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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Prayers and Support for Blotanists friends - Japan Earthquake 2011

Many of us have watched in horror at the massive destruction and tragedy in relation to the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan on March 11th, 2011.

From our Blotanical community, we have 5 garden bloggers who are residing in Japan. They are ok now, but if you wish to convey your heartfelt messages of support to them, the following are their details with links attached.

  1. Mr Lrong - PotagerY and Malaysian in Japan (Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture)
  2. Mr Fer - My Little Garden in Japan (Yokohama)
  3. Mr Takaedo - Small Vege Garden in a Suburb (Osaka)
  4. Mr Nakashima Akira -Garden Life (USA City, Oita)
  5. Mr Adekun -Adekun's Japan Blog

This is another defining sad moment in our lifetime, so shocking no words can describe. I spent most of my free time watching CNN, BBC and NHK and I can't help thinking about the Hollywood movie 2012. What is happening to our world now? Is our Mother Earth sick and distressed?

I hope in this trying time, we could find strength in adversity, faith and hope. It has been proven so many times that during a crisis, the whole world can unite and stand as one, to offer assistance, prayers and help those affected.

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”  ..... Ryunosuke Satoro.

We can check with our country's NGOs and main news websites on ways we can volunteer / make donations. GOOGLE' s website has resources, emergency aid contact numbers and Google Person Finder on their homepage.


  1. The Earth puffs and huffs about what we have done on her.

  2. Have visited Lrong, Fer and Takaedo to leave messages of prayer and support. Hopefully Lrong and his wife will be able to arrange flights out of USA soon, so they can get back home. Was happy all three are horribly sad that so many did not make it. Prayers for all and for Japan!

  3. It was such a shocking scene again and again on the news! Glad our friends there are safe and well, though cant imagine what happened to those in the middle of that destructive water!

  4. Thank you Autumn Belle for posting something like this for our affected brethren. I am sure you know also that many Filipinos are scattered around the world and many are in Japan. Many of them not yet accounted for yet. I am with you and our fellow bloggers in extending fervent prayers for the distraught and the affected. If you will look at the postings of GCI, this earth happenings might not be due to people's activities which directly affect climate change. Maybe this is the effect of the sun on our earth and our solar system. Thanks AB for reminding everyone.

  5. A very sad day for Japan and her people. We are shocked to see this calamity unfolding.Our prayers are with them.

  6. Lovely to have posted the links for us, thank you :)


  7. Thank you for sharing the situation of Japan with many bloggers in the world.
    I and my family in Osaka are OK. But thousands of devastated people need your help. I would like all bloggers to corporate with their local governments or any other group for sending aids to the people in Japan.

  8. I'm glad to know they are fine. May they continue to be safe.

    Like what Andrea said, the harm we are causing the earth may not be the main reason why this is happening.

  9. I feel so sad everytime I watched and read the news that I have been avoiding it. My hubby have been keeping me updated with the recent news.I have many friends there and I hope they are ok.

  10. Dear Autumn Belle, Thank you for this caring post.
    Our government has offered support to our friends in Japan. Our mother earth is most likely fighting back from the horrid mistakes by her not so thoughtful stewards. It is so sad that Japan must take such a powerful force from it. Japan is not the greatest polluter. We all need to act and demand that our governments work towards developing green clean energy. I cannot watch the news but I call and write congress weekly. Ruma is another wonderful blogger and I was so relieved to know that he is OK too.

  11. Dear Autumn Belle, Many thanks for the links and your thoughtfulness. I am so glad our fellow Blotanists are safe, and pray they continue to be so. My prayers go out to those affected by this tragedy. P x

  12. Thanks for posting this. I have been worried about Fer because he has been offline since the earthquake. I have just discovered the other blogs because of your post. My family's prayers go out to everyone affected by this disaster.

  13. Thank you Autumn Belle for posting for well wishes. The first I saw posting was fer and he was the first one I thought of watching the devastation on TV. Such a tragedy and like you said in your post we can be an ocean and not mere drops to offer support and help.

  14. Autumn Belle, thank you for posting what we are all praying for- the safety of the people in Japan.

  15. May those affected be free from mental and physical suffering..tQ.

  16. Thank you Autumn Belle for this post - we certainly need to think about all those poor people in the East and do what we can to help.

  17. To all my friends who came here with comments and words of comfort, thank you very very much.

    It is very hard to explain this. Eventhough I am so far away and have never been to Japan, I am also affected by this tripple whammy of earthquake, tsunami and threat of nuclear plant meltdown.

    The real live footage of the tsunami crushing into a beautiful town is really shocking, heart-breaking and horrifying. Like those nightmares I have when I was a child after a frightening disaster movie. Maybe if I was there when it happened, I would have died from a massive heart attack from the fear and shock even before the tsunami hit me.

    I really do not want a nuclear plant in my own country.

    Sendai was a very beautiful place. As a young engineer in his 20s, my hubby was sent to Japan for technical training. That was even before we were married. He went to Tokyo and Sendai. He told me that Sendai was a very scenic place and the people were kind and treated him well. I wanted him to buy me a kimono for our wedding but he didn't have enough money, so he promised me that when he become rich, he will bring me there later to buy one and to visit this beautiful place. I guess things will never be the same again.

  18. Very good post! Hope Japn will get over the nightmare!

  19. It is truly the moment when the world had stopped and mourned for Japan.
    Its really a sad thing.
    May God have mercy for Japan.

  20. Autumn thank you for providing these thinks...I was thinking the same thing about the earth and maybe our world will end soon but I am optimistic enough to hope this is not true and we will heal...


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