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Friday, March 12, 2010

Chin Swee Temple - Genting Highlands Part 1

Chin Swee Temple - Genting Highlands Part 1”, a copyrighted post, was written for My Nice Garden blog by Autumn Belle @ on March 12, 2010.

An aerial view from Chin Swee Temple grounds.

Genting Highlands is located at the peak of a tropical rainforest within the Titiwangsa Range, it highest point is at an elevation of 1,760 metres (5,800 ft) above sea level. It houses the Genting Highlands Resort that sits on the border between Selangor and Pahang states of Malaysia. It is about 51 km from our federal capital of Kuala Lumpur, or 45 min. drive by car.

The pathway of the Journey to Reincarnation is depicted on the far left.

Genting is also known as the 'Las Vegas' of Malaysia and the 'City of Entertainment'. It is here that you will find the only legal casinos (2 of them now) in the whole of Malaysia. But there is also a spiritual side to this resort.

Recently, during the month of January 2010, we drove up to Genting Highlands Resort to celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary. We travelled off-peak so as to escape the crowd and enjoy the peace and tranquility of this beautiful highland 'above the clouds' as it is known in Chinese (雲頂高原) . Half way up, at about 4,600 ft above sea level, we decided to stopover at the Chin Swee Temple, which according to the resort's publicity news, is situated 'at a rocky forested land on the most scenic spot of Genting Highlands'.

There is a large square spreading over 35,000 sq ft, aptly named Sky Terrace (Place for Heavenly Offering) for visitors and devotees to take a leisurely stroll among the ‘clouds in heaven’. Shrouded in mist, this place looks like paradise on Earth.

Chin Swee Temple - Genting Highlands Part 1”, a copyrighted post, was written for My Nice Garden blog by Autumn Belle @ on March 12, 2010.

I was extremely delighted to find many many orange daylilies blooming here. That was the first time I ever see a real daylily plant. There's a pagoda here, partially hidden from view by the tall trees. A mythical crane, the fengshui symbol of longevity is perched at the railing and seems to be admiring the scenic views of its surroundings.

Daylilies seem to do well in this place where the daily temperatures average between 14C - 25C.

At first glance, I thought these were the Melastoma malabathricum (Straits Rhododendron) or senduduk as we fondly call it by the local name.

However, based on the flower colour, I think they are the Tibouchina urvilleana or Princess Flower (Glory Bush).

This is a monument with the statue of the late Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong, the founder of Genting Highlands Resort. He discovered this serene site when he started building works on the first hotel at the peak of Genting Highlands. While constructing the road leading to Genting Highlands, he spotted this cool rocky slope, covered with green tropical vegetation dotted with flowing streams, which was very similar to the Chin Swee Crag back in his native Penglai Village in Fujian, China. Here, he was inspired to build a temple similar to the original one in China. Hence, that was how Chin Swee Temple of Malaysia took shape.

I like the lush variegated foliage of the croton plants in the planter below the statue. Do you think you can see some shadows of me reflected in the pink slab of granite there?

I am extremely delighted to dedicate this post to Ms Tatyana from Washington, USA, of MySecretGarden blog. She was my first commenter for my previous Wordless Wednesday post titled, "Blue Vine Sariteae magnifica." Her blog and pictures are as beautiful as the places that I am visiting now. I am so glad that despite her very busy schedule, she still drops by to view and comment on my posts.

This is my entry for Blooming Friday, 2nd week of March 2010. My grateful thanks to Katarina at Roses and Stuff for hosting Blooming Friday. To see what others have posted or to participate, click here.

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  1. You have a lovely pictures that resembles the heaven.

    You may have seen 玉皇大帝.

  2. Hi Autumn Belle, happy Weekend. Now i am first in commenting. I visited a few moments ago, and now i visited again with your post already. Very beautiful photos of Genting Highlands, how i wish i had more time there to get better photos. We only had a day and in the afternoon the fogs came down, very cold and the surroundings not visible.

