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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Mickey Mouse Plant from Flower to Fruit - Wordless Wednesday





Family: Ochnaceae
Botanical name: Ochna kirkii
Common name: Mickey Mouse Plant, Bird's Eye Bush, 桂葉黃梅, 米老鼠樹,
Origin: Tropical Africa

Photographs taken by Autumn Belle at The Secret Garden of 1-Utama
Grateful thanks to Dr. Francis Ng of The Secret Garden of 1-Utama.
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This post is dedicated to Ms Babara_elaine of Gardening in Mannheim, Germany, the first commenter of my previous post, "My Lunar New Year Garden." So head over to her blog to read interesting articles about her gardening adventures and beautiful pictures of nice places in Germany.


  1. That has some funky growing most vivid color!

    I have three daughters...the one that posted is the one that is obsessed with Johnny Depp. I have another daughter, younger who loves anime. She now wants to do a post for me.
    I think it is wonderful that your daughter has time to read your blog...sometimes they get so busy!


  2. Stunning little flowers! Happy wordless.

  3. Great photos! The colors are so vivid. Happy WW.

    My entries:
    Moms... Check Nyo

  4. I've never seen this, but how beautiful it is!

  5. I love how these flowers look and their unusual shapes. Thank you for sharing another beautiful flower.

  6. Lovely flowers with such bright colors and interesting berries!

  7. Yet another fascinating plant I've never before encountered. Thank you, dear Autumn, for such a vibrant post on what's a very dull day here.

  8. I seldom check out what they are he ground when I am having my hiking.

    I see yellow flowers, I see also red one.

    Now I know they are all Mickey Mouse.

  9. Very pretty post! It is nice to see pretty blooms this time of year.

  10. Hi, everyone. Happy Morning from Malaysia! Goodday!

    This is my second post on the mickey mouse plant has yellow flowers. The it turns red when the fruits are ripening. Actually the reds are bracts. The fruit 'berries' will turn from green to black. I'm sorry I still can't get the black berries picture yet.

    According to Dr. Francis Ng, this plant just sprung up from the soil, the seeds were probably hidden in the soil when they were bringing in other plants into The Secret Garden. Currently, he has 2 mickey mouse plants there. I think this is heaven sent. Hopefully, I get to photograph the mickey mouse look alike soon, haha!

    I like Disney's Mickey Mouse cartoon when I was a kid. My daughter liked the Mickey Mouse Club and Britney Spears then. So I love this mickey mouse plant too. An interesting find for me.

  11. Rosey, I'm keeping my fingers cross that your daughter will have an anime/mangga picture in her post in your blog.

    Rainfield, will you please photograph a mickey mouse flower when the berries turn black?

    Simply Delicious, yes! This is called the mickey mouse plant. you can google it or search under Dave's Garden or Top

  12. It is a very unique looking flower.
    I wonder if there is any herbal remedy for it?

  13. Who wouldn't love a plant with a name like that! A very interesting and beautiful flower.

  14. interesting that the flower changes colour and the fact it just sprung up out of no where, lovely photos.

  15. It was too bad i cannot see my micky mouse photos, with the fruit already black looking really like mickey mouse. You should go back there when they ripen.

  16. i think some Chinese homes have this plant. I wonder if the plant holds any auspicious meaning also. But it is cute to see yellow and red appearing in one plant.

  17. glad to know it smells nice - I figured something so beautiful oozing in such a way would either smell really good or really bad! that last photo is really interesting. I like how you can see both flower and berry. At least that's what I think I see!

  18. we don't have those flowers here but those are really beautiful

  19. Carol, Sandy, Deb, Melanie, Wendy, Ayie, thanks for the visit and wonderful commens!

    James, I'm not so sure about the medicinal values of this species but I have read that some African tribes press the oil from the seeds to make hair oil and lubricants.

    Andrea, oh dear, I can't go there every week, therefore my visits may not coincide with the changeover to black berries :(

    Stephanie, I do not know whether there are any auspicious meanings but I think the yellow and red colours are very auspicous indeed.

  20. Thanks for the dedication, I'm honored. Sorry for replying so late, I've been offline for a while. I see you've now replaced the falling snow with falling blossoms - just lovely!

  21. Beautiful flower with an interesting charming name! Never seen it before. Thanks for posting this!


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