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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wednesday Wishes - Merry Christmas 2009!

I love Wordless Wednesdays. But this Wednesday, I can't zip my mouth anymore. Why? Because I am full of Warm Wishes for all of you, my friends. I want to,

Wish you all A Merry Christmas,
May the Joys of the season
Fill your heart with goodwill and cheer.
May the chimes of Christmas glory
Add up more shine and spread
Smiles across the miles,
To-day & In the New Year.
-Rosie Cash


Before I say bye-bye today, I have some pictures of Christmas in Malaysia for you to enjoy.....

The theme here is Royale Christmas @ Pavillion KL.

As I walked through the entrance to this mall, this is what greeted me. A magnicifient ballroom with red carpets from the entrance to the hall. Wouldn't Cinderella, Snow White and Belle be enchanted by all the splendour here? I can imagine how glamorous they will look, dressed in their beautiful gowns, led by their hansome Prince Charmings. As music and laughter filled the air, would they want to dance to a waltz?

The Pavillion KL is a "1.37 mil sq ft retail haven with 430 outlets offering the finest fashion and home furnishing to entertainment and culinary delights. It also houses flagship boutiques from the world over". Here, you won't run out of ideas for Christmas shopping. Standing up here on the upper floors and looking down at the vast space filled with people and shops make me dizzy!

While Santa was busy distributing presents and fulfilling wishes to shoppers, his sleigh was parked at the entrance. At designated times, pretty elves pose for photographs. The reindeers seem to be flying to reach for the stars. Now, which one is Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer?

Hey, here's another sleigh parked outside at the entrance. Another Santa? I'm sure he has just arrived because I can see the floor here is covered with snow. So, you'd better watch out, Santa Clause is coming to town .....

You better watch out, you better not cry, you'd better not fight, I'm telling you why.....

At the 1-Utama Shopping Center, Petaling Jaya (the place of The Secret Garden), they are having a White Christmas.

At the Curve, another shopping complex in Petaling Jaya, its White Winter Wonderland. Look, it is snowing in Malaysia!

Everyone was waiting patiently. When it really started to 'snow' , everyone wanted to experience snow falling on themsleves. Cameras went click, click, click. Say cheese, say kimchee, just give me a lovely smile in your own language.

Soon, everyone realised this, " It is only foam!" Ha ha ha ... Ho ho ho...

I have something that I have been keeping to myself for a long long time. Now I wish to tell you. When I was little, there was this song that mum used to play in her record player, "I saw mummy kissing Santa Claus last night". I really couldn't understand nor accept why the mum in the song was kissing Santa and not dad! After all, Santa's job was to give presents to make kids happy. Finally, it came to light that Santa and dad may be the same person after all. So, finally that song had a happy ending for me. Chapter closed.

Peace on earth will come to stay, when we live Christmas every day.
- Helen Steiner Rice

My post today is dedicated to Carol Duke of Flower Hill Farm, my first commenter for my previous post Rose, Rose I Love You. Carol is from Massachusettes, USA and her blog is filled with many beautiful pictures. I especially love the splendid sceneries and her lates post is on winter solstice.


  1. Yehey Autumn Belle, i am the first commenter in the Snowy KLCC. It looks real winter now there in your photos, not incongruous anymore! hehe. Here it is almost the same in shopping centers, but i dont really have much time anymore to appreciate them. I envy you for having more time, i can't even buy more gifts. I love your photos. Merry Christmas and may we be all blessed and stay healthy these coming holiday and years ahead.

  2. Oh, I love it, just love it! So unabashedly Christmas and full of magic and childlike joy. Thank you for sharing this. It was a delightful treat for me.

    Have a wonderful Merry Christmas and may you be surrounded by all those you love. I am wishing much love and happiness!

  3. Wow, what a huge place! I would get lost! For sure, I would want to stay away from the edge of the top floors.

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Woah...what a super festive beautiful! Fantatsic job..super gorgeous to see all the decorations and magic! Thankyou for sharing a magical post!

  5. Gosh... Someone had fun creating all that magic... I wonder how tall all those trees are. Beautiful! I can see why you might feel dizzy looking down on everyone. I do love the Reindeer! Great photos!! You are so kind to mention my blog! Thank you Autumn Belle and Merry Merry Christmas! Carol

  6. You just made me feel like going to the Pavillion! Didn't know that this year they put up such nice decor. I must go and have coffee there over the holidays. Oh I hope the weather would not be too hot then. I like the alfresco cafes there. Merry Christmas to you and your family Autumbelle!

