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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Garden at Hotel Equatorial Bangi - Putrajaya Part 2

There is a beautifully landscaped or should I say award-winning garden at Hotel Equatorial Bangi-Putrajaya. In Part 1 of my post, I have already featured the Japanese Koi Pond cum Rock Garden. Here in Part 2, we shall take a stroll along the meandering pathways of lush tropical greenery.

This looks like the perfect setting for a wedding reception and photography session.

Some of the features here include:
  • Well manicured lawns, trimmed hedges and tall swaying palms.
  • Beautifully designed arbors decked in luxuriant green foliage 
  • Lovely blooms of the everflowering Bauhinia kockiana intertwined with Tristellateia australasiae
  • A pergola lined a whole walkway beside the Japanese styled koi pond and it leads to the entrance of a free-form swimming pool where one can watch beautiful, romantic sunsets in the evenings.
  • The sounds of running water from the bubbling fountains and mini waterfalls soothes and calm the soul.
“The Garden at Hotel Equatorial Bang-Putrajaya Part 2”, a copyrighted post, was written for My Nice Garden blog by Autumn Belle @ on June 24th, 2011.

A Pinang tree standing tall beside two well-trimmed hedges of exotic Ixora shrubs.
The sandy pathway leads to the entrance of an arbour decorated with Bauhinia kockiana plants.

Palm trees, Ixora flowers, Tristellateia australasiae and B. kockiana are our native plants.
B. kockiana plants grow wild in the rainforest jungles of Malaysia,
particularly in Sabah on the island of Borneo where you can find them scalling the heights
of the tallest trees. From afar, their flowers look like big balls of fire among a sea of green.

Swaying palms above, a whispering willow tree below;
An ixora  hedge on the right and burgundy red Chinese witch hazel (Loropetalum chinensis) plants on the left.

Osmoxylon lineare aka Green Aralia aka Miagos Bush behind a Japanese stone lantern.

This pergola is completely covered with B. kockiana and Tristellateia australasiae plants. Both are woody climbers. The stone-paved walkway here is lined with Spider Lilies on the left and Calathea lutea plants on the right. A divider screen placed at the meeting point of 2 parallel lines completes the picturesque view.

This passageway with pillars and columns look like an aisle for a pair of love birds to walk down and say their marriage vows, don't you think so?

A family of fiery red ants making a nest on B. kockiana leaves.
Be careful as the bites from these ants are just as 'fiery' and painful.

A row of blooming purple bougainvilleas on a planter box.

This is the entrance to the garden.

Do you think that this garden would be nice for:
  1. a company function
  2. a wedding or engagement
  3. a birthday bash
  4. an anniversary celebration
  5. a picnic and a book to read with a swim in the pool ???
This is my entry for My World Tuesday, the link is here.

Note: The opinion expressed are entirely my own based on my own observations and inference. I am not paid to do this. 


  1. What a lovely and romantic garden! I think it would be lovely for any occasion. However, because of the lush plantings and winding pathways, I think it would be perfect for a wedding.

  2. Oh, gorgeous! I, too, think it would be wonderful for any occasion, but especially a wedding under the pergola. How romantic!

  3. Mimo mrówek chętnie bym to miejsce pooglądała. Pozdrawiam

  4. Nice garden! I think it will be nice place for a picnic and a book to read!

  5. Lovely and all grown plants now! Is this in the Putrajaya Center, where all the govt offices are found? Maybe it is now more wonderful to take the cruise, as when we did some areas are still ongoing construction. Also that time plants are still being planted. I am sure cruising now is more beautiful. You should take the cruise and post the photos.

  6. beautiful garden landscape with lots of great photo ops.

  7. That is a nice hotel..., overlooking Bangi.

  8. My dear frens, I just happened to drop by this area while on a meeting appointment. I enjoy looking at gardens wherever I go to, (including those along the roadside) as all these are valuable learning opportunities. I would be very interested in what are the plants that grow well in such a setting. Hope you enjoyed the trip too.

    Andrea, your suggestions are very attractive indeed. I'd certainly love to take a cruise on Putrajaya Lake but it is still about 13km away from Bangi here. If I have the time/chance one day, yeah ;~)

  9. The pergola looks like a good place for wedding photos.

  10. Great photos! I see some of the bauhinia kockiana in bloom. Mine are still resting!

  11. The Whispering Willow Tree would be a perfect opportunity for the newly weds to kiss each other haha. Been to this place for a wedding dinner once and like the surroundings, they are awesome, a great place for wedding and should be placed as top placing in answering your question. Guess #5 stays at the bottom 5. tQ

  12. If I were there, I would definitely shoot lots of photos! I enjoy looking at your photos. Thanks for sharing!


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