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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Graduation Flower Bouquets and Gifts Ideas - Wordless Wednesday










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  1. Someone graduating? Lovely gift ideas.

  2. So beautiful..what a wonderfully colorful post..gorgeous flowers and gifts! Wonderful!

  3. A winner of a post, really impressive photographs!


  4. One, Kiki, Nancy,

    Happy Morning!
    Yes someone from my family is graduating. Please hand on to my next post.

    Roses may not last in our heat and I just found out that daylilies only last for 12 hours.

    Do you have any more ideas or experiences to share regarding the floral gifts?

    Is live ones better than artificial flowers?

  5. Ostatni prezent misie najbardziej podoba. Pozdrawiam

  6. Giga, you select the bears because it is lasting? Yay! Me too think so.

  7. Life ones definitely better than artificial ones. If you have the air-con on, they may last longer. :) Potted flowering plants are nice but too heavy to be carrying around for photo taking purposes. :)

  8. Beautiful bouquets and photos! Of course, nowadays, I personally prefer receiving the live plants instead of cutting flowers as gifts because live plants will have longer life :)

  9. Lovely shots and some great ideas!

  10. At the K-8 where my children went to school the moms would make nosegays from flowers in their gardens to give the graduating girls. When winter was slow to leave it could be a bit of a challenge.

  11. One, Ami, PippaD, Martha, thanks for the helpful tips.

    Martha, thanks to you, I learnt a new word today. Now I know what a nosegay is. Wow, a nosegay from our home sweet home garden will be great.

    I really like the daylilies. In my place, we have a choice of white, yellow or pink ones. The pollen sacs are removed by the florist to prevent the powder from staining clothes. The florist also recommended putting the flowers in an air-con room.

    Bringing fresh flowers is more difficult when I have to be at the venue at 7am, meaning that I need to collect the bouquet on the night before. I have ordered the lilies and collect it at night. I placed it in an aircond room (my bedroom) and the next morning, I was shocked to find the opened lilies petals looking fatique and drying up, so I sprayed some water at it and hoped for the best.

    What I observed was that at the venue, the bouquets with rose buds were opening up but my lilies were starting to dry up and droop :(

  12. Congratulation! I hope I will be able to graduate next year. Is gerbera more lasting than other flowers?

  13. Yeh... Great Idea with such cheerful n colourful floral bouquets.

  14. Congrats! Love all the flowers and gifts. I prefer the fresh flowers!

  15. Congratulations to the graduate. I prefer giving live to artificial flowers. Fleeting but infinitely more precious.

  16. What beautiful bouquets and graduation gift ideas.Who could not welcome a bear? LOL!

  17. Diana, I'm not sure about gerberas because the florist near my place don't have them. But I saw gerbera daisy bouquets on sale at the venue. I wonder how long it lasts? Good luck to your studies!

    Radhika, P3Chandan, Bom, Lona, yeah, fresh flowers is better than fake ones. So good to be able to smell the fresh perfumed scents.

    They also have Ferrero Rocher cholocates to go with the bears.

    Chocolates ok?

  18. Congratulation.

    I have to wait for another two years for my turn.

    No, it is not me.

  19. Great displays and of course great shots as usual, A.Belle. Congratulations to ??? and parents too...gosh, you really keep us in suspense, huh!
    Anyway, all the very best to the graduate!

  20. I loved number three (I think it was) with the red roses and lush green foliage. Cheers to the graduate!!!

  21. Rainfield, 2 years will come soon. Remember, time flies!

    Wendy, you are smart. Your selection happens to be the most lasting bouquet of flowers. The red roses opened slowly and beautifully. It lasted until today!

    Jacqueline, by now, you'll surely know that it is my dear daughter!


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