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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Images of Repose - Word for Wednesday

Australian willow tree and Osmoxylon lineare (Green Aralia) bush

This is my favourite spot at the rooftop Secret Garden of 1-Utama, my weekend hideout cum retreat. I like to sit here and contemplate or just listen to the soothing sounds from the mini-waterfall. The air is cool and fresh. Sometimes I get to enjoy a whiff of fragrance from my favourite blooms and occassionally a busy bee whizzes by.

The above picture is my entry for Gardening Gone Wild's Picture This Photo Contest - October 2011. This month's theme is "Fill the Frame".

When I am lucky, I can hear a bird singing. It may be just a little chirp or twit but the sounds can be very uplifting and therapeutic. Looking up at the sky, I see many things nice.

What does "Repose" mean to you?

“Images of Repose - Word for Wednesday”, a copyrighted post, was written for My Nice Garden blog by Autumn Belle @ on Oct 5th, 2011.

Sam Poh Tong Temple (handphone photo)

To me it is a state of calm and cosmic tranquility (C&C) ~ like a monk in medidation .....

Sam Poh Tong Temple (handphone photo)

..... or a state of pure rest and relaxation (R&R)

Cat and my Blue Daze plant

a feeling of contentment.....

Frogs among my Cuphea plants

..... and peace.

Which state of repose do you like?

This is my entry for Word for Wednesday - Repose hosted by Donna of Garden Walk Garden Talk.


  1. such a clever and enjoyable post!

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral

    / )

    > < } } ( ° >

  2. I'm surprised to see a willow tree on the rooftop. This is a big tree. This place is more beautiful than I had imagined.

    I have that 3rd shot in my hand phone. I don't carry my camera around but thought it looked really cute.

    Love your tranquil and peaceful take on Repose.

  3. I too like the waterfall and all the statuary. This really is a peaceful looking place, a nice place to relax and unwind. Thank you much for joining Word for Wednesday.

  4. Hi i've been waiting for you, it looks like not many are joining Repose. I am with you with the feelings at that Secret Garden, however you can surely make one near your house so it would be nearer and you can always be there when at home. Who will say that the first photo is not at ground level! It looks like an ordinary botanical garden. How beautiful. I also personally like the willow tree, though i haven't planted it in our property as it might not like a very dry area.

  5. relaxing! I am drawn to the Buddha. It seems like it would be nice to curl up for a nap in his lap. Great post!

  6. Beautiful repose photos!
    That's Willow tree? My neighbour have it and i use to admire this tree a lot!

  7. What a beautiful spot to relax. I love all the photos, especially rhthe tree. Have a nice day!

  8. Lovely thoughts of peace...I think of calmness when I think of repose...wonderful post!!

  9. I love the contrast between the airy form of the willow and the dense, compact aralia. Lovely.

  10. What wonderful statuary! It does look like a nice relaxing place to sit and meditate.

  11. waterfalls and weeping trees is relaxation! I can imagine myself sitting there and relaxing!

  12. The first thing I notice on your first pic was the water feature behind the tree. I am so much drawn to water features especially when its natural-looking even if its man-made.

    Those pictures depict images of a tranquil place, very beautiful and peaceful.

  13. Cudne jest to Twoje miejsce relaksu. Pozdrawiam

  14. Good morning my dear frens! Thank you very much for enjoying 'repose' with me here.

    This willow tree is very beautiful. I love the way the branches dangle gracefully down from the top. I enjoy the skywatch view of its foliage. This tree also has a beautiful peeling bark but not many people here appreciate/notice this unique feature. Maybe it is because we do not have winters with bare landscapes - a time for tree trunks and branches to exhibit their true beauty.

  15. Giga says, "Yours is a wonderful place to relax". Thanks Giga!

  16. Love the monk who is leaning over, resting and relaxing. What an amazing garden!

  17. I love the photos they certainly convey peace. One of my favorite ways to repose is to sit by water.

    The rippling sounds of water are so calming to my soul. My second choice is listening to birds. aahhhh the sounds of nature.

  18. So serene and very beautiful shots, Autumn Belle! Lovely post!

  19. What a beautiful place. It would be so calming to set by that waterfall. Beautiful! Have a wonderful weekend.


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