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Count Your Blessings!
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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

GBBD March 2011

1. Miniature roses

For March 2011 Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, I have miniature roses.
Can you see the sun reflected on the water droplet?

2. Costus woodsonii

When the tiny flowers appear in this Costus woodsonii plant, it usually attract a lot of ants with its sugary liquid. The flowers are edible. This hairy caterpillar seem to have cut open the defensive wall of orange bracts that protect the yellow flowers and shifted in. The critter seems to eat the flower but not the leaves of this plant.

I wonder which butterfly/moth this baby belongs to?

“GBBD March 2011”, a copyrighted post, was written for My Nice Garden blog by Autumn Belle @ for Autumn Belle on 16th March 2011.

3. Hibiscus rosa-sinensis cultivars - double petaled vermillion red.

4. Tawny coaster butterfly on a palm tree.

This tawny coaster butterfly was drying its wings when I found it near my vegetable plants in the late evening. It walked on to my fingers and momentarily rested on my palm tree just before taking off in its maiden flight.

5. Blue throated sunbird

This looks like a blue throated yellow breasted, olive-backed sunbird sitting on my neighbour's longan tree.
Do you know its name?

6. A Hibiscus rosa-sinensis cultivar - single petal yellow with pink veins.

7. Turnera ulmifolia or yellow alder flower.

8. A pair of pigeons/quails on my neighbour's same longan tree. One was posing like a supermodel while the other one was very shy and somersaulted away when it saw me pointing my camera. I guess he doesn't like the paparazzi!

9. My azalea is still blooming.

Malvaviscus arboreus 

10. Malvaciscus arboreus flowers are always half-opened and pointing upwards. The leaves remind me of grape leaves.

11. Heliconia 'American Dwarf'

12. Anyone know the name of this bug on the Hibiscus rosa-sinensis plant?

My grateful thanks to Carol of May Dreams Garden for hosting Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. To view what's blooming around the world, visit here.


  1. Hi AB, You have lots of great captures today. The butterfly is beautiful. So are the birds. I might have that little red critter in my photos. :)

  2. Red and Yellow blooms remind me of Selangor flag colour;-). Love all your flora and fauna photos.

  3. So many beautiful pictures. Your roses and hibiscus look lovely. I liked the bird pictures too.

  4. Lovely show of photoes, over at your's even pigeons seem colourfull :)

  5. Lovely, lovely! I particularly like the Hibiscus rosa-sinensis cultivar! How gorgeous your garden is looking right now.

  6. Wszystko było śliczne. No może gąsienica mniej. Pozdrawiam

  7. Beautiful flowers! Sunbird? wow!

  8. I think that bug is a cotton stainer.
    Your pictures are lovely, especially the blue throated bird.

  9. Beautiful post. I love the shapes, and the colors of red and orange.

  10. You take the prize for blooms this month. :) But I have to admit, I love the photo of the quails. The one facing the camera seems to have an attitude -- like he's saying, "Here I am. Did you get a good angle for your photo?"

  11. Beautiful blooms Autumn Belle, very ordinary plants but made unique by your lovely photos. We also have that sunbird, but it's so small i can't get its picture. That caterpillar will become a moth, and that bug is a red-cotton bug or Dysdercus cingulatus. We call it 'baka-bakahan', which we normally see always attach to their partner even if they are walking fast. You know i've already made a collage of hibiscus for posting, which i'm thinking to link with you or One, haha!

  12. I guess the hibiscus are having a blooming time in your garden too Autumn Belle, love all their bright colours! I dont mind the birds and the bees but not the caterpillars! Great photos!

  13. Always love to see your red hibiscus, while mine is still a botak-head haha. The birds are so lovely. My neighbour's longan tree attracts a lots of birds too.

  14. Beautiful photos. I love the plants, and the birds and bugs too.

  15. Great pictures! Especially of that hairy caterpillar and the bug. It all looks so colorful, and cheery.

  16. Beautiful Autumn Belle. I especially like your butterfly, but all the blooms are gorgeous. That strange looking bug in the early image was very interesting.

  17. Beautiful photos of beautiful flowers and birds...the rain drop is perfect!

  18. Great combination of birds bugs and butterfly with colorful flowers. Nice shots.

  19. AB,

    The photos are stunning! I like to revisit your blog just to see the photos.


  20. Lots of great looking flowers Autumn Belle. The captures of the insects and birds are also wonderful. You must have been spending a lot of time in your garden or your garden is really blessed to have so much life in it.

  21. Your photos are wonderful!! Great capture of the birds and the butterflies! A pleasure to see a post like this!:)


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