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Friday, December 2, 2016

How to go to MAHA 2016 at MAEPS Serdang & INFO about MAHA 2016

1. Location Map of MAHA 2016

MAHA 2016 is THE EVENT that we gardeners and everyone else with interest in the agriculture industry are looking forward to.

The theme of MAHA 2016 is "Our Food Our Future".

MAHA 2016 is held on 1-11 December 2016.
Venue: MAEPS 

On directions how to to to MAHA 2016, please go to the bottom of this post.

2. Food trucks near Fruit Castle at Gate 1 entrance
The venue is MAEPS (Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang), a 100 hectare facility owned by Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry.

MAEPS is located very near to Putrajaya, Malaysia's administrative capital. It is also midway between Kuala Lumpur and KLIA.

Don't worry you won't go hungry as there are plenty of choices. Food trucks (picture above) are parked at strategic locations. There are many many food stalls at the indoor FOOD EMPIRE serving 168 types of exotic Malaysian state favourites. There are also F&B stalls at the outdoor Show Grounds, Indoor Pavilions and 14 State Pavilions showcasing each of the different states unique food and culture. There will be cooking demonstrations and food tasting at the indoor as well as outdoor exhibition areas.

3. Kg Durian Runtuh dan Upin Ipin experience at the Floriculture Showground
MAHA 2016 has 4 new attractions:
1. Kampung Durian Runtuh Upin dan Ipin
2. Youth Camp for 5,000 youths
3. Kampung Mak Chun with TV celebrities
(nightly performances by Ramli Sarip, Wali Band, Ebiet G Adi, Shila Amzah, Khalifa band)
4. Rhythm of the Farmers Music Festival

MAHA will cover the following areas:
1. Agro Youth
2. Agro IT
3. Agro Food
4. Agro Tourism
5. Agro Lifestyle
6. Agro Trade
7. Agro Industry

4. There's a giant dinosaur made from recycled plastiac bottles at Floriculture Showground
MAHA 2016 has 7 Outdoor Showgrounds:
1. Paddy
2. Livestock
3. Fisheries
4. Pineapples
5. Herbs & Vegetables
6. Floriculture
7. Machinery

Trigona Bee representative showing what's inside a stingless bee nest
at the Floriculture Showground aka Floral World (Laman Florikultur).

Stingless Bee Honey (Madu Kelulut) is branded as "Malaysia's super food" and promoted at MAHA 2016.

All about figs at the "Laman Figs" near the MAHA Secretariat office.
There are fig plants, fertilizers and soil mix for fig plants, figs fruits and fig products.

Youths having fun while biking at MAHA 2016.

Accommodation for glamping at NAFAS cube.

Rooms include air-conditioned culvets and cabins with reception, minibar, washrooms and surau.
The place overlooks a tranquil lake with nice scenery and one can go fishing too. These rooms are not just a temporary feature of MAHA 2016 but are permanent and anyone interested to rent them can contact NAFAS.

MAHA 2016 Youth Camp

A booth at the Fisheries Showground (Laman Perikanan).
Anyone interested to try scooping some fishes to bring home?

There are fighting fishes for sale, exhibition of blue tuna, freshwater fishes, live fishes, lobsters, fishing boats, exhibits of a giant whale skeletons found at Malaysian shores at the Kingdom of Sharks and the upside-down Inverted Fisherman's House for photography.

11. Garden District - Laman Sayur & Laman Herba
Vegetable and Herbs Showground.
Look out for the many types and varieties of vegetables, herbs, fruits and gourds.
One cultivar is called "Upin Ipin" - try to find it!

11a. TRIO products booth at Garden District
TRIO GIY (Garden-It-Yourself) products eg. seeds and mushroom starter kits.
There are also other gardening DIY booths here.

11b. Location map showing the transportation trams to get you to Garden District (no. 6 & 7)


For Gardening enthusiasts wishing to go to Garden District to look at Garden Vegetables and Herbs related products, you need to get take the Green Route C Tram.  