    I just stayed home today. Thanks for the cold front, we had some rains, though it easily penetrated the thirsty soil and the dams did not get any water supply. Hopefully, a storm will come to alleviate lack of water and cracking agricultural lands.

  3. What gregourios Images!
    Happy Blooming Friday...Luna

  4. Lovely images and a great post:)
    Have a nice weekend!/Maria

  5. That is a very beautiful place. I love the misty fog photo. Let's hope it never comes to look too much like Vegas. That is definitely a princess flower, one of my favorite flowers! And, rest assured, there are daylilies that can grow in heat. I grow daylilies in Heat Zone 11. They stay evergreen year-round, unlike the northern daylilies. They should be labeled "evergreen" when you order them.

  6. Dear Autumn Belle, What truly dramatic scenery and what a wonderful experience to have actually been there. Both the views and the colourful plant life are remarkable and I am sure that your visit is something that you will treasure for years to come. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

    I hope that you have a very happy and restful weekend.

  7. Autumn Belle: Those pictures are so beautiful, and make me a little homesick :) I always love foggy scenes, maybe because it makes things look more mysterious and beautiful. Love those organge Daylilies and the blue precess flowers!

  8. I am very fond of hibiscus. Your photos of them are stunning. And so nice to see a daylily in bloom in your post. Have a nice weekend.

  9. Heisann!

    So beautiful flowers...
    Think you had a nice trip!
    Have a nice weekend!

  10. It's so interresting with your posts of Malaysia, I hardly know anything at all from your country, and of course, your pictures are fantastic!

  11. What a special place! The third image from the top is out of this world! Majestic!
    Thank you, Autumn Belle, for your kind words about my blog.

  12. What a beautiful place, Autumn Belle! It looks like the perfect getaway for a wedding anniversary. And I love those daylilies. -Jean

  13. It seems to be a beautiful place. The flowers and vegetation are very pretty.A place fit to house a temple for the Buddha.

  14. It must have been a great trip! Happy wedding anniversary...a little late...

  15. What a fabulous place Autumn! I love the tranquility of it all and set among such magnificent scenery. Paradise on earth indeed. Belated but heartfelt good wishes on your 22nd anniversary, too!

  16. Wow, the scenery looks great and we have not stopped by the Chin Swee Temple at all. So, a stopover is a must the next visit to Genting H'lands. happy belated anniversary for more to come:)

  17. what a gorgeous place! I am glad you shared...or I would not have ever seen it! lol
    have a great weekend...thanks for linking in!

  18. Wow! How beautiful and interesting! Thank you for sharing.

  19. I want to go to this place. It must be one of the most beautiful places on this earth!

  20. Hi AutumnBelle! That orange day lily looks like your earlier yellow one you got for your garden - they are beautiful :-) The place look serene and quiet. You must have enjoyed yourself very much there. Thanks for sharing these pixes.

  21. When I lived in Malaysia the Genting highlands was one place i didn't get too. It looks like a beautiful place. Happy 22 anniversary!

  22. Thanks for introducing Genting. It is a beautiful place indeed. I visited Malaysia a month or two ago, and once considered visiting Genting. Yet, since we didn't know Genting was such a beautiful place, we went to Melaka instead. But now I know, and I will definitely check it out when I go to Malaysia again :)

  23. Autumn Belle, what beauty in this place. The rolling landscape is lush and's very high up! And the structures seem to blend and enhance the surroundings. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Another thank you for featuring my blog in your sidebar. What a nice touch. I'm honored!

  24. ooh, that sky terrace is gorgeous - I'd love to take a stroll with my hubby there. What nice trip. Did you go without kids?

  25. Hi, everyone. Thank you very much for your compliments, warm wishes and nice comments. Genting is certainly a beautiful and cool place to visit, relax and enjoy. It is also a favourite location for movie shoots. I love the cool, fresh air and beautiful flowers.

  26. Congratulations on your 22nd anniversary. No wonder you haven't been posting lately...Genting Highlands took your attention away from the computer!
    Your fotos look great...didn't realize GH can look so beautiful


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