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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Putrajaya Floria 2013 Highlights and Theme Orchids

My You Tube video about the Highlights of Floria 2013.


  • the Royal Garden 
    • with features of the Istana Kota Tengah in Alor Setar, Kedah signifying the rule of our nation's 14th King, his HRH YDP Agong. 
    • here you can also find the world's largest orchid - Grammatophyllum speciosum which is also a rare, native orchid.
  • Longest Landscaped Vertical Wall
    • vying for entry into Malaysian Book of Records.
    • 343m long and 2m high

about Orchids, the theme of Floria 2013 is "Orchid - Tropical Treasure:


Showcase of more than 5000 species and hybrids of orchids
Wild, fragrant, native, wild and rare orchids
Orchids named after famous people.


  1. I love Orchids- sadly I have never been able to keep them alive for more than about a month. I have tried different locations/sun all over the house but never been lucky with them. So now I just enjoy photos and wonderful posts like yours. =0)

  2. Wspaniałe miejsce z przepięknym kwiatami. Pozdrawim.
    Great place with beautiful flowers. Yours.

  3. Incredible Orchids! And I so enjoyed the video. Thanks for sharing the highlights of the show.

  4. Autumn Belle, I would have known where to look first, had I been there in person. The lilies are incredible.

  5. Beautiful flowers. I hope to go there one day.

  6. The orchids are spectacular. Love the orchids at the competition area.

  7. Thanks for the video of the highlights of Floria 2013. It was spectacular. I particularly liked the fish figures done in flowers.

  8. It was nice to meet you in Floria this time Belle.
    I'm glad to meet the rest of the gardeners there who are truly warm & friendly from the MNGC FB group.

    Personally I was a little disappointed with Floria in the way they exhibited the orchids.
    Most of the Phals are frying on the hot sun where they are meant to be kept in a cool & shaded area.
    These orchids are left there just for decor purpose and it shows that when the event is done - they have a high chances of getting into the bins.

    The A/C room showrooms was a little let down to me.
    Though most of the booths mention about each countries but it is so uniform with the orchids used that most of them had used Phal. orchids in all of their arrangement that it appears to be like - "you see one - you seen all" kind of a feel.
    Personally I know that the Northern Countries are rich with beautiful rare and exotic orchids, Even Singapore has orchids as its National Flower - but to my eyes - these appear to be most likely created by designers but using flowers available in Malaysian nurseries.

    I'm sure by now - most of the orchids there in PutraJaya would had been fried by the heat & haze exposed in the open.

  9. Hi Autumn Belle... thank you so much for sharing the highlights of Floria 2013. Truly appreciate your lovely videos of awesome flowers because I've missed this dramatic event due to the horrible haze... was strongly advised not to go due to my health condition.


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