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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ensete perrieri, The Madagascar Banana and A Banana Beauty Contest

Scientific name: Ensete perrieri
Common name: Madagascar Banana
Family: Musaceae
Category: Ornamental banana
Origin: Madagascar
Photo taken at: Floria 2010.

This unique banana species is native to Madagascar. It looks lik a banana plant and has a waxy bluish trunk that bulges at the base. The leaves have yellowish midribs and are held on by very short stalks. The crown looks like a shuttlecock.

“Ensete perrieri, The Madagascar Banana and a Banana Beauty Contest”, a copyrighted post, was written for My Nice Garden blog by Autumn Belle @ on April 30th, 2011.

Banana Beauty Contest

Please vote for your most beautiful/favourite banana in your comment here.
Contestant No. 1 is Ensette perrieri (a false banana), picture above.

Contestant no. 2 - Musa velutina
Origin: India
Common name: Royal Purple Banana, Self Peeling Banana, Hairy Banana
Special features: Fruits are royal purple colour and self peels when ripe.

Contestant no. 3 - Musa zebrina
Origin: Sumatra, Indonesia
Common name: Blood Banana.
Special feature: Variegated foliage

Contestant no. 4 - Musa beccarri N.W. Simmonds
Origin: Borneo
Common name: None
Special features: Banana bloom are shiny red with green tips.

Contestant no. 5 - Musa laterita Cheeseman
Origin: India, Myanmar, Thailand
Common name: Bronze Banana
Special feature: Bronze colour bloom with yellowish green tips.

Contestant no. 6 - Musa lasiocarpa
Origin: Yunan, China
Common name: Golden Lotus Banana
Special feature: A highlands banana with lotus-like flower that can last a few months

Contestant no. 7 - Musa ornata
Common name: None
Origin: India
Special feature: Beautiful banana with lots of suckers

Contestant no. 8 - Musa spp
Common name: Banana, Plantain
Origin: Tropical Asia
Special feature: The useful banana we use and cook everyday

Not that it is end of April 2011, hence it is time for The Hot, the Loud, and the Proud Meme # 14 hosted by Noel of A Plant Fanatic blog. Please follow my link here to participate or view other spectacular shows around the world.


  1. Very interesting plants ! Have not seen anything like this before. These are stunning ! Beautiful series. Thank you for sharing this with us !

  2. aloha,

    i vote for musa zebrina, that one is really unusual for a musa...what a great collection you have photographed - beautiful!

  3. Salaam;
    We have small, sweet "apple bananas"

    Those leaves of yours point - ours are rounder...

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral



  4. Happy Sunday morning Autumn Belle. I've just put banana in my pancake this morning, which i experimented yesterday. It was a success the first time when i used plantain but my 2nd attempt was not as successful because i change the banana with your Pisang Mas or our 'Latundan'. I love to look at the Musa ornata because of my color preference, however all of them are beautiful. But in terms of value maybe the last one, Musa balbisiana, our cooking banana in Asia is the most valuable.

  5. I can't pick! They're all too amazing. Thanks for sharing all the information and the great photos!

  6. My first pick is #7 M. ornata, then #6 M. lasiocarpa.

    I also like #1 E. perrieri for its beautiful leaves. Oh, and since I have some of it, I have to vote for #3 M. zebrina too... LOL

  7. Definitely No. 4! Great strong colour for a banana flower.
    Hey AB, come join my new meme MISSION QUITE POSSIBLE in my travel-i-tales blog.The first mission is out.

  8. They are all so beautiful, it was hard for me to pick just one of them, but I picked # 6 because I love purple.

    Thanks for sharing those lovely photos with us I didn't know that banana's could be so varied, unique and beautiful.

  9. Never thought Banana Flowers could be so flashy in colour n beautiful. Intersting post!

  10. Wow! such varieties.I vote No.4 - great contrast of colours.

  11. I have two that are 3 and no. 7. Thanks for educating us on the various banana plants. I am enjoying discovering these plants.

  12. Glad to know the varieties...
    But where did you photograph them ?

  13. Wow! Never knew that there are so many ornamental banana species! Thanks for presenting them, A. Belle!
    I'm so glad that you've included the pink Musa ornata - that helped me ID my archived photo which was shot 3 years ago at Putrajaya Botanic Garden. :)

  14. All the photos with the exception of the last one are taken at Putrajaya Floria 2010. The last picture is takan at the ditch garden in my neighbourhood. I have seen M.laterita and M.ornata in home gardens and by the roadside (grown by home gardeners). I have also seen M.ornata along the walkway leading to the Putrajaya Shangri-la Resort. Currently, you can view M. beccarii at the Secret Garden of 1-Utama.

  15. They are all beautiful and some of them I've never seen or known existed! I would definitely vote for No 7, it looks really elegant and beautiful! Thanks for this interesting post on banana plants!

  16. What a great post! I vote for #2 -- are you surprised or did you expect it from me? ;-P

  17. Bananaz may have CVD but all colors are nice and pixz are awesome. Love the #6 Golden Lotus Banana. tQ

  18. I vote for 7 but it was a hard choice as they are are amazing plants!

  19. All very pretty but Contestant no. 7 - Musa ornata is my choice...

  20. Hi, everyone. Thank you for your votes. Looks like M. ornata is taking the crown of Miss Beautiful Banana in this beauty pagent. M. zebrina is Miss Personality.

    Bom, I'm not surprise by your votes. Actually No. 2 is very beautiful, both the bloom and fruit. It is just that this photographer (me) couldn't get a good picture here :>)

  21. i like to move it, move it! ahahaha that's the first thing that came into my mind when you mentioned madagascar =)


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