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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Rosa China White Rose

I have seen white roses being used in bridal bouquets but have never received one.

How do you use white roses? When do you send them?

White roses symbolize Innocence, Purity, Sympathy and Spirituality.

Long ago, white roses were used to symbolise true love but now, we often send and receive red roses instead.

“Rossa China White Rose”, a copyrighted post, was written for My Nice Garden blog by Autumn Belle @ on 1.11.2011.

I see white roses used in weddings.....
But I also see them in funerals, graves and memorials.

It can symbolise a new beginning (happiness) as in marriage, or
farewell (condolence) as in funerals, or
rememberance (heartfelt and bitter-sweet) as in memorials?

Do you send white roses as "Get Well Soon" wishes for those who are sick?
or  Good Luck for a graduation ?

But then again, I'd love to grow white roses as they are so beautiful and pure.
BUT..., please don't send me white roses!
Any colour but white...
Why? I don't know why.
A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose is a rose......

Photographs taken at Floria 2011.


  1. Dobrze, nie wyślę pięknych białych róż tylko czerwone :-). Pozdrawiam

  2. Yes, I feel that white flowers symbolizing death is an Asian thing - or at least a Chinese symbol. My husband has alwasy given me white roses for our anniversary.

  3. Giga, from Google Translate:

    Well, I will send not only a beautiful white roses red :-)

    I hope I got this right, it means you'll send beautiful roses, white as well as red?

    You have hit the bull's eye! There is an unwritten understanding that my DH will never buy/give me white roses. I don't mind white roses for the marital bouquet or graduation but NOT for our anniversary.

    Guess what? During my marriage many moons ago, our wedding planner recommended deep pink carnations. Then I didn't mind. Now I want star gazer lilies, roses and orchids ;>P

  4. Here in India, white rose symbolizes purity as well as pure knowledge. So Saraswati, the goddess of learning is offered white roses and jasmine by the students.
    Your photo is beautiful!

  5. Beautiful white rose. I really like that. Here in Malaysia...normally white flower = death or sad story, but for me white is clean, pure and honest. I don't mind if somebody give me the white roses, even in my wedding ceremony or graduation.

  6. Here in the US white roses are used for weddings, funerals, and everything in between. I don't think there is a particular meaning or event attached to them. I think white roses are refreshing in the heat of summer.

  7. I love the pure white Rose. I always think of innocence.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  8. I really like the white roses... so beautiful ....
    LG: Karin

  9. Give me red roses for happy occasions. I need plenty of luck and good cheer!

  10. I love all roses! :) So, I love white roses, too. But I would rather have white roses in my garden, and red roses as a cut rose for bouquets.

  11. That is one of the most beautiful roses I have ever seen. The white is of the purest hue....just stunning!

  12. Hi Autumn Belle, those white roses are gorgeous! I love white roses so much, had white roses for my wedding decor. I think perhaps we should mix the white roses and other colour if plan to give it as gift..perhaps pink. Went to the nursery last week to check out roses like you suggested, but choices are quite limited. I would love to plant those with a bigger flower :)

  13. Lovely white roses though not very 'convinced' but pinkish hahaha. Remembered one incident in school we were doing a charity sale making things from drinking straws and was asked to get more white straws and Bananaz came back know what color? hahaha.

  14. White roses are among my favorites in the garden. I regulary cut my blooms and give them away to people as a surprise way to brighten someone's day. I also leave them randomly on the doorsteps of people in our neighborhood with a note. Roses are a great way to bring joy to someones life. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post with us.

  15. Lotusleaf, thanks for the interesting info about your culture.

    Orkid de Dangau, L. Ambler, Cher, Karin, I like white roses, so I'll buy white roses, but but but, wedding OK, graduation OK, wedding anniversary? No please.

    HollyGarden, Sage Butterfly yes! you said what I want to say.

    Arfah, my most beautiful roses was purchased at Floria 2011 Bazaar. The owner came from Taiping.

    Bananaz, did you get pink straws? Hahaha!

    Redneckrosarian, thank you for the great tips!

  16. Indoors I’ve got an extensive collection of orchids, outdoors its roses which I cherish over most of my other plants. With 51 rose bushes in my front yard, I’ve got just about every color in the rainbow. However, the white one’s hold a special place in my heart because they are so very elegant.

    By the way, Autumn, I love your blog and I visit it frequently. I have also incorporated your link within my site as a valuable resource for my visitors. Would you be willing to return the favor by placing my link within your Green and Useful Sites section?

    Thanks a million.


  17. Hanna,I'm glad you like MNG blog. Thank you very much for including my link in your blog. I have already added your link in my "Useful Sites" page in My Garden Directory blog. I think this place is more relevant. Please check the following link:

    For further communication, please email me at


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