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Malaysian Flora USDA Zone 11
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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Yellow Mussaenda Flava - Wordless Wednesday

Scientific name: Pseudomussaenda flava
Family: Rubiaceae
Synonym: Mussaenda flava, Mussaenda luteola, Mussaenda lutea, Mussaenda glabra
Common name: dwarf yellow mussaenda, white wings
Origin: Tropica Africa, Asia, Malaysia
Our local name in malay: bunga janda kaya daun puteri (wealthy widow princess leaf) or adap-adap

This post is dedicated to Ms Deborah Elliott of Deb's Garden, the first commenter of my previous post, Torch Ginger Etlingera elatior - Full Bloom.

Photographs taken by Autumn Belle at The Secret Garden of 1-Utama
Grateful thanks to Dr. Francis Ng of The Secret Garden of 1-Utama.
You can visit Dr. Francis Ng's blog here.
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  1. I need your feedback regarding loading time of my web page. Please also answer the poll at my top right sidebar. A gazillion thank you!

  2. Love this tropical flower for Wednesday. Love your post!!! Sorry I haven't been by lately. Will certainly put you into my list of must-see blogs.

  3. What a beautiful plant! I am not familiar with it at all. Do you know if it will grow anywhere in the USA? And thanks for dedicating your post to me!

  4. Hi, Lovely photographs... we have the Orange ones growing at home. Its winter and the plant still seems to be flowering and in bloom as of now.... Will upload a snap or two soon. Cheers! Radhika

    PS: The webpage uploading is fast enough...:)

  5. I like this plant as it's free flowering and the flowers stay for a while and they are cheerful. Thumbs up for yellow mussaenda flava! thank you for posting!

  6. Mary Delle, so glad to see you here. Welcome back, I missed you. I too am guilty of busy-ness. Please forgive me :)

    Deborah, this plant is most likely to be found in Florida and other areas of tropical America, with temperature zone 11 and heat tolerance zone 7-11. It needs a moist but well drained soil and enjoys our full sun. It can grow well in semi shaded areas too.

    EverGreenTree, I look forward to see your photos too.

    Sunshine girl, the pretty creamy yellow flowers are star-shaped and brings sunshine just like you.

    Extra note on mussaenda flava. The star-shaped flowers are small, around ¾ inches diameter, cream yellow colour with darker yellow centre. The 2 structures that look like white wings are actually enlarged sepals. There are hairs on both sides of the leaves and you can clearly see the veins. This plant can be grown in containers. It is an evergreen perennial that blooms the whole year through in the tropics. In colder climates, it will need protection from the frost of winter.

  7. You have succeeded in wowing me again with your WW! I have particularly enjoyed your blog in my winter snowy months. It is so refreshing to see green leaves and bountiful blossoms every time I visit here. Thank you very much,

  8. Hi, Rosey. my (((hugs))) back to you before I go to sleep soon :)

  9. This bush amazes me with the white leaves for just a touch of contrast to go with the little yellow blooms. A very pretty bush.

  10. These look so much like the poinsettias plant, with the difference of just one or two coloured sepals instead all red ones.
    Im amazed at the plant name: wealthy widow princess leaf. Wonder what fairytale story it hold for that famous name?

  11. This yellow Mussaenda is very attractive. Like James say, it is like the poinsettia. Christmas is just around the corner, I see so many poinsettias at the shops nowadays. But we could have Mussaenda all year round, outside in the hot and sunny garden.

  12. Whoa! I've NEVER heard of this plant before! Now I want it, of course! I love the 'wings' and the raised yellow pretty AND unique! Hey, kinda like my friend, Autumn Belle!

  13. Lona, Stephanie, James, Lynn. Thank you very much for the nice comments.

    I was also thinking of the poinsettias when I see this plant blooming, particularly so during Christmas season.

    Regarding the story of how the wealthy widow came about, it seems that in the kampungs, unmarried or single ladies would grow the janda kaya plant in their gardens as it is believed to attract marriage luck for them. When the plant starts to bloom, the lady who can smell a fragrance from the flowers shall get married soon. How true? I'm not sure.


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