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Count Your Blessings!
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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Coral White Vinca

This White Catharanthus Roseus is also known as Coral White Vinca or Titan White Vinca. Another name for it is Madagascar Periwinkle.

I was walking through a nursery near my home when I came across this beauty. It was love at first sight. The flowers were so pure and white, like Snow White. I had to have it and I was not going home without this one. So, here it is now, in my garden, sharing a home with me.

I can't wait to go to my garden this morning to take a look at my beloved.
Hey, some buds are just going to open. Let me take some photos.

This shot is what I call the 'triangle arrangement'.

Wake up! Sleepy head, the sun is shining brightly now. Say Cheers!

By the way, I hope this plant is not sterile. If it can reseed itself, I may get some cross breed colours. At the moment, I have lavender, pale pink and light purple ones as candidates for Snow White to 'mate' with. Now, I just have to wait while I let the butterflies and bees do their job.


  1. Very beautiful! White as snow. I love it ;-)

  2. V. lovely I only have the common blue.

  3. Vinca grows very well here in Arizona, as it can take the extreme heat. I have some areas that come back year after year and some that don't. Not sure why.
    Nice to meet you!

  4. Hi, Stephanie, Re, Michelle. Thanks for dropping by. Cheers!

  5. Very pretty flowers. I love the white, they seem to glow as it gets closer to dusk.

  6. Yes, Teresa, white flower look especially beautiful against the background of green leaves.

  7. What a beautiful white vinca - I am not surprised that it came home with you.

  8. Karen, thanks for visiting my blog and your nice comment. I appreciate it very much.


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