  7. The decorations there are so gorgeous!

  8. wow Autumn Belle - that shopping centre is amazing especially with all those Christmas decorations. May the Lord richly Bless you too into 2010. Happy Christmas :)

  9. I've enjoyed reading this Christmas post...full of joy and good cheer, Autumn Belle! What a fun-loving and highly-spirited person you are. It's reflected in your pictures and writings. Great qualities to possess. Wonderful to have known you!
    Thanks for your lovely wishes. May you and yours have a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year with much Heavenly blessings of peace, joy and love.

  10. Have A Blessed Christmas & Happy New Year 2010. Beautiful and clear shots at Pavillion, K.L

  11. Oh my, how beautiful. The white balls and candles are so gorgeous.Thank you so much for sharing them.
    Merry Christmas Autumn to you and yours.

  12. What stunning photos and a wonderful spirited post celebrating the season. Have a joyous and blessed Christmas with a New Year full of all your favorite dreams and wishes. Happy Holidays to you!!!

  13. Thank You for your comment Autumn Belle....and Merry Christmas to you too!
    Whoa! Its snowing in Malaysia....:):) Wow :) Seriously, What lovely decorations / Celebrations! It feels good to be able to share the same via your pictures / your blog.
    Cheers! Radhika

  14. Wowie nice and beautiful pictures. Merry Xmas!!!!

  15. wow..they are so beautiful... i hope to go visit these places this weekend... :)
    Merry Christmas from

    Have a Blessed New Year!!

  16. Wow, your pictures make me want to get out shopping again, although I was relieved to be done, I really was. Thanks for sharing these further impressions of your country with us, always a pleasure. I wish you a wonderful end of the year 2009 and a peaceful beginning for 2010. Keep up the great posts. Barbara

  17. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you! What a great post and beautiful pictures!

  18. Happy holidays Autumn Belle and thanks for all the great blog postings in 2009!

  19. I'm so glad I could open your blog this morning. What an amazing display! I haven't seen anything like this anywhere around here. How fun to have snow as part of their decorations!
    Merry Christmas :)

  20. What an amazing collection of flowers, Autumn Belle! This is what I love about blogging--it brings together gardeners from all over the world, and teaches us about places we'll only likely ever get to visit via the Internet. I hope you have a wonderful, peaceful Christmas, and all the best in the new year.

  21. Wow - They sure know how to deck out a mall in Malaysia. This is beautiful. I decorate a resort at Christmas, but nothing like this!

  22. Dear Autumn Belle, it has been so nice meeting you too!!!!
    Much Love to you,
    Maria Cecilia

  23. I hope you have a great Christmas, too.

    Always Growing

  24. Oh! You had me going there, Autumn Belle~SNOW...wha??? good one!
    These photos are fun! We definitely have the 'real stuff' here for a white Christmas!
    Happy Holidays to you and your lovely family :)

  25. wow!! That is really something! That mall is outrageous. You guys really do it up for Christmas, don't you? I really love the display of the reindeer flying up.

    Hope you have a wonderful day and weekend too! I'm tired but I have to outlast my older daughter to stuff stockings tonight!!

    Oh, I'll need to ask my mom about dong zhi (i can't remember how you spelled it). I just have to figure out what food is typically eaten, then I'll remember. :)

  26. Merry Christmas, Autumn Belle! Loved going through the photos...enjoying the views of so many aspects of your beautiful country!

  27. Merry Christmas to you Autumn Belle. I really enjoyed your tour of the Mall, it was just beautiful! Thank you and I am soooo happy to have met you in blogland. I wish you and your family a happy and healthy 2010.

  28. Merry Christmas to you!
    Sunny :)

  29. wow these are really wonderful christmas pics. Merry Christmas !!!!

  30. KL is so beautiful. Penang maybe the same, but I had not been to supermarkets or shopping malls for quite a long time.

  31. It sure is gorgeous in Malaysia! What wonderful decorations. You wouldn't see anything half that pretty here. Very nice.
    Love your blog header, what a pretty flower.
    Merry Christmas to you!

  32. Wow! What an amazing place :o)

    Merry Christmas xxx

  33. Hi, everyone, thanks a gazillion for visiting and for the warm wishes during this festive season. It is much appreciated.

  34. it's truly festive there...unlike here =(

  35. Ayie, welcome to My Nice Garden. It's nice to have you here.


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