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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Quisqualis indica, The Rangoon Creeper - Wordless Wednesday

This post is dedicated to Ms Eileen of Traveling with Eileen who was the first commenter of my previous post "The Yellow Cassia Trees of KLCC Park."

Botanical name: Quisqualis indica
Family: Combretaceae

Common name: Rangoon Creeper, Burma Creeper, Chinese Honeysuckle, Drunken Sailor,
Bunga Akar Dani, Bunga Setanduk
Origin: Burma, Peninsular Malaysia, New Guinea, and the Philippines

Photographs taken by Autumn Belle at The Secret Garden of 1-Utama
Grateful thanks to Dr. Francis Ng of The Secret Garden of 1-Utama. You can visit Dr. Francis Ng's blog here.

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  1. Good morning Autumn.Another beautiful flowering vine. The peach blooms are so pretty with their different stages of blooming.

  2. Hello!
    Glorious Creeper. I am thinking of Crab Rangoon and getting a craving now. Your photos are marvelous, Autumn Belle!

    Yes, to your ? about the sunglasses. The snow extremely bright! I don't go anywhere without them.

  3. Oh oh..I think I am in love with this rangoon creeper now!! Mega is so lush!!I love this vibarnt post!! Stellar photogrpahy!

  4. So beautiful. I love this Chinese Honeysuckle. I always look forward to your posts because you feature such unusual plants that we do not see here often in the States.

  5. oh i miss flowers and sunshine, i can't wait to next year to see it all again :(

  6. The Chinese honeysuckle is beautiful -Does it have a smell?I am enjoying your posts so much. Thanks for sharing with us.

  7. Does this smell like a common honey suckle? The plant is very attractive. I like the leaf shape in comparison to the Halls honeysuckle which are smaller. Nice photos of this.

  8. Wow!!
    Unique shots from flowers :-)

  9. Thanks Autumn. I read your post and came right here to see your beautiful flowers. Great post.

  10. Lona, I find that climbers and vines usually have the most beautiful flowers. The blooms change from white to pink to red. So, it looks like there are 3 colours of flowers on the vine. What a bonus for the gardener.

    Rosey, thanks to you now I learnt something new today. I googled about crab Rangoon and I want to try out the recipe.

    Kiki, this plant grows vibrantly here and self seeds. Regularly trimming is needed to control its branches.

    Noelle, you can also grow this plant in a pot. It attracts a lot of butterflies and hummingbirds.

    Barry, it is indeed nice to see you here again. This plant blooms the whole year through and there are a lot of flowers.

    Deborah, LeSan, Anya. Yes this plant has a sweet fruity scent. The words ‘musky melon’ , ‘fresh apples’ or ‘buttered popcorn’ have been used to describe the smell. The scent is more pronounced after dark and can be smelled from quite a distance.

    LeSan, ah yes, you are back blogging. That's great! Welcome to my Friends Connect link.

  11. Hi, Eileen. I'm glad you like this post. I was busy preparing the answers to the earlier comments when your comment came. I guess we were online simultaneously.

  12. reaaaaly pretty! I love any honeysuckle (even more so when they're under control). I think I would enjoy fresh apples more than buttered popcorn! Buttered popcorn would not match it's sweet fragrant look.

  13. Such a stunning flower,Autumn Belle. I like the way you started with the flower and slowly panned out to the entire vine. Great sequence.

  14. The flowers always amazes me... so many and all over. They are often seen here in PJ overhanging from garden fences. It's a wonderful vine to grow if one has the space.

  15. I love these flowers, they smell wonderful in the evening when taken indoors as cut flowers and they last for few days.
    There are other varieties too, one with the single petal & single colour. This one is multilayered & double coloured.

  16. Wendy, Mary Delle, this is a great flower that has colour as well as the fragrance. How wonderful. The real one looks very pretty when draped over garden fences.

    Stephanie, you are right. Many people grow them in their gardens. I have seen many homes in the Klang Valley with this plant too. It looks lovely when it is full of pastel blooms and cascading down from home garden fences.

    James, Yes, I saw yours in your blog. You made the right decision to grow it. I am now trying to grow an angel wing jasmine from cuttings near my garden fence because I like its fragrance but now this Rangoon creeper is even better with fragrance as well as 3 colour blooms. I am seriously thinking of adding it to my home garden.

    Dr. Ng really has an eye for beautiful flowers and plants and he certainly has a green thumb.

  17. These are so unique and the creeper exotic looking. Gorgeous flowers and photos. Thanks for sharing.

  18. beautiful pics!! I have the rangoon creeper and the plant climbs and hangs from the balcony. lovely smell permeates into our living are in the evenings.

  19. This flower and plant is really lovely. I think i've seen this at the Butterfly House in KL in 2006. I will browse through my photos and also upload it to correlate with your blog here. You know what Autumn Belle, you, Jacqueline, Tatyana inspired me more about ornamentals. I realized i have neglected many portions of these lovely creations.

  20. Gorgeous series of photos! Beautiful plant that I have never seen before.

  21. Hi Autumn Belle,

    Visiting you for the first time. You have a beautiful blog and some inspiring images.

    Geetings from a garden in South Africa :)

  22. Quite an unusual looking flower... but I love it. Especially the last photo - fantastic display!

  23. Poetic Shutterbug, Joanne, Carolyn, Evelyn. Thank you very much for visiting and for the wonderful comments.

    Sunshine Girl, it is indeed a good choice for our homes. You are so lucky to be able to enjoy its benefits. Cheers!

    Andrea, thank you very much for encouraging comments and nice compliments. Maraming salamat po!

    Among Trees, welcome to My Nice Garden and thank you very much for the nice comments.

  24. I've always admired this beauty. This is one glorious vine I'd love to add to our garden but impossible due to space constain...arrgh! You've done great justice to its beauty with your fabulous captures, Autumn Belle! Didn't know that the flowers are scented too. Hmm...probably have to sacrifice our Bauhinia kockiana which hardly flowers with this for thought, huh!


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