The Green Route C tram goes to the following locations: State Pavilion (Pavilion Negeri), Kampung Mak Cun, Agro Youth Biz Pavilion,  Garden District, My DOF Valey (Fisheries/Laman Perikanan), Paddy Showground (Laman Padi BERNAS).

If you are at Gate 1 or Gate 2 entrances, you can take the internal RapidKL shuttle bus Route E (Laman Tiba 1-Dewan Food Empire-Laman Tiba 2) and thereafter change to Green Route C Tram.

If this is confusing, you can find MAHA 2016 volunteers in uniform at Gate 1, Gate 2 and each tram stop to help you get into the correct one.

11c. Bus and Tram routes A,B,C,D, E

The internal FOC buses and trams are labelled as
Route A (orange), B (red), C (green), D (purple) and E (blue).
Get into the correct bus/tram to go to your intended destination.

12 Laman Tiba 2 (Gate 2)

There is a huge garden bazaar and multiple stalls selling fresh farmers produce, plants and cuttings near the Gate 1 (Laman Tiba 1) and Gate 2 (Laman Tiba 2). The Castle of Fruit sells fruits and fruit juices, snacks and biscuits as well as organic corn. 

By CAR : Visitors can enter via Gate 1 (Hospital Serdang way) or Gate 2 (SKVE) way. When using Waze, just type "MAEPS Serdang" or "MAHA 2016".

By Public Transport: FOC shuttle service of Rapid KL buses at bus terminal opposite Serdang KTM train station, UPM and at IOI City Mall Putrajaya. 

If you are coming by car, you need to park at the allocated parking areas and thereafter walk towards the Entrance. There are about 7,000 parking lots. Parking fee is RM 5 per entry. 

Once inside, FOC "hop-in hop-off" trams, Rapid KL buses and tractor (yes carriage/tram pulled by a tractor!) are available to transport you to the designated locations. 


You can purchase the Visitors Guide (Panduan Pengunjung) at RM 1 or refer to the location maps put up on giant display boards near the main entrances. Plan ahead where you wish to visit first. This way, you don't have to waste time going to the wrong places. Check with the information counters which is the correct bus/tram (e.g. Route A, B, C, D or E) that will bring you to your intended destination.

I usually go sight-seeing and taking photos first. When the weather is fine and sunny, I visit the outdoor showgrounds. If it rains, I will visit the indoor pavilions. Later, just before going home, I'll go shopping at the bazaars. This way I don't have to lug around the heavy stuff that I had purchased earlier. 

OPENING HOURS OF MAHA 2016 : 10 am to 10 pm
Outdoor Showgrounds will close at 6 pm

Contact for MAHA
MAHA Secretariat Building 
MARDI Headquarters, 
43400 Seri Kembangan, 
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia. 
Tel : +603-8938 2494 
Fax : +603-8938 2507 
Website : 
Email :



  1. Very informative, thanks.

  2. ya I was looking for Uber and all and I got info FOC shuttle bus available from KTM Serdang

  3. Wow! You have been going MAHA every year! Thanks for the update!

    1. Malar dear, MAHA is once every 2 years. If you miss this year, you have to wait for MAHA 2018 :)

  4. Hi, may I know what time do they close? Bcs i work in the morning even on weekend :( but i really wanted to go there

    1. Good question. Their opening hours are 10am to 10pm. I have updated my blog post to include this information.

  5. useful information..thanks Autumn Belle

  6. Hi, is there any FOC shuttle bus from LRT Bukit Jalil?

  7. Is it true they have a buggy and bicycle for chartered?

    1. Naruto, I understand that the buggies are for MAHA officials usage. I am not sure about the bicycles for hire, so please contact MAHA directly.

  8. Thanks for sharing the info. I missed this year because I went to big bad wolf books sale at miecc mines.

  9. Ramai orang pergi sana sebab nak selfie dengan lembu sado. Hehehe


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