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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Crinum Lily

Scientific name: Crinum jagus
Common name: African Crinum Lily
Origin: Africa

Photographs taken by Autumn Belle at The Secret Garden of 1-Utama
Grateful thanks to Dr. Francis Ng of The Secret Garden of 1-Utama
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This post is dedicated to Ms Sunita of The Urban Gardener for being the 1st commenter of my previous post Beauty in Miniatures.


  1. I love your big pictures Autumn Belle! These whites are absolutely gorgeous! I am happy to know that your boy is doing better! Give him a hug from me, will you?

  2. Autumn Belle what a stunning lily. I love white flowers and this one with the dark stamens is gorgeous. Beautiful pictures.

  3. We grow these as house plants but yours are such lovely photos and look so much better in a natural setting.

  4. HI Autumn b,
    Is your son doing better?
    Your blooms are just so delightful, thanks for sharing!
    Take care.

  5. Woah...super lovely!! what a thick srem it has too! Gorgeous whites...beautiful job!!I feel whites are wonderful in the garden..they hav their own mystique!

  6. those are really lovely flowers! great shot indeed!

    u may view mine if u have time

  7. The white lilies are just beautiful!

  8. My god Autumn Belle, didn´t know your son was ill, how good to see the picture where he is doing well... so sorry for my lack of consideration...
    This lily is a very beautiful one, your pictures are gorgeous.
    Muchos cariños
    María Cecilia

  9. Crinums are among my favorites. I looked at your post earlier without commenting. Later I went to look at some photos of mine from late summer and thought, "These look very much like Autumn Belle's crinums," except of course mine had different backgrounds, but the flowers are very similar. Mine smell like vanilla, do you notice a fragrance?

  10. I hope your son is doing better. Sorry to hear that.

    I like crinum and these flowers that you have snapped are exceptionally beautiful. Tq for posting them :-D

  11. These crinumums are beautiful, I too am glad to hear you son is on the mend!

    Happy WW!

  12. oh, your son is so cute in the photo. Well, the hospital gown and the cast aren't cute, but he sure looks like a tough guy!

    The crinum looks beautiful against the lush green foliage. I also happened to catch the thumbnail of the victoria amazonica - wow!

  13. So Sorry to note that your son had an accident. Glad that he is getting better. It sure must have taken a lot of your energy to take care of him.
    Hope all will be ok soon.

    And I guess, it the midst of all the hustle & running around, this white lily is sort of sign of HOpe that all will be ok.
    Take care & God bless.

  14. gorgeous!

    I am sharing Red, White, and Blue for the veterans on WW.

  15. great shots, i love lilies..

    Here's to the Curious Minds, happy veteran's day!

  16. Autumn Belle, thanks for these beautiful photos...and, yes, speedy recovery for your son!

  17. Sorry to hear of your son's accident.

    Beautiful shot of the lillies.

  18. Autumn Belle, Your lilies are stunning. Such big, beautiful pictures. I hope your son is better.

  19. These lilies are so gorgeous and refreshingly detailed. Very lovely.

  20. Tatyana, Thank you very much for your warm hug and wishes. I was touched by your nice gesture when I opened my blog and saw your comment.

    Rosey, Maria, Stephanie, Dragonfly Lady, Wendy, James, Lynn, Keats, Mary Delle, My boy is so happy with all the attention. His hand is healing now. I read from a fengshui magazine that white flowers are good gifts for sick people and it brings about healing. That's why I am posting this white crinum lily.

    Nell Jean, yes! I have seen the pictures of your crinums in you blog and they are indeed lovely. Haha, so nice to see that my crinums pictures have attracted you to dropped by by blog to comment. Smell like vanilla? No wonder! I first thought that they smelled like the cream puffs that I liked.

    Lona, Joanne, Kiki, Marice, Noelle, Lori, Joops, Chubskulit, Poetic Shutterbug, the crinum lily is indeed beautiful. It has a pure creamy white colour and smells very nice, like cream too.

  21. Wow! The pureness in the whites is such a delight to savour! As usual, your photos are awesome, Autumn Belle!
    Btw, where exactly is the Secret Garden at 1 Utama? I asked my younger son who frequents BU but he's clueless of that garden. Hope to visit it someday, but need to be chauffeured by either of my boys as my darling spouse can never recall how-to go there...hehe, neither can I!!

  22. Jacqueline, the Secret Garden of 1-Utama is on the Upper Roof. You go to the Centre Court of the 1-Utama shopping complex and take the special lift up to UR. From the LG floor, this lift is located near to the Secret Recipe outlet and it has a signage with the Secret Garden location shown. When in doubt, ask the information counter, and they will show you the way. This garden is only opened to the public on Sat and Sun.

  23. Autumn Belle, I'm so sorry to be the last one to comment here just when you had dedicated this post to me for being the first one to comment earlier. I'm so sorry, there's a wedding in the family so I've been a bit tight for time which has cut down on my blog-reading time drastically. I feel terrible for being so inconsiderate!
    Yet I feel so good about your lovely gesture ... thank you so much. Yes, I love the crinum lillies. I have them in my garden and love their clean, pure look and of course the wonderful fragrance!
    I do hope your son is feeling better now. Do take care of yourself too, I know how easy it is to neglect yourself when your child is not well.

  24. Sunita, your comment here is never late and much appreciated. I love late comments because it is special. Weddings are such joyful occassions, I am so glad for you. My son is OK now, thank you very much for your warm wishes.

  25. Thank you very much for your response to my enquiry, Autumn Belle. Looking forward to visit it one day.


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