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Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Tribute To Trees

A tree is home to other plants

“See how nature - trees, flowers, grass - grows in silence;
see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence...
we need silence to be able to touch souls.”
- Mother Teresa

A tree is an abode for wildlife.

“God loved the birds and invented trees.
Man loved the birds and invented cages.”
- Jacques Deval

A tree is a meeting place for families and the community.

“To talk much and arrive nowhere
is the same as climbing a tree to catch a fish”
- Chinese proverb

“A Tribute To Trees”, a copyrighted post, was written for My Nice Garden blog by Autumn Belle @ on May 14th, 2011.

A sacred tree is the dwelling place of a spirit/deity

A society grows great when old men plant trees
whose shade they know they shall never sit in.
Greek Proverb

A huge tree provides shade for a temple and a recycling collection point while its branches are used to hang advertisements.  

“One generation plants the trees, and another gets the shade"
- Chinese proverb
A Datuk Keramat temple under some yum-yum (shady) tree.
"Though a tree grows so high,
the falling leaves return to the root."
- Malay proverb

Are the trees in your area subjected to any special / queer / extraordinary treatment?

Yay, BLOGGER is now back to normal after being closed for maintenance 20.5 hours!
It was Friday, May 13th - A freaky friday day anyway.

While blogger was down, I was having a blog holiday, of course.
What were you doing?

Footnote: If you do not know what is a 'Datuk Keramat', check Wikipedia, the link is here.

This is my entry for Fertilizer Friday hosted by Tootsie at Tootsie Time here.


  1. Oh my gracious. I heard about Blogger's issues but have been so busy with babysitting grandchildren, I missed it all :)

    What lovely trees! Great photos. My grandkids have several gorgeous old trees in their yard and I will often take a rest break, grab my easy to use digital camera and snap some shots of them. They're so restful, aren't they. And such a blessed addition to any of our landscaping designs!

    And what great quotes. My favorites made reference to one generation planted as a gift to the next generation. How sweet. Thanks for a lovely visit.

  2. Thought-provoking, your post, Autumn Belle. You failed to tell us the names of the trees, except for the yum-yum tree. When I get over butterflies and lilies I'll show you my fav trees.

  3. As a lover of trees, i appreciate this post very much.I really like that first photo!

  4. Lovely tribute!

    From one tree lover to another.

  5. Wow, very tall and huge trees. Looks like your living in a paradise there. :) Loved the green atmosphere. Hope to see you in my Fertilizer Friday post here.

  6. You are right! Friday May 13th! I didn't relate earlier.

    Beautiful quotes you have there.

  7. Quite an impressive collection.I love trees too, especially the big shady ones. Am featuring palms lately.

  8. Wonderful pics! I love the tropical trees! We do'nt have them here in Norway..

    Have a grat Weekend!


  9. Great tree post! Loved the 'meeting place'. While blogger was down, I took a computer holiday. It was nice.

  10. I love trees... some amazing ones in your post! L

  11. It’s another wonderful rainy Spring day, so I’m taking time to look over the Blogs I follow. Wanted to see what you have been up to. Your quotes and photos were a great reflection. Nice work. gives me ideas for future postings. May even use some of your quotes if you don't mind. No leaves on the trees here. Spring is so slow in coming. Gardens at Waters East does have a number of daffodils in bloom and scilla, and some miniature Iris, but no leaves on bushes or trees. You are so lucky to have that year round. I'll'' check in with you again soon. Jack

  12. I love trees. Naked or decked out in its finest. I really enjoyed this post and all of the pics and great quotes.

  13. Dear Autumn Belle, I love this post, as I love trees. I really must blog about the trees in my garden. You have inspired me. P. x

  14. I pretended myself as a tree, and start talking to trees during the "holiday".

  15. Kaye,
    Grandchildren shall win over Blogger anytime!

    Nell Jean,
    Actually, I don’t know the trees’ names. Here, in Malaysia, we hardly get to know the trees names. Or maybe we know the tree spirits more than their common names :>)

    I think the first photo makes the tree look ‘alive’, like a human being.

    Yeap, hugs to trees.

    Mel Cole,
    We can find rainforest trees everywhere we go.

    Hope your Friday May 13th went smoothly!

    I like palms too.

    Oops, I should have put my post title as “Tribute To Top Tropical Trees” – for 5Ts!

    Holley Garden,
    Yeah, I enjoyed my computer holiday too.

    I hope that more people will find trees amazing, especially those who cut trees without batting an eyelid.

    Jack (Gardens at Waters East), regarding the quotes, I found them on the internet.

    KK, I hope you’d believe me if I tell you that some of our trees here really do wear sarees, sarongs and T-shirts, also flower garlands.

    Pam, I’d love to read posts about trees because they are part of our garden too.

    Rainfield, you are luckier than me. During Teachers’ Day in secondary school, I was selected for a talking role in a class sketch but I pleaded to be cast as a stationary tree for the backdrop because I was so shy and overwhelmed with stage fright, I couldn’t talk!


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