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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Orchids

This post is dedicated to Ms Kiki of Awake With Charm & Spirit who was the first commenter for my previous post, Honest Scrap Award for My Nice Garden.




Photographs taken by Autumn Belle at The Secret Garden of 1-Utama
Grateful thanks to Dr. Francis Ng of The Secret Garden of 1-Utama.
You can visit Dr. Francis Ng's blog here.
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  1. The first picture is my favourite. It is Arundina graminifolia or bamboo orchid. It is grown on the ground.

  2. Hello Autumn Belle,

    The orchids are so beautiful! I bought my first orchids earlier this month and am enjoying their beautiful blooms. I hope to be able to learn how to care for them.

    I enjoy your posts and pictures very much as they offer a window to the beautiful area you live in.

  3. Autumn Belle, I have never tried to grow orchids. Your photographs are an inspiration. Maybe I should do some research and give it a try! Pamela

  4. Exquisite orchids Autumn Belle!

  5. Wow..these are truly stunning! AWESOME!!

  6. oh I love the first pic too. Its like a new flower is emerging from the remaining first one but its not. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Oh my these are all glorious though the last one gave me goose bumps, just spectacular.

  8. Noelle, Pam, Di, Kiki, Mania, Poetic Shutterbug.

    Orchids are truly unique and beautiful. I found them to be unpredictable when it comes to blooming but the beauty and scent of the flowers that lasts for weeks makes it worth all the efforts.

    The Arundina graminifolia or bamboo orchid is one of the many exotic wild orchids that can be found growing along highways or open areas in Malaysia. I hope to feature this orchid in more detail soon.

  9. i love orchids of all kinds and those are incredibly lovely. Happy WW!

  10. Just beautiful, Autumn Belle. Certainly words are not needed.

  11. All these orchids reminds me of the Orchid Garden in KL, the memory still remain fresh in my mind everytime I see orchids.
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. I see why you like the bamboo orchid! It is the prettiest by far, but they are all so lovely!

  13. That first one is quite different from other orchids I have seen, which tend to look like the other examples. Quite a variety here!

  14. Hi Autumn Belle, you seem busy, because there is not much talks in your entry today. I am looking for words, i mean more words. These are just ordinary orchids but since your photos are beautiful, they they become exceptional. I already have a few posts, and i am sorry i cannot follow your instruction in putting the link. Dumb me!!!

  15. I love to see orchids in the jungle. They may not as beautiful, but they are wild.

  16. Life Ramblings, Mary Delle, James, Rosey, Catsynth, thank you very much for the lovely comments.

    Andrea, my today’s entry is ‘Wordless Wednesday’, so no need to talk on my part, Ha ha.

    Rainfield and Andrea, actually the orchid in the first picture is a common and native plant to us but a rare exotic orchid to other parts of the world. This orchid is actually not easy to grow in the city. Rainfield, maybe you have come across this orchid in your nature walks.

  17. Andrea, I have checked your links. I think they are ok now.

  18. Blast! I thought I would be able to pick a favorite and I can't, it's impossible. These are all simply gorgeous and just make me tingle thinking about being surrounded by them. Great photos of these beauts Autumn Belle!

  19. Your photos are amazing Autumnbelle! I will keep on visiting and enjoying your amazing photography and beautiful plants.

  20. They are all so pretty! I just love the first one, its so different than the ones I usually see.

  21. These orchids are so beautiful!! Amazing colours!

    I did a blue post today and there's a link to your blog...the reason being the Butterfly Pea. Just wanted to let you know.

  22. orchids are just so pretty. I've tried them, and can keep them alive forever, but they won't ever bloom after the first flush dies. I love the dark purply one.

  23. LeSan, Catherine,, thank you very much for the visit and nice comments.

    Wendy, yes, it seems like we have to wait for ages after the first bloom. But it will bloom again, trust me. I used to think that orchids will only bloom at the florist or nurseries due to some special fertilizer but from my experience, we can grow orchids that will eventually bloom. The joy of seeing such a surprise flowering make it all worthwhile.

    Kanak. Thank you for the link to my post. It was so sweet of you. I have linked back to you too. Now it is a ‘full circle” with me, you and Andrea, haha.

    The first orchid is a Malaysia’s exotic wild orchid and it is the dwarf version of the Arundina.


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