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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Preview to KLCC Park - Wordless Wednesday






This post is dedicated to my blotanist friend, LeSan from Blue Gate Gardens, my first commenter for my previous post. I so am captivated by the creative way she writes her posts, I suspect that she is a Hollywood screenwriter. I'll be hopping over to her blog for some nice chrismassy atmosphere.

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  1. Hello Autumn Belle,

    What beautiful gardens surrounding such majestic towers. The garden really shows how tall the towers are. I love the palm trees especially.

  2. hi ya,

    thanks for this blog! i was missing klcc for some reason..which is weird :) beautiful pics :)

  3. aloha,

    i remember how lovely the gardens are at KL especially there at the center and i love the whale fountain too, it reminds me of the humpbacks in hawaii....things must be nice and warm in KL now and not to sticky for the holidays.

    thanks for posting


  4. Well that is just the nicest unexpected treat! Thank you so much for that gift and special honor. :-)

    Those towers are really something to behold. What a incredible feat man can perform when he builds such structures as these.
    The pools are gorgeous and I love the breaching whale.

  5. Very nice pics of KLCC! The towers look magnificent. Love the first pic the most. And looks like it was a clear and sunny day that day. Enjoy Wednesday, photography and gardening!

  6. Great photos of the Petronas, even made them more majestic. But i really love the view at night when it turned more mystical, however my camera cannot capture my desired views. If you have time please visit my KL, Putrajaya photos at FB. I love my reflections photo of Petronas pools.

    I like the snows falling, however to tell you frankly it doesn't seem right with tropical very hot surroundings, hehe! When it snows the conditions are gloomy and the mood is cold. Maybe a little edit changes in the photo will match its tone with snow. Am sorry about this, but dont be bothered by my comment, it is just me. Just go on with it. hehe

  7. Noelle, Blupavan, Noel, LeSan, Stephanie, Andrea. Thank you very much for the nice comments. I was sitting on the bench under the shade when I took the first picture. Do you see a bench there. That's the one I was sitting on. At the time when I took the photos, I think early Nov 09, there were already many tourist arrivals here.

    Andrea, I agree with your opionion 100%. I thought that it is odd too but I now just enjoying the oddity for a little bit longer before I take it out. I really like the snow. Ha Ha, it is snowing in Malaysia! Maybe Santa will be confused and drop by here first. The problem is he won't be able to find a chimney or fire place, so he may have to change his landing method.

  8. It look so funny to note snowflakes all over KLCC. I'm sure that's how it would look like if it snowed in Malaysia.
    Im sure there will a lot more activities inside with Christmas tree & deco & all there now.

    Blessed Christmas & Have a Wonderful New Year!

  9. Hi Autumn Belle, you must have been there very early in the morning since everything looks deserted and peaceful. I love your snow - at least there's snow somewhere. Here, where it should be snowing, it isn't. Great pictures.

  10. Hi Autumn, those gardens are so peaceful and beautiful. The futuristic looking towers gives the entire scene a surreal feel. Beautiful shots.

  11. I'm so glad to see the Petronas here. They're beautiful, spectacular! And the gardens are too! Loved the snowflakes... Kuala Lumpur is a beautiful city. Thanks for sharing.

  12. whoa!! Are those skyscrapers for real??!!

    I love that pretty water feature in the park!

  13. James, Babara, Poetic Shutterbug, Kanak, Wendy. Thank you very much for the nice comments. I'm glad the funny snow didn't distracted you all.

    The skyscrappers are real, Wendy. Spiderman has successfully climb one of the towers on in Sep 2009. He got arrested for tresspassing!


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