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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Kellie's Castle Batu Gajah Perak, Then and Now - Part 1

Kellie's Castle in Batu Gajah, Perak is full of haunted stories and spooky tales of paranormal activities, apparitions and creepy encounters that can make your hair stand on ends and give you some goosebumps.

The above is a picture taken by Mr Anthony Morris in 1989, posted here with his permission.

When I was little, whenever we traveled along the road between Gopeng and Batu Gajah and needed to pass by this abandoned castle at night, we'd stop talking, stop giggling or laughing. We'd sit still and be very quiet because we were scared of the eerie surroundings but at the same intrigued by the mysteries and myths surrounding this haunted castle. The caretaker of this castle, the taxi drivers that ply the route, my parents, our friends and relatives and even the paranormal researchers with scientific gadgets have stories to tell and evidences to show. The encounters happen not only at night or after sundown, but you may also experience it during the day. There's no guarantee of an apparition but you may just get lucky!

This  is how Kellie's Castle looked like in 1955 picture taken before I was born. It was all covered up with  jungle vegetation. Like the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty, the castle had slept for three quarters of a century (since 1926), shrouded in mystery and covered in near darkness.

Kellie's Castle is separated from the main road by the Raia River*, a tributary of the Kinta River. The shortcut is by wading through the water across the river. One person takes the lead to wade across with a rope tied to the waist for safety while the rest will follow behind. There is another longer way which is via the rubber estate (now palm oil plantation) where you can just reach the manor by bicycle.

During the day, the more daring ones would venture into the building, climb the staircases that lead up to the tower and down the dungeons, just to have some adrenalin rush. Despite the eeriness, this castle was also quite a popular meeting place for the boys and girls during the school holidays. They'd cycle all the way from town to have a date cum picnic here. Despite the spooky ambience, romance did blossom between some couples that lead to marriage!

* Information provided by Mr Anthony Morris

Kellie's Castle in 2001.
Much of the jungle vegetation has been cleared and there's a bridge now.
Some old but interesting native rainforest trees were spared.
Now visitors can just take a walk across the bridge to the old English manor.

I was this close when I took this picture of Kellie's Castle in 2001. I walked around the grounds but I didn't venture inside the building to explore further. A sense of eeriness still prevailed.

Kellie's Castle in 2013.
By now, it has already been given a makeover and landscaped.
Can you imagine a Tropical Colonial Garden within the grounds of a haunted  English castle?

What's the mystery that intrigued so many?
What's the real story behind this English castle in Malaysia?
What has it got to do with the Hindu temple by the river?
Was this castle a gift of love from Scotsman William Kellie Smith to his wife, Agnes?
Was this to be his dream home?


  1. Haha then and now a total change. Was there once and that bridge was not built then. Waiting impatiently for the mysteries to be unfolded.

  2. That looks so atmospheric Autumn Belle!

  3. Mimo duchów poszłabym tenniesamowity zamek zobaczyć. Bardzo ładnie na zdjeciach go pokazałaś. Miło, ze mnie odwiedziłas. Pozdrawiam.
    Although ghosts I'd go see this amazing castle. Very nice the pictures you showed him. Glad you visited me. Yours.

  4. Wow, that is some castle! I can see why people would be scared by it, though ... just something about it. Very interesting post.

  5. Fascinating... feels so good to know that the castle has been maintained so well...

  6. You touched on my favorite topic -- paranormal activities. I really want to see the existence of ghost. What a fantastic topic. Huh! I liked the 1995 or 1955 version of the castle -- it really looked spooky then. Now with all the clearings it does not look that spooky at all.

  7. Very interesting! Thank you, Autumn Belle!

  8. Places with paranormal activity are always eerie but fascinating. It did look spooky in the 1955 photo, but now just looks like a tourist attraction that is not frightening at all. But I would still be hesitant about going in.

  9. Lovely to see the comparison of before and after photos of Kellie's Castle. We went with our church members there about 3 years ago and weren't at all afraid of checking every nook and corner, so to speak, since there were about 10-15 of us. Thanks for sharing this lovely article, A. Belle.

  10. For those interested, the 1989 photo was taken on Fuji Film and printed on Fuji paper. The 1955 photo was a slide taken on Ektachrome. Both fims show different tones. While the Fuji shot shows vibrant colours, the Extachrome shows almost natural colours. Both were taken at different times of the day. The 1989 shot was at sunrise with the reddish hue of the morning sun plastering everything. The slide was shot about the afternoon.

    One thing facinated me,the clear blue sky which is a rarity today!

    -Anthony Morris-

    1. Mr Anthony Morris, thank you very much for your kind comments. For those who are interested to get permission to use/buy his photos please contact me my I will redirect your queries to him. He has the originals in better resolutions and quality.


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