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Friday, January 4, 2013

The Nice Garden of Sivam and Manee

A few days before Christmas day, i.e. on 20th December 2012, I received an email from Madam Manee which I think is my best Christmas present! 

She wrote, "My husband and I are ardent fans of your column on gardening. We have gathered a lot of information on plants and also tips on plant care. We like to share with you our nice garden. We are attaching pictures of one side of our nice garden for you to see. We will be happy to hear your comments".

They also wish me "God Bless You, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!"

The pictures published here with their permission are from their "Nice Garden".

As a blogger and writer, this is the most wonderful gift and motivation!

Mr Sivam told me that he "got hooked into gardening" by his wife Madam Manee. Sivam takes care of the pest control and fertilizing while Manee does the gardening. She designs while he executes the masonry and wood work. Wow, here's a pair of green partners, a dream gardening couple!

Are you and your hubby a gardening couple too? Who is your gardening partner?
I certainly would like to know!

My "Green Haven" is My Nice Garden at home while my hubby's version is the greens of a golf course.

“The Nice Garden of Sivam and Manee”, a copyrighted post, was written for My Nice Garden blog by Autumn Belle @ on January 3, 2013

They don't have a blog but they'd love your feedback. Your comments here will be forwarded to them. I hope you like their nice garden too.

To Sivam and Manee,
Thank you very much for showing us the beauty of your private garden!

Putthaandu Vaazhthukkal !
(Happy New Year in Tamil)
புத்தாண்டு வாழ்த்துகள்

Nav varsh ki subhkamna!

This is my entry for Fertilizer Friday, hosted by Glenda of TootsieTime.


  1. Certainly a very splendid garden lots of effort thrown in. Have a nice weekend

  2. That's a sweet looking garden full of colour!

  3. Hi Autumn Belle, you always amaze me! I saw the "buy photos" link on the header, haha, that's good. But you also make me envious too, imagine me having degrees on plants and lived in the farm all my life and yet i don't do the things you do! So you are doing my interests, and for that thanks!

    About the garden, i am looking at a very well cared for plants! Even if it is just a corner it is nice and cute. We have the same plants, but because ours is not as organized, this garden looks nicer, more value in aesthetics. So for the owner, congratulations as well!

  4. It's really beautiful garden! I'm shame of mine now....hahhahaa....

  5. On seeing the first photo a big smile broke out on my face. This is a delightful garden and you can tell they love creating and working in it.

    My husband of 43 years, who did all the hardscaping and other garden projects that were too much to me, went to meet the Creator of the Universe on the 9th of Dec. I miss him more than words can say, but see and feel his love for me everywhere on our property.

    Have a wonderful 2013, filled with much love, joy, peace and good health and beautiful gardens.

    FlowerLady Lorraine

    1. FlowerLady, you and your DH have both created a loving garden. Even after he is gone, his legacy and the beautiful memories will live on and may he be your Guardian and Garden Angel now. (((Hugs))) to you, Loraine.

  6. What a lovely surprise you've got! Their garden looks just beautiful!

  7. A good array of lovingly tended flowers and foliage in a neatly manicured lawn. In comparison, mine seems to be a jungle. And what a great gardening couple.

  8. What a lovely garden! My husband and I both garden although I do the bulk of it. We both enjoy it, though.

  9. What a lovely garden. Well tended and certainly well loved. Many of the flowers are familiar here as well.

    He-who-mows is my resource for technical items like running water and electricity. He also brings in machinery when there's heavy work. Sometimes I only need an opinion, which he shares.

  10. Oh my..what a beautiful garden!

  11. That looks like a gorgeous little well kept garden. My hubby mows the lawns and occassionally helps out, but I always get nervous when he does things in the garden! :)

  12. I can see why you would want to post pictures of this garden. In our house, I am the gardener, my wife is the photographer. I usually check my plans for new plants with her, however.

  13. Hi Ms.Belle,
    I just wanna know if you happen to encounter a CURTAIN IVY/PRINCESS IVY plant??..if yes, would you mind to let me know where I can buy that kind of plant.i am dying to have this plant at my balcony.

    1. MunchkinGrace, I have seen this plant at the rooftop Secret Garden of 1-Utama but I haven't seen it at any nurseries here yet.

  14. What a wonderful compliment from these wonderful husband is my reluctant gardening partner...he helps but is not a gardener.

  15. It is a very beautiful garden! Thank you and thank them for sharing these views of their excellent collection of plants. My husband, the fishman, is much more interested in fish, aquariums, and ponds than in plants. But he does know a lot about trees.

  16. Your garden is really beautiful. I wonder, what are the problems you encounter in your garden? Blog entry Japanese roses (hibiscus) to spend the winter here is very difficult. Finally publish your garden plants one by one is very good, I think. Greetings.(GARDENYA ÇİM)

  17. Such a beautiful garden! Makes me ashamed to think of my neglected one right now! My compliments to Sivam and Manee for such a lovely garden!

  18. Sivam and Manee's garden is truly a delight! I have some of the same plants but they don't look as good. These photos have inspired me to make some alterations in my potted plants arrangement. Thanks for posting these pictures, Autumn Belle!

  19. its heaven! i wish i can have a garden like that in front of my hse. I hv a large area but my husband seems not keen to make a mixed garden, he prefers a same type of plants/flowers & arrange it in such a way..boringgg....

  20. Such a beautiful garden...


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