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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dwarf Arundina (Grass Orchid) - Wordless Wednesday






Botanical name: Arundina spCommon name: Dwarf Arundina, Dwarf grass orchid
Family: Ochidaceae
Native of: South East Asia
Photographs taken by Autumn Belle at The Secret Garden of 1-Utama
Grateful thanks to Dr. Francis Ng of The Secret Garden of 1-Utama.

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I am extremely delighted to dedicate this post to Ms Nell Jean from Georgia, USA, of Secrets of a Seed Scatterer, the first commenter of my previous post, "Arundina Graminifolia Bamboo Orchids." I stumbled into her blog via a comment she made at Flower Lady's blog even before she joined Blotanical. I was attracted by her great sense of humour and writing skills. Now I am a faithfull follower of her blog. I love the way she conducts and reports on surveys and she also gives us valuable tips and advice on blogging and Blotanical. Yes! She does share a lot of 'secrets' with us readers.


  1. looks such a delicate flower - I love its pastel colours and the shape it makes with its petals.

  2. Beauty has never considered size and colour as a hindrance to show its true exactness. Beautiful indeed either as singles or in abundance... ~bangchik

  3. What a lovely flower such delicate colour.
    How nicely the driveway is framed by the plants.

  4. This orchid series has me breathless they are just so spectacular.

  5. what a glorious bloom. the pathway looks serene and peaceful.

  6. The misty one which you got in a busy city is good.

    I love mist.

  7. This is a beautiful flower. Is that a sweep of them in front of your house? Gorgeous!

  8. Hi, Darla, Rosie, Bangchik, Joanne, Poetic Shutterbug, Life Ramblings, Rainfiled, Deb. Happy Morning! This is the dwarf version of the Arundina graminifolia, currently classified under the same species. I have never seen these dwarf orchids in the wild. It has been reportedly sighted in the mountais of Sri Lanka and also in the Philippines.

    I wonder if any of us has seen this orchid growing in the wild and where?

  9. Those at the pathway look like grass with beautiful flowers, of course - if they only knew that they are actually orchids!

    I guess this is a hybrid, the native are as tall and bushy.

  10. Now, i prefer these dwarf ones, as the plants are not unruly. Besides, the color is so beautiful for a pathway like this. BTW Autumn Belle, i forgot if there are provisions for cool temperatures in some portions of the Secret Garden for the more subtropical plants. Maybe it is expensive to maintain. I asked my Malaysian friend when she came here if she knows the secret garden, and she doesnt, though of course she knows 1-Utama. She promised to go there one of these days. She is a professor in a university there.

  11. I recall seeing them in The Secret Garden :-D Very cute little grass orchids. They really look attractive with many blooms together in one space.

  12. Hi there! Those are gorgeous orchids...I have a lot of catching up to do on your blog.
    thanks for stopping by my blog and being around...see you more often..:)

  13. Wonderful pictures of very beautiful orchids.

  14. Beautiful photos, and a lovely little plant.

  15. James, Andrea, Sandy Carlson, Stephanie, Urban Green, Guild-rez, Melanie, Ayie.

    I'm glad you visited. These arundinas in this and the previous post are indeed very special orchids. Although it can be found in the wild, it is not commonly grown beyond its natural habitat.

    Compared to the taller arundinas, these dwarf arundinas look like little babies among the grass-like foliage, their flowers white and delicate. It is beautiful to look at but difficult to photograph with my point and shoot camera.

    I think these are our Malaysian jewels among other treasures in The Secret Garden of 1U. It is with much pride that I show it off to you at My Nice Garden blog and I hope you have enjoyed learning about it as much as I have.

  16. Oh yes, to answer Andrea's question about provision for cooler temperatures. They use an environmental friendly system whereby recycled rain water are used to cool the whole compled and at The Secret Garden (TSG), piped cool water in mist form are blown out from sprinklers at strategic locations at night. You can see the mist in the last photo. You can even experience it when TSG opens to the public every Sat and Sun. They are even growing temperate plants there.

  17. Thank you for sharing these beautiful orchids with us, Autumn Belle. Thank you too for the kind words about me and my blog and for the dedication.


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