confused with your reply to One. Now i know why you are my first commenter and I in yours...Serendipitously connected in spirit! haha! Take care.

  11. Kak Yah, Welcome and Selamat Datang to My Nice Garden!

    Regarding the bugs, they will always be part of our garden if we choose not to use chemical pesticides. I treat them like naughty children in the house, haha.

    Andrea, today is my real birthday according to the Gregorian (Western) Calendar. We also observe the Chinese lunar calendar which falls on another day. Just like the lunar Chinese New Year which is always a different date in the western calendar. Hope it doesn't sound too 'looney lunatic' and confuse you furhter ;>)

  12. I'm impressed that your roses are blooming. Thanks for passing on the beauty regime...hope to try on my few straggly rose plants.Have a happy birthday, and a Happy bloom day (I can see that your blooms here are making us all happy).

  13. Thanks! So glad to know that Rosie likes my rosie roses too.

  14. As our seasonal colors are fading and changing to golds, rusts, and siennas, your garden blooms are bursting with bold hues. All of your blooms are lovely. I particularly like the Chinese New Year azalea...such a full bloom!

  15. Happy Birthday ! May all your wishes come through ......

  16. Michelle, this is the first year that I can grow azaleas for so long and I find that they have long lasting blooms. I used to have to dispose off the plants after the season is over. Now I know how to choose good plants and grow it well.

  17. Sun-ni Mi-ni, thank you very much for the happy wishes!

  18. Lovely flowers in your garden. Even the little critter looks 'cute'. Happy birthday also...

  19. Your flowers are pretty - I actually love the look of the partially eaten bloom. But what was very interesting to me was that you get to celebrate your birthday two times! Who wouldn't love that! Twice as much cake (or in your case, cake and chicken) - twice as much celebration! Sounds fun! Happy Birthday!

  20. oh my gosh - I can't believe those big perfect chomps off the flower!!!

    Your blooms are still all gorgeous though. The colors are amazing.

  21. Hi! First it's a.....Happy Birthday to you! :) And reading from your the comments, is your name "mei chiyow"? hahah! I like guessing games. It is from this post that I discovered the culprits who are responsible for the big chomps on the leaves of my plants. A couple of months ago, they ate all the leaves on my Red passiflora...before it finally went to passiflora heaven. :) Judging from your plants,and your roses, your garden is very nice indeed!

  22. Solitude Rising, TQVM for the BD wishes! Cutey Critters - Remember the Gremlins?

    Holley Garden, besides birthdays, I also went through a traditional Chinese wedding and a modern western wedding ceremony, so I have 2 different anniversary dates to celebrate :>)

    Wendy, the 'chomper' must have scissor sharp teeth, haha.

  23. Kingdom, TQVM for the birthday wishes! I'm sorry but your guess of my Chinese name is not correct, but it was a good try ;>)

  24. What a stunning display of beautiful blooms! LOVE the Santa Claus rose. So beautiful.
    Happy GBBD :)

  25. aloha belle

    wow, amazing colors - its all beautiful - i love the desert rose the best - its dazzling :)

  26. Beautiful...that Ground Orchid is stunning!!!

  27. Gorgeous vibrant exotic colours, so lovely... wait, what's that? Eek, big huge bites!

  28. Wonderful September showing Autumn Belle!
    Belated Happy Birthday greetings! When is your next (Chinese) birthday?


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